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What are the benefits of availing astrological service or an astrologer?

Most people keep a deep willingness to know about effects, situations and occurrences that lay in the future for them and return to astrologers for prognostications and astrological remedies. The wheel sign and the birth map of the person give the prophesier an insight into the mindset of the person and the characteristics of people they live with.

This helps them punctuate the strengths and weaknesses of the person who can use the information to acclimatise to a futuristic situation, avoid conflicts and reduce negative consequences arising out of the difference of opinion. A prophesier can also make prognostications about both good and bad effects that can have an impact on a person’s life. People can reduce the negative impact of effects by taking practical opinions, avoiding arguments and quarrels and following astrological remedies.

The biggest advantage of astrological prediction is that the person gets mentally set for futuristic shocking events and occurrence gets time to try and reduce the negative impact of a decision or a policy taken.

How OnlyDesi help you to find the best astrologer near you?

There are an enormous no. of listings in OnlyDesi where you can find the best and most reliable astrologer near you. The astrologers who have been listed on the OnlyDesi website all are professional and have served a lot of customers till now. Most of them have a happy customer circle and all the customers are satisfied with their services.

What are the services I can avail of by an astrologer?

There are a lot of services you can avail of from an astrologer. There are no. of services listed on our website OnlyDesi.

  • Vastu Consultation- A very much arranged home carries more harmony and clearness to your home and families and that is the importance of Vastu. Home is where recollections are made. Subsequently, keeping your home's energy filled with positivity gives pleasure and overflow to your habitation. And with proper Vastu and Shastri, you can lead your life peacefully, Also known as Hindu astrology or Jyotish Shastra, this shape of astrology is practised within the Indian subcontinent. It’s a moon-based machine that covers all components of lifestyles and gives the most reliable and correct predictions. It’s based on the notion that planets and stars have an effective impact on our lives.
  • Horoscope prediction services.- It is a service that refers to the position of the Sun, the Moon and the other planets with your birth date and time to predict the future and to take some precautions or remedies, to make it better.
  • Marriage astrology- It is a service that refers to the position of the Sun, Moon and other planets with your birth date and time to predict the future and to take some precautions or remedies, for the marriage that is going to happen soon.
  • Palmistry services- This is the process that refers to the prediction of your future by the structure of your palm and the lines of your palm and indicates one's zodiac sign personality.
  • Face reading services.- It is the service an astrologer provides by their customer by observing their facial structure and analysing their forehead, eyes and other facial structures.
  • Business problem astrologers.- It is the service that refers to the remedies provided by an Astrologer to come out from any business or job-related issues.
  • Vedic Astrology- Additionally referred to as Hindu astrology or Jyotish Shastra, this shape of astrology is practised within the Indian subcontinent. It’s a moon-based system that covers all components of lifestyles and gives the maximum dependable and accurate predictions. It’s primarily based on a belief that planets and stars have an effect on our lives.
  • Numerology- It’s a historical look at that attracts that means from exceptional quantity combinations, symbols and letters to your life. It really works on a perception that you can apprehend the sector around you in a higher manner with the aid of watching numerical patterns on your day by day existence, while your birthdate says something important approximately your personality.
  • Kundli matchmaking- It’s a compatibility analysis between the couple according to Vedic astrology. Start charts and planetary positions for the couple are calculated to expect their future life earlier than choosing a lifestyles accomplice.
  • Future Query Resolution- Astrologers in Kolkata can also assist you to remedy any questions which you might have about your future or modern existence. They permit you to clear up your relationship problems and even help in career steering by using predicting which route in lifestyles can be greater useful for you.
  • Remedial Horoscope- For any hassle that you face in your life, astrologers in Kolkata can offer you remedial answers that could help you. Those would encompass certain chants, prayers, carrying certain colourations on a selected day, gemstone rings, or any other remedies that might be customised as consistent with your issues.
  • Janam Patrika- Astrologers can even prepare your start charts that are also known as Janam Patrika which comes in on hand at the time of kundalini healthy-making in case you are planning to get married or even are expecting the future or career if you wish to have a right consultation.
  • Gemstones- Positive gemstones are said to balance out our character energies and astrologers in Kolkata can provide you with knowledge on it. They could even provide you with positive recuperation stones as nicely to act as a remedy in your troubles.
  • Colour Therapy- It is a holistic treatment that brings balance and health to thoughts and frames. Different hues or lighting fixtures are used to treat bodily or mental health by way of balancing the frame’s energy centres, also referred to as chakras.
  • Feng Shui- An ancient Chinese language practice that charts to balance the strength or chi with the assistance of medical calculations. The philosophy of feng shui is arranging the pieces in dwelling areas to create stability with the herbal international as it claims to apply electricity forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding surroundings.

What are the charges an astrologer charges in Jodhpur?

The charges of an astrologer depend on certain factors, like the type of services you are availing of, how long you are availing the consultation, what are remedies he is prescribing. We would love to recommend you to go through our OnlyDesi website thoroughly for directly contacting the agencies. We have provided a lot of listings with the contact details.


Yes, it is a very good idea to consult an Astrologer if you want to be aware of your future, and want to take remedies to lead your life peacefully.
No, an Astrologer cannot see your future, they can just predict your future through their astrological science and by some methods like horoscope, face reading, palm checking etc.
Yes, they do charge fees for consultation. They are professionals in this field and you cannot expect any type of free service from the professionals in their field of work.
You can get genuine astrologers, on our OnlyDesi website, there are an enormous number of listings over here, and all the astrologers are genuine.
Yes, they identify their customer's zodiac sign by month, date and time.
The zodiac contains 12 signs, the signs are Libra, Leo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aeris, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Cancer.
Yes, obviously your contact details will remain confidential and they won't circulate any of their customer's contact details in public.
Yes, all the astrologers are genuine, those who are listed in OnlyDesi and served their clients with topmost priority, and all of the astrologers are experienced in this field.
You can avail of these services from our OnlyDesi website, all the contact details are provided below on our website. You can contact the astrologers and book your appointment directly.
As such, there is no refund policy applicable but we would love to suggest you go through our OnlyDesi website thoroughly and ask the astrological service provider directly because policies differ from astrologer to astrologer.
Yes, many of them do provide free services to the school and college students, for some of the services they provide, it would be better if you have a talk with them directly.

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