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What services do the washing machine repair service provide near me in Gurgaon?

The washing machine repair shop provides A to Z services for repairing the washing machine. Concern arises when the washing machine stops working then there can be high chances of getting damages on it, so one needs to troubleshoot before declaring it as a damaged one.

Considering a proper washing machine repair service centre is one of the toughest jobs sometimes. So after checking up with proper information, one should appraise the services from the preferred washing machine repair service centre.

  • Amount asked for repairs: The main place where washing machine owners get trapped into is a lack of information on the price of the washing machine part which got damaged leads on easily falling for the amount which has asked for repairs. So, there are many online search engines available where one can get some ideas about the cost of repairing the damaged part.
  • Time Taken: Time and patience are always rivalries, as it works for most people. Repairing the machine can be time taking.
  • Online reservations: Washing Machine repair centres became more demandable day by day, so they provide services on online reservations which helps to reduce the waiting time and delivers the best management.
  • Reviews and Referrals: Proper Reviews and backtrack records always work on good terms to receive proper services. Only through referrals and responses, which were given by previous clients, talk about the services the dealers provide. So, the reviews and referrals from family, friends and neighbours may give the exact scenarios about the washing machine repair centres.

What basic repair should I do when my Washing machine is not working?

The washing machine repair shop provides the overall services which makes the work easy for the owner to get their machine repair. But it is required to check the simple details when the washing machine stops working and there can be high chance of having damages in it, so one needs to troubleshoot before declaring it as a damaged one. Many scenarios can cause the washing machine to stops working:

  • Machine plugged in: Many times it has been noticed that the Washing machine hasn't been plugged yet to the power. So, first you need to check that the plug which is connected with the machine and the plug is located at the back of the washing machine.
  • Check with the circuit breaker: It is very important to check whether the circuit breaker to the washer is flipped on or not.
  • Clothes overloaded: It is very important to check whether the clothes exceed the limit or not because if the weight exceeds the limit of the capacity of the washing machine then it may get damaged.
  • Putting the machine in level position: If the washing machine is not placed at a straight level, then it might get damaged because while spinning the washing machine uses its speed and the drum inside needs to settle in a straight line or have high chances to get damaged.
  • Belt check: The washing machine engine drive belt or pulley might be exhausted. This is a fairly elaborate fix, where you want to dismantle a critical segment of the machine to get to the engine. The syphon pulley belt might be broken, frayed, or in any case rusty. Regularly the belt will possess an aroma like consuming elastic, as well.

Can OnlyDesi provide information about the service provider for washing machine rental near me in Gurgaon?

OnlyDesi always values the customers and provide the best services to them is one of our motto. There are various service providers on washing machine repairing available in the listing of OnlyDesi. We also have listed the washing machine for rental services in Gurgaon. Visiting our website helps you to get details on the service provider.

The washing machine rental works great for those people who have transferable jobs. They never stay in a particular place, so shifting with lots of household things is not possible for everyone, so they go for a rental option.

What kind of home services are available for washing machine repair in Gurgaon?

Washing machine repair home service includes the scheme which includes from A to Z repairing work for the washing machine. The washing machine repair home services are hassle-free and provide good services which make the washing machine run promptly.

The home services come with a warranty on the replaced items and are also worth every penny. Moreover, home services provide genuine branded products which make the washing machine run smoothly for a long period of time.

Why hire a washing machine mechanic near me in Gurgaon?

There are many benefits while hiring a washing machine mechanic near your location in Gurgaon are:

  • Services provided by the washing machine mechanic comes with a warranty because they use genuine products which last longer. They provide a guarantee on their services, which makes a customer believe in a certain mechanic.
  • Mostly, washing machine mechanics cost less than the services provided by a particular service centre. And professional work always provides service at an affordable price. They have maximum knowledge because of their experiences. Most of the mechanics ask for yearly service charges, which makes the overall cost less than that of the total yearly cost that service centres ask for.
  • Sometimes the service centres ask a lot of time to repair the washing machine, but the mechanics complete their work in less time.
  • Less experienced washing machine mechanics may cause more damage to the product, so it is very important to know about the expertise of a mechanic before hiring.

Can I change the washing machine belt on my own?

Washing machine belt replacement is one of the toughest jobs, but it is recommended to ask for a service provider for replacing the belt. It can be possible to replace the belt on its own by disconnecting the washing machine from the electric circuit, then removing the access panel.Once the panel get removed, the belt can be visible,then once the drum get securely removed then the old panel should be replaced by attaching the new belt into it and then need to set the drum and seal down everything.

Is it possible for washing machine repair services to also provide drum repairing service?

Yes, washing machine drum repair is possible. But it is never worth replacing a washing machine drum because in many cases it has been observed that the drum gets damaged once again after its replacement. So, the technicians always provide suggestions to change the complete washing machine other than replacing the drum. The drum comes with a huge price and the technicians also ask for more money in setting up the drum to the washing machine.

The drum is referred to as the heart of the washing machine. A few factors that need to consider before replacing the washing machine drum are:

  • The washing machine age: It is very important to know about the age of the washing machine because if the machine ages more than 10 years, then the washing machine should replace that of the drum.
  • Repair history: The repair history is one of the vital factors one should keep in mind. If the machine gets damaged and many repairs have been done on the machine, then it is a must to change the machine. Washing machine drum replacement may lead to the same problem once again.
  • Warranty: It is very important to check with the warranty of the machine before replacing it because the brand provides a 10 years warranty, which means one can replace the washing machine drum, free of cost.


The Washing machine drum repair cost is equal to buying a new washing machine. It varies from brand to brand and also service providers regarding the cost for repairing the washing machine.
Yes, onlyDesi always gives services on washing machine repair near your location at Gurgaon. Browsing our website will give you information on the service providers.
Yes, many service providers give a warranty on repairing the washing machine. So, it will be reasonable to ask for a warranty from them before asking to provide services.
The service provider never asks for money, only visits at home, they will ask after checking up with the washing machine and providing their general services.
Yes, the washing machine repair service centre will give you a call before visiting home, because they need to make sure that you are available at home when they come for services.
Yes, you can repair the washing machine on your own, but there are high chances to make the machine faulty if you don't have proper knowledge about your washing machine. So, asking an expert will be a good idea before repairing the washing machine.

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