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Mehendi or henna is a paste linked with good fortune and good spirits. The night before the wedding, an Indian wedding tradition calls for a mehendi ritual to wish the bride good health and prosperity as she embarks on her path to marriage. The Bride's family organises the mehendi ceremony, which brings together the feminine components of both sides. While mehendi is primarily a female-oriented ritual, male relatives are invited to attend the after-mehendi celebration. The main objective of using mehendi is to benefit from its natural medicinal herbal cures, which help to relax the body and relieve stress before the big day. Henna is used to soothe the nerve endings of the body and prevent them from tensing up. It is applied to both the hands and the feet.

The Bride's family either hires a mehendi/Henna Artist or has a family member who creates designs for the Bride and her guests at their home. While the bride was historically adorned with Indian Vedic mehendi designs, today's brides are inspired by Indo-Arabic and Arabic patterns to adorn their hands and feet. Animals, nature elements, Hindu Gods, and even the Bride and Groom may be depicted by names or figures by some painters. The Bride must wait for the Henna to stain her hands and feet after applying the mehendi to create significant designs. The darker the bride's mehendi, according to Indian tradition, the more her husband will adore her.

What is the significance of mehendi in Indian Marriage?

Mehendi is regarded as a 'shagun' since it symbolises the matrimonial tie. It represents the couple's and their families’ love and affection.

The following are some widespread views about this tradition:

  • The strong love between the would-be-couple is symbolised by the darkness of the mehendi colour on a bride's hand.
  • The bride and her mother-in-law's understanding and love are also shown in the mehendi colour.
  • The longer the colour of the mehendi lasts, the better it is for the newlyweds.
  • Mehendi is also regarded as an emblem of fertility.

What are the services offered by the bridal mehendi designers near me in Chennai ?

  • Bridal mehendi: As the name implies, this is for the bride to make her ceremony stand out. Brides are choosing from a variety of mehendi designs, ranging from traditional Indian and Arabic mehendi designs to Pakistani, Indo-Arabic, and Moroccan mehendi designs. Glitter mehendi, Mughlai mehendi, and, of course, multi-coloured mehendi designs are among the new era types. The majority of brides choose full-length arms and legs.
  • Mehendi for guests: Your guests, family members, and bridesmaids will normally choose a lighter pattern and type of mehendi. This is normally handled by the principal bridal mehendi artist's companions and is much less expensive than the bridal mehendi.

What modernisation is done in mehendi designs by the mehendi designers?

Mehendi's original patterns have evolved over time to become increasingly complicated and colourful. There are many different types of mehendi patterns currently, with the Arabic and Rajasthani designs being the most popular. Mehendi is now used with embellishments such as crystals and glitter. Each lovely design is intricate in some way and can be customised for the bride. These elaborate design patterns are becoming increasingly popular among brides throughout the world.

What are the benefits of applying mehendi?

In India, weddings aren't complete without mehendi or henna. This age-old style of art is adored by all, and it has long been thought to be a crucial step for the bride-to-be before embarking on her new adventure. The bride-to-be wears mehendi as part of the ceremonial shringar.

The mehendi ceremony, which is a fun-filled event in which mehendi is applied to the hands and feet of the bride-to-be, and all the other ladies inside the house also apply mehendi, dance, and sing throughout the night, is traditionally the start of the celebrations in India.

Do you know why the bride and groom get mehendi a few days before their wedding? If you don't know, scroll down to find out.

  • Healing properties of mehendi: Are you aware that mehendi has medicinal qualities? A burn, tiny cut, or scratch on the bride, groom, or anybody else in the family can be treated with mehendi during the wedding ceremonies.
  • Improves overall health: The use of mehendi improves blood circulation in the body. This also aids in the improvement of your general health.
  • Protects from viral diseases: Mehendi is an antibacterial plant used in traditional Indian medicine. These qualities aid the couples in their fight against viral illnesses and other infections.
  • Enhances love between the couple: The colour and aroma of henna or mehendi are thought to act as a stimulant, enhancing the couple's love.
    When mehendi is applied to a bride-to-be or groom-to-be, it isn't simply a plain paste of mehendi and water; it also contains other beneficial elements such as clove oil and eucalyptus oil. These have some excellent therapeutic benefits in addition to darkening the mehendi.

In what ways can OnlyDesi assist me in finding the best bridal mehendi artist near me in Chennai ?

Only verified bridal mehendi artists are listed on OnlyDesi. OnlyDesi's bridal mehendi artists have all gone through a background check to assure high-quality work and customer satisfaction. Hundreds of the greatest bridal mehendi artists in Chennai, who offer both bride and guest mehendi, are divided into price groups ranging from a low budget to premium. When you seek an estimate from a bridal mehendi artist or any other wedding service provider, you will be allocated a personal wedding manager who will assist you in selecting the best bridal mehendi artist for your unique needs, negotiating rates, and making reservations. And don't worry, there are no fees associated with any of this. You can also apply various filters based on your location, ratings and reviews.


Because the bride and guest mehendi make up such a minor part of your entire wedding price, there aren't as many discounts or offers on bridal mehendi in Kolkata as there are on other wedding services. Alternatively, you can just submit a query and request your dedicated Wedding Manager to find you the best bargain. In Kolkata, you can find the best bridal mehendi artists.
If you've decided on certain mehendi designs for your wedding, talk to the bridal mehendi artist before scheduling. Your personalised design will be executed by the majority of bridal mehendi designers in Chennai. If your chosen wedding mehendi design is a bit challenging, check at their previous work to acquire confidence that they'll be able to complete it.
The average cost of a wedding mehendi service in Chennai and most other Indian cities is starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000. Guests, bridesmaids, and other family members frequently have lighter mehendi than the bridal mehendi. OnlyDesi offers bridal mehendi artists in a variety of price categories, from cheap to premium. In Chennai, there are several affordable bridal mehendi artists.
Wedding Photographers, Bridal Makeup Artists, mehendi Artists, Venues (banquet halls, farmhouses, resorts, etc.), Wedding Decorators & Florists, Bridal Designers, Invitation Designers and printers, Wedding Planners, Choreographers, Transportation, Cakes, Trousseau packers, and a lot more can be booked through OnlyDesi in Kolkata and almost all Indian cities. Look through the list of the most reputable wedding planners in your area.
Actually, you do not need to be concerned about selecting the best bridal mehendi artist in Chennai. Almost all bridal mehendi artists do not charge additional fees for travel within the city. So just go with the greatest offer you find on OnlyDesi.
Before booking, it's a good idea to talk to your bridal mehendi artist about the following: the exact timing of your mehendi ceremony, whether the ceremony is for both the bride and the groom or just one side, how many other people will be applying mehendi besides the bride, and if you want a theme for the mehendi. The type of mehendi design you desire for the bride is most crucial. Also, inquire with your bridal mehendi artist about the number of mehendi artists who will be attending the ceremony.

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