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Celebrity appearances at festivals and celebrations have become increasingly popular in recent years. Celebrities frequently appear at social gatherings to give a touch of glitz to festivities, festivals, events, and even weddings. Any party's high-class arrangements frequently involve celebrity appearances and performances, for which the celebrities are compensated. In any case, the presence of a celebrity adds to the event's overall attractiveness and seriousness.

When it comes to celebrity appearances at the events, a wide range of stars is invited. Sometimes movie stars are invited to the festivities, and other times well-known singers add to the glitz and glam. Many events feature guests of honour who are involved with the creative arts industries. Celebrities are invited to steal the show at official and corporate gatherings.

When it comes to hiring celebrities for such occasions, the variety and cause of the event must be taken into consideration. A celebrity from a related field is always a good choice at any event. Those with a history of charity activity are ideal for NGO events, whilst a movie star or a singing wonder can be an excellent choice for high-profile weddings or evening celebrations.

Look for celebrity event management businesses and stage show organisers in Jaipur through OnlyDesi if you have an event coming up soon that needs a star to light up the ambience.

What are the things that need to be considered before hiring a stage show organiser in Jaipur ?

  • Identify your target audience and define your budget: The first step in establishing your project is to determine the audience you wish to reach with your music programme. What type of audience are you aiming for? The permissions you'll need to apply for will differ depending on whether you're targeting children or adults. Consider the sale of alcohol or the time of your event - these will alter depending on whether your audience is under or above the age of 18.
    Define an attendance goal - this will help you determine the artist's remuneration, the venue hire, and all other associated costs.
  • Find a venue: The next step is to find a venue that is appropriate for the music style you want to play as well as the attendance goal you've set. Certain legal requirements must be met by this location.
    Look for music venues, clubs, cultural venues, and other public areas in your area that stage show organisers in Jaipur can use. Once you've discovered a venue that suits your needs in terms of capacity and musical style, contact the organiser to inquire about hiring conditions and access to the facility. Is there a smoking place and a parking spot? Is it licensed to sell alcoholic beverages?
  • Welcoming artists and managing service providers: You may move on to the main reason for putting together your show: the performers, once the venue, guests, and legal processes are completed.
    Some bands insist on a specific opening act, while others allow you to choose. In that situation, we urge that you discuss your decision with the star to ensure that it is appropriate for them.
    You should set up an artists' area with food and drinks for the band and their visitors. Take care of the artists' transportation and lodging (hotel, guest house), and request a rider ahead of time (a document listing the equipment needed and other requirements of the artists). Even if certain demands appear absurd, attempt to meet them. You'll have an excellent relationship with the managers and promoters as a result, and they'll be grateful when you organise more performances.
    You will need to hire a sound and stage lighting team if the venue does not have the requisite equipment. You'll need to choose a safety service based on the size of the venue and your attendance goal, as previously discussed. Keep an eye on their reputation; if the service you choose isn't up to par, your event's image may suffer. You should hire a stage show organiser who is aware of the event's spirit.
  • On the day: The stage show organiser’s task on the day of the show will be to pay the musicians and guarantee that your event adheres to the noise restrictions and safety regulations. You'll need to plan ahead of time in order to concentrate on these chores. Schedule the arrival of the performers, as well as service suppliers and employees. Assemble the teams, give them a place and a mission, and explain how the event will play out.
    Each of them will require its own area: artists will require a dressing room upon arrival, and service providers may require a prep space to complete the final preparations.
    With a separate location, allocated seats and passes, you should hire a stage show organiser in Jaipur, who organise a special greeting for possible VIPs, your partners, and the media. When it comes to passes, each sort of person should be given one.
  • After the show: Now your event went off without a hitch, and the audience was ecstatic. Your show's performers were pleased with the service that the stage show organiser provided whom you hired. But the adventure doesn't end there.
    You'll need to empty the space and its environs, as well as disassemble your set-up, before tallying your accounts and reporting to the country's music rights collection society.
    You can throw a small get-together with your service suppliers, volunteers, teams, and possibly the artists. That way, you can express your gratitude to everyone who contributed to your accomplishment, and it's a good idea to keep in touch before future events.

What are the different types of stage arrangements that a stage show organiser in Jaipur provide?

Internal layouts of stages have evolved in response to the types of performances that are performed there. The most frequent stage arrangements are given below.

  • Stage in the round: These have a central performance area that is surrounded on all sides by the audience. The seating is frequently arranged in a square or polygonal pattern, rather than being 'round.' Performers enter via aisles or vomitories between rows of seats. The scenery is kept to a minimum and carefully placed so as not to hinder the audience's vision.
  • Platform stages: A raised rectangular platform at one end of the room is the most common configuration. They might have a level or a slanted raked floor. In front of the stage, the audience is positioned in rows. Platform stages are frequently utilised in multi-purpose venues where theatre is just one of the many uses for the space. End stages and open stages are terms used to describe stages that are open and without curtains.
  • Open-air stages: These are open-air stages without a roof, though portions of the stage or audience seating may be covered. These stages may make use of changing natural light throughout the day, especially after nightfall.
  • Thrust stages: These 'thrust' into the auditorium, as the name implies, with the audience seated on three sides. The thrust stage area may be semi-circular or half a polygon with any number of sides, rather than being square. These kinds of stages are frequently used to heighten the level of closeness between the performers and the audience.

How OnlyDesi can help in finding the best stage show organisers near me in Jaipur ?

OnlyDesi is a platform that allows all users to find a variety of stage show organisers near me in one place, ranging from various types of stage arrangements you would need.

OnlyDesi is a trustworthy website that lists a large number of verified stage show organisers near me in Jaipur. OnlyDesi has a wide range of stage show organisers to choose from based on your location. You can search like ‘stage show organisers in Jaipur,’ ’music event organisers near me’ to narrow your query. You can simply go to the OnlyDesi website or get the OnlyDesi app, which is available for both Android and iOS to get all the details like contact information, address of the stage show organisers near me in Jaipur.

Apply numerous parameters, such as pricing, ratings, and location, to locate the best stage show organisers near me in Jaipur that meets your standards and meets all of your needs.


To minimise any inconvenience, it is best to enlist the services of stage show organisers near me at least two to three weeks before the main event.
Customers are consulted by stage show organisers, who assist them in selecting an acceptable theme for the stage arrangements based on their likes and preferences.
Stage show organisers offer a variety of services, including stage arrangements, light decoration, sound system management, and entertainment arrangements.
The amount to be paid in advance is determined by the stage show organisers' booking terms and conditions. The booking fee might be as much as 50% of the overall party budget.
Light and sound arrangements are handled by many stage show organisers to make the audience and the event owner feels good and enjoys themselves fully.
Stage show organisers' near me in Jaipur expenses might range anywhere from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 90,000 (approximately).

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