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What is checked in AC repair service at Kolkata?

Air conditioners repair service in Kolkata have gained significant importance in recent times with the constant change in the weather. Because of the huge demand, there are various companies that try to bring out newer modifications. Constant use of the ACs requires it to be checked at intervals in order to function properly and serve its purpose.

The AC repair services can be needed for several reasons out of which the most common ones are:

  • Water Leak inside the house may result from clogged condensate drain or the condensate pump might be broken and needs to be replaced. The water leakage is the most common cause of and can be fixed by an expert.
  • Water Leak outside the house results from a dry air filter, broken condensate pan, bad AC seal,or an improper installation, etc.
  • A leak in the AC Refrigerant Leak can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and become harmful to the immediate environment.
  • Some of the other major issues are:
    • Dirty Air Filter
    • Frozen Evaporator Coil
    • Failure of Electric Control
    • AC Fan Failure

OnlyDesi brings together various AC service providers in Kolkata onto a single platform to help people in need of ac servicing. This will not only save time and energy, but will also allow them to choose the kind of service they want and the budget they have for the service.

What are the important guidelines for AC maintenance?

The AC is an integral part of the modern day housing plannings and is required in the summer duration when the weather is unbearable. There are certain elements such as the filters, coils, fins, drains etc that need to be taken care of when using an AC. Any kind of negligence in taking care of the ac can impact its cooling capacity and ultimately damage the entire unit. Some of the important guidelines are:

  • The AC needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned
  • The AC also needs to have cleaning of evaporator coils
  • The condenser coil needs to be maintained regularly
  • The AC coil fins needs to be cleaned at regular intervals
  • The rear drains need to be unclogged to avoid disruption in services
  • The compressor unit need to be covered during winters to avoid damages to parts
  • And also of all, it is advised to have regular checkups done by the AC repair services in Kolkata for a smooth functioning of the AC.

Why there is need of AC service Centre in Kolkata

There are various reasons for which an individual might want to get an AC installed in their homes. Majority of the AC requirements are from places where the temperature is humid and hot. The requirement is to get the relief of cool space which can be made with the help of an AC.

As most AC functions during the summer with full capacity, the chances of ac units getting damaged are high. And thus the need for ac repair services is the most during the summer season. Thus getting hold of a good AC service in Kolkata is of utmost importance as the quality of service determines the longevity of the AC.

Some of the reasons why it is important to have an AC repair service center are:

  • They help in extending the AC unit’s life
  • Constant monitoring ensures purity of air quality
  • Proper functioning of the AC ensures that it reduces humidity indoors
  • They provide additional benefits in the form of add-on system upgrades
  • An AC in good condition helps increase system efficiency
  • Regular monitoring of the AC helps improve the health of the AC
  • It helps clear out the unwanted insects from the houses if the AC functions smoothly.
  • An AC in good condition and maintained regularly will help eliminates the extra noise

Thus it is always beneficial to have an AC repair service centre. OnlyDesi bring together the best AC service centres in Kolkata for the customers to choose from at their own budget.

How to figure out ac service center in Kolkata?

The demand for ac service centres has gone up significantly in recent years with more and more units getting installed and in need for repair. There are hundreds of AC units being sold everyday and many more in need for their repair services. Thus it is important to know the best ac repair service centre near them.

In order to get the best repair services one needs to see if the following features are provided by the service centres in order to get the best service. Some of the important feature are:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Gas Recharging
  • Installation
  • Uninstallation

OnlyDesi is India’s fastest growing B2B and B2C platform for all your needs and helps make lives easier and convenient. OnlyDesi helps bring together various buyers and sellers onto a single platform and provides them with a variety of options for the people to choose from the available options.

OnlyDesi brings together a group of ac service centres onto a single platform for the customers to choose from as per their convenience. This will allow them to avail the best possible service from the best service centres near them and get the contacts for the “best ac service centre near me”.

How much nearest AC service centre in Kolkata charges ?

The AC repair services have gained huge demand in recent times with more and more ACs being used and thus needing proper maintenance. It has thus become important to know the various price ranges that are charged for the various services rendered by the AC service centres in Kolkata.

Every service centre has its own set of price for the service they render. It is thus important to have the knowledge regarding the various price ranges and the quality of service offered by the service centres. Following is the price range for the various kinds of services:

Type Price Range
Inspection Charge 200
AC Repair 200-500
AC Installation 200-400
Un-installation 200-400
Gas Charging 500-700

These are individual service charges and thus the complete package mi9ght varuy according to the place and the services requested for.

OnlyDesi brings together a group of ac service centres onto a single platform for the customers to choose from as per their convenience. This will allow them to avail the best possible service from the best service centres near them and get the budget sorted according to their preferences.

Why is AC service in Kolkata necessary?

The longevity of an AC depends on several factors which can help determine how long a particular AC servicing will last. In general an AC can last for around 15-30 years if maintained properly. There are several factor that determines the longevity of an AC such as:

  • Is the AC a popular brand?
  • Was it installed by a professional?
  • Is the placement as per the specifications?
  • How is the temperature of the location?
  • Is there a regular maintenance check of the AC unit?
  • Is the location far or near the ocean?
  • How is the usage of the AC unit?
  • What is the specification of the AC unit?

Thus it is extremely important to get all the necessary information before deciding upon a step. It is advised to take a second opinion from the experts before taking any action. OnlyDesi provides the perfect platform to get the necessary information regarding the various AC service centres. This will help them get the necessary information from their nearest service centres all from the click of a button.

What is AC tune up ? is it included in AC maintenance service in Kolkata

An AC tune-up is a process where the unit is examined to make sure that the performance is at peak and runs smooth just like any other devices. The tune-up process involves the technician examining the unit for each and every element that can impact the performance of the AC unit

Several service centres provide the tune-up service to the customers provided they request the service. There are several benefits to getting a tune-up for an AC. They are as follows:

  • Improves the efficiency of the AC unit.
  • Lower utility bills are received with better functioning
  • Provides greater reliability in times of need
  • Helps lower the repair costs of the AC units
  • Provides a longer life for the AC unit
  • Provides better and improved comfort to the customers

There are several elements in a tune-up provided by various service centres. Each differ from the other but the most common of these are:

  • Replacing of the air filter
  • Cleaning of the air handler and the blower fan
  • Inspecting all the air ducts and plenum
  • Measuring air temperature and flow throughout
  • Balancing the return and supply of the airflow
  • Adjusting the blower belt for better performance
  • Lubricating the bearings, pulleys, and several other components
  • Cleaning of the evaporator, condenser, and the condensate drain
  • Inspecting the electrical and safety systems
  • Testing the start capacitor and relay circuit
  • Measuring blower motor, compressor, and fan current
  • Testing the thermostat and zoning controls
  • Evaluating overall system performance and efficiency


Yes, AC service centres in Kolkata provides AC tune up
The servicing of the AC unit is dependent on the usage and the location of the unit.
Yes, there are several AC service centres that provide AMC to the customers to have regular maintenance checks for the AC unit.
Yes the service centres do provide the guarantee of their service with a limited time validity based on the service requested for.

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