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  Rs. 5000-5000000

 Digital Minds Vj Marketing Agency


  Rs. 5000-5000000

 Digital Minds Vj Marketing Agency


  Rs. 5000-5000000

 Digital Minds Vj Marketing Agency


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Digital Marketing Services in Chennai

Digital Marketing is the use of a digital platform for the promotion of a company or a brand through the use of digital technologies. Digital marketing helps brands reach a large customer base through the use of mobiles, the internet, and display advertisement among many other forms. Digital marketing helps stay in touch with the trend and has a stronger influence than a regular brick-and-mortar shop.

Various elements are used in Digital Marketing Services, which helps brands have a stronger identity in the market. Search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, Content writing, Email marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Campaign Marketing, data-driven marketing are some of the prominent ways of Digital Marketing services. A digital marketing consultant makes use of strategic planning, creative content along reliable technology in providing better services.

There are various agencies that offer these services and help promote business in the market. These services are used for various reasons under the umbrella of promoting a brand through the use of such services. One can avail of these services to generate leads, launching of a product, promote the company, etc.

Digital Marketing Agency to Grow Your Business and Sales in Chennai

A Digital Marketing agency helps you with all marketing and promotional strategies to connect with existing and prospective customers. It helps in creating brand awareness around the products and services through the use of Digital Marketing tools. There are various benefits of using a digital marketing service to help promote and grow your business and increase sales.

Digital Marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that enables businesses to reach a larger customer base than traditional marketing techniques. It helps them track the growth or impact of digital campaigns down to the revenue, engagement, clicks, leads, etc. It helps keep a real-time tab on the progress of the various campaigns with the help of easy-to-use analytics software and tools.

A digital marketing consultant in Chennai helps understand customer behavior by using the right tools and making changes according to the responses received on the campaigns. Digital Marketing helps optimize the impact of the strategies in reaching potential customers in search of goods and services. The better the marketing strategy, the better will be the growth of the business.

What are the Type of services Digital Marketing Consultant provide in Chennai

The rise in digital platforms to conduct business has allowed for rapid growth in businesses and an increase in sales. The ease in accessibility has increased the number of people buying and selling online. Digital Marketing Consultants in Chennai have helped several businesses increase their customer base with the help of strategically planned and executed promotional campaigns.

Some of the prominent Digital Marketing tools are:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO digital marketing is the process of increasing organic search engine results through potential customers visiting a business’s website. This is done based on relevant keywords or the content of the business. Using certain keywords that have a high search rate in the content can help optimize the search result for the business. SEO digital marketing ensures that the business website ranks well for relevant searches.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is a marketing tool used by businesses through paid advertisements to rank their pages on the top of the search engine. It helps increase the visibility of the business through targeted keywords with high search volume. These keywords when used in the content of the business help get visibility through paid promotions. This is one of the most effective ways of growing visibility and business in an ever-increasingly competitive marketplace.

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is a marketing tool used for the promotion of businesses through the use of tailored-made content for social media platforms. It helps connect the business with existing and potential customers. There are various kinds of content that are designed for promoting businesses on sites such as Facebook (Meta), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This helps promote the brand and connect with the customers.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is one of the ways in which Digital Marketing agencies bring leads to a business. In this model of advertising, the advertiser pays an amount each time a user clicks on the advertisement on the search engine. It can be said that PPC helps buy visits to the website of a business. It is one of the direct ways of increasing the sale of goods and services.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing tool that is commission-led where the business, as well as the associates, benefit from. It is a marketing tool where the affiliate promotes the product with their ways of advertising and earns a commission from subsequent sales. This is generally seen in Youtube videos where the sponsor is mentioned with a discount code. The sponsor pays money to the affiliate while they promote the brands.

6. Content Marketing

‘Content is King’ and this holds true to the meaning in Digital Marketing Services available in the market. Content is seen as a long-term strategic approach that helps define the goods and services of the business. It uses blogs, podcasts, videos, and social media sites as a medium of promoting the business. It primarily focuses on the creation and distribution of relevant and informative content to draw customers towards the businesses

Benefits of digital marketing services

There are multiple benefits of having a Digital Marketing service for one’s business. It helps take the business to places where it is not possible to go physically. It helps bring customers through online portals and makes the customer base aware of the brand. Some of the prominent benefits of Digital Marketing Services are:

Better ROI on Investment

ROI is the return on investment that a business derives from spending on digital marketing platforms. Digital marketing has the potential to garner customer engagement and bring in a good return on investment. This can be tracked through the use of analytical tools which provide real-time data.

Digital marketing is cost-effective

Digital Marketing helps businesses reduce the cost of marketing their product through demonstrations, banners, manpower on roads. All the promotion is taken care of through digital marketing using the latest technologies. Digital Marketing for business gives complete control over advertisement expenses which can be increased or decreased according to the return on investment.

How to get the exact location of a Digital Marketing Services near you with help of Only Desi?

There are various agencies that provide Digital Marketing Services to other businesses. It is important to approach the best agencies to drive better results and ROI. Searching for a good Digital Marketing agency is a difficult job. Having the option to choose from a list of Digital Marketing companies helps make the process easier.

Only Desi provides one of the best platforms to provide a list of agencies providing digital marketing services. It brings together the best digital marketing forms onto a single platform for the easy accessibility of businesses. It helps businesses choose the desirable Digital marketing agencies from the list of agencies.

Digital Marketing firms are divided based on the services provided and their location. Thus the businesses can easily find the exact location of the Digital Marketing Services near them. This is because of the details provided on the platform for the businesses to access.

How does SEO digital marketing help in growing your sales?

SEO is a digital marketing process of increasing organic search engine results through potential customers visiting a business’s website. SEO helps improve the business based on relevant keywords or content of the business elements. Using certain keywords that have a high search rate in the content can help optimize the search result for the business.

SEO digital marketingensures that the business website ranks well for relevant searches. It helps improve the reach of the customers through organic search. There are various elements that go into making an effective SEO. Some of the important elements of SEO are:

  • On-Page SEO deals with the elements that can be seen on the website such as the Content, Keyword Selection, Keyword Placement, Design, Layout
  • Off-Page SEO deals with Social Bookmarking, Blogs, Content Marketing, Social Media, Link Outreach, Guest Posts, etc among many others.
  • Technical SEO deals with the Website Structure, Link Structure, Meta Tags, Usability & Friendliness, Image Optimization, Site Speed, etc among many others.
  • Local SEO deals with the elements related to tracking the website related to local keywords and searches.

Digital Marketing Service charges in Chennai

There are a variety of services offered by Onlydesi under digital marketing. Each service has its own costs depending on the length of services offered. Larger services have higher costs while smaller ones cost low. Email marketing might cost less while Google Adwords will cost more. Thus the price is determined depending on the kind of services and the amount of work done. The average cost of services provided by the Digital Marketing companies are:

Type of digital marketing service Approximate price
Email marketing Rs. 1,500 onwards
Social media marketing (SMM) Rs. 5,000 onwards
Pay Per Click advertising and Google Ads Rs. 12,000 onwards
Google My Business Local Listings Rs. 1,500 onwards
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Rs. 5,000 onwards

** The prices above are indicative and subject to change.

These prices can not be considered to be the final ones as they are for a basic understanding of the average price for digital marketing services in the Chennai. To get a specific price one can visit the Only Desi sites and request a specific service quote.


The top digital marketing firms can be found out from the list of Digital Marketing Companies. One can find the nearest ones by narrowing the search parameters to their own location of the Digital Platform.
Some of the prominent services offered by any Digital Marketing Agency are:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
here are a variety of services under digital marketing each service has its own costs depending on the services offered. To get an exact quote visit
Yes, A digital Marketing service will definitely help your services reach a larger customer base and help in the growth of the business.
Every Digital Marketing firm has its own ways of billing for the services offered. It is only after contacting them that one can find out the division of the budget.
Yes, various Digital Marketing Agencies offer discounts on certain kinds of services depending on the situation. There are celebratory discounts, discounts on bulk services, etc.
Yes, Depending on the kind of business a digital Marketing firm will guide you towards a good package that can contribute to your business growth.
Every digital marketing agency has their own cost of rendering services. It all depends on the kind of service offered. Thus to get an exact cost, visit the Only Desi website to get a quote from your desired digital marketing agency.

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