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TV is a very important and common electronic device present in all our houses. It is one of the most useful sources for getting any kind of information.

It might be teens or adults, tv is one of the vast sources of entertainment. As electronic devices might alter sometimes, it can hamper the quality of time that a family spends with each other while watching movies, news or sports on television.

In that case, it becomes essential to get the tv repaired on time by an expert. You can either get the television to a TV repair shop or you can book a TV repair home service.

How OnlyDesi can help to find the best TV repair shop near me in Howrah?

You can search for TV repair services in Howrah on the OnlyDesi website. The results will be shown based on the basis of your location, ratings and reviews. OnlyDesi will provide you with the top services. There are many tabs as per your requirements that will help you get many offers. OnlyDesi also provides the contact details of the listed businesses so you can directly contact them for further information.

What are the most common tv problems?

Buying a tv is a great investment. You should consider various factors about the common tv problems that might happen as you are going to spend a good amount of money on it. You will watch tv every day and for a couple of hours as well.

TV is a very sensitive material. Anything can happen over a time period. Some problems can be solved by you but the large problems need to be fixed by an expert only.

Here are a few common TV problems that will require qualified engineers and technicians’ provided service:

  • The TV won't power up but the power button blinks: There might be a problem with the electrical connection. But the self-diagnostic system has tracked it out. You can try to fix it at home by removing the plug from the main switchboard and wait for a couple of minutes before putting the plug back in. If the tv does not open then you need to take it to a servicing centre.
  • TV has sound but no picture: There might be a problem with the back-light system if your tv has clear sound but no picture visible. If you turn off the light and flash a torch on the screen from a different side you can see a few pictures then a specialised technician will repair the back-light inverter or replace the damaged capacitor on it.
  • Multiple vertical lines run on the screen: If you are seeing multiple vertical lines from top to bottom on the screen that means the LCD panel is completely damaged. It will need immediate replacement. It might be a little costly to replace the LCD panel.
  • Spider lines radiating from a single point: If something or someone has hit the tv screen in a particular place that will cause internal glass damage. That results in multiple line radiations from a single optimised point. Again there is no fix to this issue, you have to change the whole LCD panel.
  • TV has a picture but no sound: If you can see pictures on your tv but hear no sound then do not assume that it’s a malfunction. Check if there is any loose plug or any earphones connected to it. If not then there might be a speaker malfunction and it needs to be repaired by an expert
  • A TV remote is not working properly: If your tv is not receiving any signals from the tv remote then you can change the batteries in the remote. If it still does not work then it needs to be placed or repaired.
  • Discolouration of the TV: This is a common issue on the tv. You might see the colours are fading away slowly while watching a movie. At first, the fading colour stays in one part of the screen. Then gradually it spreads through the screen. Connect to an expert and ask if repair is worth it than replacing the whole tv.
  • TV is flickering like a strobe light: First, check all the input devices that are connected to the tv if the screen is flickering. If those things are not causing any issues then check the power supply. If this does not fix then there might be a problem with the bulb, back-light or the LED inside the tv. It will need a professional tv repair mechanic to be fixed.

What are the types of tv repair services provided near me in Howrah?

There are various types of services that are provided by professional and authorised tv repair shops:

  • TV screen repair
  • Blurry screen repair
  • The issue in HDMI port
  • Problem in remote
  • TV is not turning on
  • No image only sound
  • Colour problem and many others.

How can I find the best tv repair shop in Howrah?

There are many online websites where you can search for the best tv repair service centres. OnlyDesi is one of them that can provide you with an enormous number of listed TV repair shops in Howrah.


The basic repair will cost approximately Rs.200 - Rs.500. The pricing will vary on the issues of your tv you are willing to repair.
There are two types of LED screen damage, physical damage and internal damage. If the LED, LCD and plasma layer of the screen is not damaged then it can be repaired. But if the LCD, LED or plasma layer is damaged then it will be physical damage and it can be costly to be repaired.
The average lifespan of a LED TV is between 5years to 12years depending on the usage and maintenance of the tv.
Yes, if the repairing cost is pocket-friendly then the repair is worth it; otherwise, it will be better to replace if the repairing cost is very high.
Yes, if there is nothing major damage that happened then the technician can provide a service at home. But the major part of services needed to be done at the tv repair shop only.
No, all the professional tv repair services provide their service beyond all the brands. No specific brand is mandatory to get a service.
Yes, all the technicians provide all the genuine spare parts if there is any replacement needed.
It will depend on which part of the tv is being repaired. If there is any basic maintenance issue then it will take up to 1 hour to 3 hours. Any major replacements will take more time than usual.

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