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Physiotherapy is a treatment that is used in treating patients, who are suffering from injury and disability. It is used to decrease the hard pain that the patient faces at the time of injury or illness.

It is practised in many countries by professional people who maintain the balance in the reduction of severe pain

Criteria to search Physiotherapist in Howrah:

In search of a Physiotherapist, one can find an infinite number of physiotherapists around the preferred area, but then everyone must check properly while categorizing it. A few things should keep in mind are:

  • The best thing while checking about Physiotherapists is getting their reviews from the patients, who are handling the patients for years. Good reviews which are displayed on social media can also help to get a better practitioner.
  • One day visiting the preferred practitioner and looking into their services will help in categorizing.

Are Female Physiotherapist equally stronger as Men:

As in the world of equality still, judgment is done in preference to physical strength between Men and Women. In Physiotherapy, the techniques are crucial not the physical strength. In various studies and surveys, people have come up with these types of questions and the only answers given are about proper knowledge gained from the study of Physiotherapy.

Nowadays, in the world of Therapists, Female therapists are taking this path as part of their profession and have been licensed more than Men.

What is Geriatric physiotherapy?

Geriatric physical therapy covers a vast and core area in Physiotherapy, where it has been dealing with elder people. The diseases which elderly people face while aging like arthritis, osteoporosis, hip joint replacement, etc. So, these patients need to be in care more, and for these treatments, Geriatric Physiotherapy plays its role. It helps the patient to get more relaxed from the pain they are going through.

What is Cardiothoracic physiotherapy?

In the PhysioTherapy world, Cardiothoracic is another important segment. The practitioners check these areas for the patients who are suffering from diseases in the lungs, heart, and chest.

So, the practitioner should have the proper study in Cardio-respiration and proper long time practice before treating the patients. Before having Cardiothoracic Physiotherapy, it is necessary to know the whole history of the patient before treating them.

What is Neurological Physiotherapy?

The study of Neurological Physiotherapy carries the information of therapy in a special area where an individual passes with the treatment in neurological conditions i.e. treating the disorder in the spinal cord, nerves, and brain tissues. Various types of exercises are done while treating the patients, one of them is Passive Limb Exercise.

What is Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy?

When the term has been used in the vast world of Physiotherapy, the general way practicer approaches the term Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. It is very easy to go term, and also one of the important pain reduction therapy that one out of three patients has gone through. This is dealing with the pains in muscles, bones, ligaments, cartilage, spinal discs, ankles, etc.

The availability of these practitioners is broad, as they not only reduce pain through their therapy but also give a ray of hope in the reduction of pain in the future.

Only Desi has information on the best Physiotherapy practicer listed on the website, where we care to provide good services to our valuable customers.


Yes, there is the availability of top listed physiotherapists in Howrah.
Yes, there is a collection of information upon best Physiotherapy near you in Howrah.
Only Desi always values its customers and their budget. There is information available on our website regarding physiotherapy.
Yes, there are female physiotherapists available in your area in Howrah
No, there are many differences between Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and Geriatric physiotherapy.

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