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Makeup is an art in itself and one requires to get an authority accreditation to make this a calling. The cosmetics specialists guarantee to go through the most recent wedding makeup on their clients and not utilize any of the old styles and strategies. The bridal makeup artist utilizes probably the greatest of items brands like Nyxx and Naked. Getting a makeup artist not just complements the whole look of the lady yet additionally makes her stand out from different ladies on her special day.

Here are a few things you should know about bridal makeup:

How can OnlyDesi help you in finding the best bridal makeup artist in Kochi?

On OnlyDesi, we feature numerous listings of Bridal Makeup in Kolkata. Our listed service providers have been in the business for years, and have successfully catered to the demands and requirements of hundreds of clients in the past. You can find a Bridal Makeup agency that can provide you with your desired look.

To find a suitable agency go through OnlyDesi listings, view their address and contact details, their business hours, services they provide, and much more using the website. A call on their number will immediately connect you with them. Using filters on location, services, and so on while browsing through the website you can enhance your search results and it can fetch you listed recommendations of products and services.

What kind of services can a bridal makeup artist provide?

  • Bridal makeup
  • Hairstyling services
  • Guest makeup
  • Wedding outfit draping

How to prepare before appointing a makeup artist in Kochi?

  • Moisturize your skin to get a smooth application, as dry skin can lead to cakey makeup.
  • Show reference pictures to your artist to get your desired look.
  • Carry your favoured makeup products you want to specifically use.
  • Inform your artist beforehand if you have any allergies and reactions to certain products.

What should be discussed with your makeup artist in Kochi ?

To ensure an extraordinary experience on the big day, there are a couple of issues that each bride should examine with their bridal makeup artist on the first day of their meeting. It is vital to tell the artist the specific dates and timing of different capacities which are a piece of the wedding since they need to actually look at their accessibility on those dates.

Some Kochi bridal makeup artists might not have the approach to visit the wedding scene and really like to offer their services from their cosmetics studio. This is the sort of thing that needs to be discussed in advance.

The artist might likewise want to know the sort of look that their client wants on her big day. They might need to see the outfit so they can work around the haircut and look which will go with the outfit. If extra people will also get their makeup done, inform the artist beforehand.


Bridal makeup artists have high demand during the wedding season, so booking at least 2-3 months before is advisable.
Approximately 3 hours is taken by any makeup artist to complete full bridal makeup, the time also varies on which type of makeup you are selecting. Using the airbrush technique takes up less time but is costlier than the traditional method.
Airbrush makeup is comparatively costlier than the traditional makeup technique. Learning airbrush makeup requires a lot of time and patience. If you decide to opt for airbrush makeup, always go to the best bridal makeup artist having years of experience in the field. If you want bridal makeup at an economical cost, then opting for traditional makeup is recommended.
Hairstyling is included in the bridal makeup plan. The accessories used to create the desired hairstyle is given by the makeup artist and the cost will be included in the plan.
The makeup artists listed with us are all trustworthy and use high-end makeup products which are skin-friendly and won’t cause you any harm. If you want any specific brand then discuss it with your artist beforehand.

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