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Packers and movers are a group of trained individuals who work together to guarantee that the entire process of packing, transferring, and transporting fragile, perishable, furniture, electronic goods, and other items is carried out smoothly and safely. Professional packers and movers near me in Bengaluru do a site survey, compile a list of goods to be transported, and calculate the distance between the two locations before providing a quote to the customer, along with an estimate of the time it will take to pack and transfer the goods safely. To safeguard the goods of office, they employ high-quality cartons, bubble wrap, and other packaging materials, especially during transit.

Many considerations must be made while moving an office item, one of which is avoiding any production interruptions. Professional moving companies near me with office relocation experience are your best option for avoiding workplace chaos and keeping your staff pleased. Corporate relocation necessitates a great deal of planning, which is handled by expert movers who will check your workspace and carry out the relocation while keeping in mind your needs.

How can OnlyDesi help in choosing commercial movers near me in Bengaluru?

OnlyDesi presents you with a list of several office shifting service providers from which you can select the one that offers the best service at the best price.

Once you have decided on one of these service providers, they will supply you with the product specifics in the document stating that they are providing safe commercial office relocation service. A good service provider is one who gives these details.

If you're looking for commercial moving companies near me in Bengaluru, OnlyDesi is a good website to search. You can discover their address and contact information, business hours, services they provide, and much more using OnlyDesi Listing. Calling their phone number can get you in touch with them immediately.

Why should one hire commercial movers near me in Bengaluru for office shifting services?

There are some important reasons for hiring commercial movers near me for office shifting services. These are:

  • Minimise business down time Hiring professionals to complete the process allows your employees to concentrate on their daily activities with minimal disruption.Instead of continuing with business as usual, they would otherwise waste valuable business hours packing boxes and shifting furniture.
  • They use right equipment Another reason for hiring commercial movers for office shifting services is that they have the necessary equipment to complete the task swiftly and efficiently.They also have flatbed and moving trucks for transporting heavy office equipment like printers, Xerox machines, servers, and more.
  • They help with office installation The benefit of hiring a commercial mover is that they will not only disassemble, pack, and move your office and office items, but they will also assist you with reinstalling and unpacking your belongings. You and your staff can start all the work in your new office immediately after shifting with some guidance and help of the professional movers.
  • Saves your money Hiring professional movers saves your money as you don’t need to hire moving trucks for office furniture and equipment, no need to purchase moving and packaging materials.
  • Reduce the stress of your employees As previously stated, hiring a professional moving company reduces the stress of your employees. Moving is a physically and mentally demanding task. Each employee should be responsible for packing their own desk. However, they cannot be asked to pack up a whole workplace if it is not part of their job description or paid for.
  • Professional movers have insurance cover The experienced commercial movers have the insurance to cover the accidents that can take place while shifting offices. Most commercial movers will provide two types of insurance to ensure that you are fully covered in the case of equipment or furniture loss or damage.

What are the services provided by the commercial movers near me in Bengaluru?

The services provided by the commercial movers near me are:

  • Conducting surveys before moving: This implies going to the client's location to take down the things they need to move and provide relocation cost estimates.
  • Dismantling heavier objects: To transfer heavy items like furniture and appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and television sets safely and easily, packers and movers deconstruct the goods.
  • Packing all your office items: Office furniture and other items are packed safely using various packaging materials based on their delicacy and nature for long distance transportation.
  • Loading Goods safely: For safe transportation, goods are properly loaded onto moving vehicles. Movers make sure to carry the clients' belongings safely when travelling long distances.
  • Transportation: The size of the moving truck is determined by the amount of goods to be transported.The objects are also insured in the event of an intercity migration.
  • Unloading goods safely: They deliver the goods at the required location within proper time. Office items are checked properly in case there is any damage to the goods transported while moving.

What factors should be considered while hiring the office moving companies near me for commercial office relocation service?

Hiring right and trustworthy commercial moving companies near me is a difficult task. So here are some that can help you hire the best commercial moving company for commercial office relocation services.

  • Find the commercial moving company to start your investigation. Examine the websites of moving companies to learn more about their services and guarantees. Be sure to read the reviews of the ones you come across online. People will give feedback on their positive and negative experiences. Both of these things are crucial to know before hiring a moving company.
  • Experience and track record. To find out a moving company's experience, consider how long they've been in business.The more time a moving company has been in business, the more experience it has.This means that the moving company will be familiar with all of the rules and strategies for a stress-free move. Moving firms with more than four years of expertise may be trusted to provide excellent service.
  • Look for moving companies that are properly insured and licensed. A gang of people might easily acquire a vehicle and claim to be professional movers. A moving company must be insured and have a valid work permit in order to operate. It doesn't matter if they have a local or international moving licence. Before you consider hiring a moving company, you must first obtain a working permit from commercial movers.
  • Also, inquire about the cost of the moving company. Pricing may differ from one company to the other. Compare the costs of shifting from one company to another. Take into account the features and services that these payments include. Moving fees will vary depending on the distance you're moving and the quantity of items you're transporting. Some moving firms charge by the hour or by the number of movers.
  • Determine how much respect a moving company has for its clients. Customers should expect respect as part of outstanding customer service. You should expect the moving company to treat your valuables with the same care. A dependable moving company must communicate well and listen to your needs.
  • Consider your individual's needs while choosing a company for commercial office relocation service. Make sure the moving company you select can accommodate all of your belongings.
  • Look into the various relocation services provided by the movers near me. Apart from moving your belongings, you may choose to use additional services for convenience. Packing, furniture installation, and storage are just a few examples.


The charge of the commercial movers near me depends on the types of service available and the distance of the location where furniture and other office items are to be delivered. Still it is better to ask the movers in advance.
The commercial movers near me also offer other types of services like home shifting, office shifting services, warehouse and storage shifting, automobile transportation service, etc for different places across the country.
Not all the packers and movers but most of the commercial moving companies near me offer insurance facilities. But still it is good to check and enquire about the service providers beforehand.
You must call them at least 5 to 6 days before moving for commercial office relocation service. And If your plan is sudden then call them 24 hours before.
For the verification of moving companies near me you need to ask for proof of office location like lease contacts or rental agreement, GST registration documents and owner's ID proof such as PAN card, Aadhaar card, GST, etc.

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