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What are the services offered by the plumbers in Bengaluru?

Apparently, it may seem to you that plumbing is a very easy subject to discuss with people. But whenever you are put in a particular situation where you require to call the local plumbers you will come to know the urgency of hiring a plumber. And getting a plumber instantly in your locality is not as easy as getting a cupcake in hand.

Every civilization and every society is facing issues related to plumbing. Whether you live in a big city or in a small town it is a big problem to get a good and skilled plumber immediately in your need.

Let us see what a plumber does?

By the particular word plumber we mean generally the technicians whose job is to handle many aspects of installing and maintaining the plumbing systems of your house or of your office. Plumbers are mainly the construction professionals who repair and also install various types of pipes from your dining room basin to the kitchen sink plumbing. Their work includes from water supply to the drainage and sanitation of a complex or office.

Do you know how many types of plumbers are there in your locality?

There are different kinds of plumbers. But among all of them, two types of plumbers are very common in your locality: commercial plumbers and residential plumbers. Plumbers can work in the commercial industry as well as in the residential buildings, parks, farms, and public places. The plumbers who are well skilled and well experienced may grow and operate their own business and they can also hire entry-level plumbers as their staff.

  • Commercial plumbers

Commercial plumbers are the qualified ones who do their plumbing works in the commercial environment. Commercial plumbers had to work not only in the offices or in the business industry, but they have to work in the schools and hospitals, colleges and the universities and in the manufacturing plants also. These type of plumbers have to install and maintain and repair tanks in the commercial settings. Commercial plumbers are very skillful in working with pipes and outlets and they are pre occupied to work on the multiple floors of a building. Here in this respect they are totally different from the residential plumbers. Commercial plumbers may also take care of a wide range of issues in the commercial setting.

  • Residential plumbers

Residential plumbers are the specialized professionals in installing, maintaining and curing the plumbing fixtures in a residential setting. Residential plumbers are responsible in performing pipe system installations and the small-scale plumbing jobs in the residential plumbing system. They are used to repair plumbing systems such as water systems, drainage, pipes, and toilets and can immediately solve all the plumbing-related issues within a home environment.

What is the average expenditure for hiring a plumber in Bengaluru?

If you want to hire plumbers in India you have to know the rates they charge for the various plumbing works. These are as follow:

Type Price Range
Visiting Charges 200
Home Renovation Plumbing work 10000-50000
New Home Plumbing Work 100000-300000
Installation of Wash Basin/Sink 500-2000
Repair of Bathroom fittings 500-2000
Fix faucet/sinks 500-1500
Fix leaky faucet/taps 500-1500
Installation of tubs 2000-5000
Sewer pipes/ Drainage pipe 500-2000
Fix Water heaters 500-2000
Fix water leakage 500-2000

Why will you hire a plumber in Bengaluru?

Starting from the ‘Home Renovation Plumbing work’ to the new home plumbing work, washbasin or sink installation work, work of bathroom fittings, everything is the duty of a plumber. So if you decide to hire a plumber make sure that he or his team is efficient enough to do all these skillfully. If you are in search of a licensed and reliable plumber in Bengaluru


Normally two to three hours are enough for the local plumbers to complete the whole task in your residence.
It depends on the area vise, Generally, it takes 1 or 2 days to complete the work for general setup.
The skilled experts will not make any mistakes. You will be refunded if the plumbers cannot do the work properly.
Licensed plumbers will not charge more than their actual rate. Please check onlydesi listing to find plumbers suitable to your budget.
No, absolutely not. You can continue your work as it will not create a mess in the area.

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