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How can I get a home loan in Kanpur?

If you want to get a home loan in Kanpur you have to apply for it with the required documents. You will get introduced to a number of dealers who will help you to get a home loan with various facilities. If you go to the banks for a loan you will not probably get such facilities.

  • The interest rate will be lower than the banks.
  • Document verification process will be easier.
  • You will be able to get the loan within a shorter period than the banks

What are the documents required for the home construction loan?

The documents required for the home construction loan are:

  • The age proof
  • PAN card
  • The birth certificate
  • Photo id proof
  • Land documents
  • Address proof
  • Existing loan details

How much amount of a housing loan can I get in Kanpur?

The amount of housing loan in Kanpur varies upon various factors. It depends upon the size of your house. The location of your home also plays a pivotal role in indicating the housing loan amount. If you stay on the urban side, the loan amount that you will get will be higher than the person who stays in the rural side in Kanpur.

How Only Desi can help you to choose best home loan provider in Kanpur

In only desi you will meet a number of brokers who will give you various facilities on home loan. On an average rate, a broker charges more or less 0.15% commission on the loan amount. In only desi you can tally among all the rates provided by the brokers.


The interest rate depends upon the size and the locality of your house in Kanpur. Yet the housing loan amount will be suitable to fulfil your need.
Yes, a mortgage loan will be available easily in Kanpur within the affordable rate. The dealers are always ready to provide you a mortgage loan if you want to mortgage your property.
That depends on the quantity of the home renovation area and the quantity of the home construction area in Kanpur.
If you fail to repay the loan, you will get some gentle reminders at first. Then after 3 months, the loan will be an NPA.
No, a housewife can not get a house loan. If she has a co-borrower, she can apply for a home loan.

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