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How OnlyDesi can Help You Choose Best ENT in Bengaluru?

On OnlyDesi, we feature numerous listings of ENT in Bengaluru. Our listed service providers have been in the ENT for years, and have successfully catered to the demands and requirements of hundreds of clients in the past. You can find a ENT agency that can take your business’ online presence several notches higher.

You can browse through OnlyDesi if you are looking for ENT in Bengaluru Go through OnlyDesi Listing, view their address and contact details, their business hours, services they provide, and much more using the website. A call on their number will immediately connect you with them. Using filters on location, services, etc. while browsing through the website can enhance your search results and fetch you listed recommendations of products and services.

How Sellers will get Leads while Listing on OnlyDesi ?

OnlyDesi is India’s Own listing site. The practice of consolidating similar businesses, leveraging synergies and growing them together is nothing new – Local sellers listed on our website are having unique applications with their own Virtual Shops and products listings and this relation to E-commerce is what makes Local Listings on OnlyDesi so interesting.

Never in history has there been such a fast-paced listing and integration of businesses across different categories – Fashion, Tours and Travel, Beauty and Health to name a few. As a case in point, OnlyDesi has listed across 100+ brands along with categories, scales and in some cases, geographies. We got a famous listing among multiple business channels in the product.

The Listings on OnlyDesi have a uniquely desi flavour to it having many factors involving having Indian -commerce journey has grown exponentially in the past few months but has an even longer way ahead – as of FY20 online sales accounted for only 4.3% of overall retail. What this ultimately means is that Indian Local Business shares a lot of similarities with their global counterparts who will have their own set of unique challenges to solve for and responsibilities to share.

On OnlyDesi around 15000+ sellers with 1000+ having virtual shops are listed across the entire India and are growing exponentially. This number is estimated to be significantly higher now, 2 years after Covid as more and more people engage with online shopping and they compare and search for local sellers before buying or availing services

As a result, the number of relevant brands that satisfy the criteria of scale, category and margin for sellers is fairly limited but is growing with make in India initiatives. Indian customers foster deeper relationships with the local sellers and be active contributors to their growth besides just being a transactional vehicle. One of the big responsibilities of customers is that they’ll need to take on is helping the existing Local sellers evolve and grow , this could come through shared knowledge and expertise, technical and monetary assistance, brand partnerships among other things, OnlyDesi helps local sellers and dealers in Bengaluru connect with their customers who are looking for ENT

In Bengaluru Over the past year, a lot of acquisitions have happened for ENT time and 2022 will be a test of how sellers listed on OnlyDesi are growing their brand.and getting leads, Indian sellers will hence need to spend a significant amount of effort in building the virtual shop provided by OnlyDesi to paid customers with their service and product details and via sharing portal of the virtual shop to their existing customer , that can seamlessly grow their business and sales and get them leads – these very operational virtual shop and product pages for sellers listed on OnlyDesi eventually going to be the difference between various sellers listed on different websites in Bengaluru.

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