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Air coolers are one of the most important requirements during the summer months because they provide a continuous flow of cool, fresh air. Hiring a professional air cooler repair service is beneficial when the machine underperforms or fails to provide the required service. These businesses are blessed with proficient technicians who have the knowledge, skill and expertise to provide proper solutions. Depending on the issue, the cost of hiring a technician for air cooler repair can vary greatly. Many of these companies will pick up and return the machine to the customer's location after it has been repaired at no extra charge. These service centres are provided to solve any problem, whether it is a faulty coolant or an inactive vent. Customers can also look for authorised service centres for their air-cooler features in this area, as there are many.

How can OnlyDesi help in choosing the best air cooler repair service near me in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi has a large number of listings for the Air Cooler repairing centre near you. Our listed service providers have been in the Air Cooler repairing industry for many years and have successfully catered to the needs and demands of hundreds of clients till now. You can find an Air Cooler repair agency that can solve the problems of your air cooler.

If you are looking for Air Cooler repair service nearby, you can look through OnlyDesi. Using the website, you can browse OnlyDesi Listing, view their address and contact information, business hours, services they offer, and much more. A phone call to their number will put you in touch with them right away.

What types of air cooler services can the repair centre provide near me in Kolkata?

Our listed air cooler repair companies are known for providing a variety of other air cooler services in addition to restoring your air cooler to optimal operation and performance.These are:

  • Air cooler installation- The service provider will install the air cooler at customers’ home after repairing it.
  • General maintenance of air cooler- The repairing centre company provides the maintenance service of air cooler. The customer can get service for their air cooler system every four or six months to make sure it functions properly. They can get this service at an affordable price.
  • Repair service for specific problems- The repair service providers repair all specific problems of the air cooler thoroughly and minutely.

When it comes to obtaining a new air cooler, our listed professionals would be pleased to assist you. Because there are so many choices available in the market today, our recommended service providers can provide you with good guidance so you can purchase the best air cooler for your home at affordable prices.

What are common air cooler problems that can be repaired by air cooler repairing centres near in Kolkata?

A variety of technical problems can occur with air coolers. While a new company air cooler may not show any indication of wear and tear, an older air cooler may have a variety of performance problems. If your air cooler isn't operating as well as you expect, then contact the listed professionals on our website. If you attempt to repair the air cooler on your own, you risk destroying it rather than repairing it. This section discusses some of the most typical issues that air cooler owners confront, issues that should only be dealt with nearby air cooler repair service centre are:

  • When the air cooler is not working: If your air conditioner won't turn on even though it's plugged in and there aren't any electrical issues, the customer should absolutely call a professional serviceman. It is possible that the air cooler won't start because a fuse has blown. A blown fuse must be replaced, and our recommended air cooler repair professionals can do so in a matter of minutes. If the circuit breaker has tripped, your air cooler may also refuse to operate, necessitating professional assistance to check for wiring issues.
  • When the water leaks from the cooler: Water is required for air coolers to operate, and the owners may notice water leaking from the cooler occasionally. Water leaks on a regular basis indicate a more serious problem with their air cooler. Problems with cooling unit storage and maintaining the cooling unit in an exposed position are two common causes of water leaks from air coolers. These are important problems of air coolers that professionals examine and determine the source of the water leak.
  • When a bad smell comes from the cooler: Your air conditioner may be cooling your room properly, but if it is emitting unpleasant odours and stenches, there could be an issue with the water inside the cooling machine. Every time the water in the air cooler runs out, the owner must replenish the supply. If you don't use your air cooler very often, the unusual odours could simply be the result of stagnant water. The professional repairer will be able to locate the root of the problem and recommend practical solutions for air cooling that are free of weird odours.
  • When the cooler supplies insufficient air: The air cooler may be cooling the room of the customers but not sufficient. Use of any air cooler for a longer time can result in issues such as restricted airflow, which is typically caused by obstructions and constraints within the exhaust ducts. There are a few air coolers that don't have exhaust ducts and require a special opening to be created for them.The customer should contact professional air cooler repairing services to examine why the air cooler is not supplying sufficient cooling performance.
  • When the cooler has moisture absorption deficiency: Air cooler adds moisture to the atmosphere in which they are kept. There could be cooling issues if the air cooler is not humidifying the surroundings sufficiently. Inadequate humidification indicates an issue with the air cooler’s humidifier. If anyone has these issues in their cooler system then they can hire a professional repair service man nearby, who can quickly fix it and return it to its original condition.

What types of air coolers can be repaired by a repair service company nearby?

There are few types of air coolers that a repair service company can fix. They are:

  • Desert air coolers Desert air coolers have a huge tank capacity, a large blower or fan, and a powerful motor.With their exceptional air movement and delivery, these coolers are capable of cooling vast regions.
  • Personal air coolers Personal air coolers are a customised cooling solution designed for usage in small spaces or in situations where open cooling is not required.
  • Tower air coolers These coolers are designed to fit in a small space as they are slim, sleek and elegant. These coolers supply air at higher points in comparison to other types of coolers.
  • Window air coolers Window air coolers are designed to be installed in windows, saving the floor space that one can put to better use. Because they pull air directly from outside, these coolers are the finest alternative for circulating fresh air inside the space.

Can air cooler repair service centres provide air cooler water pump repair service?

Submersible pump motors are designed to run under water. Water can also be utilised to transport heat.The engine overheats and burns out if the water level drops and the pump runs dry. A detecting prod is typically used to protect against dry running.

Some pumps are plugged directly into a conventional electrical socket, while others are installed inside a cooler box. One should check the circuit breaker or the ground fault circuit interrupter if the pump is not getting electricity. So, when the person is not able to fix this problem, he can get the air cooler water pump repair service from the air cooler repairing company.


The cost of repairing an air cooler varies from one service provider to another. The price you have to pay depends on the different air cooler repairing services like inspections, installation, general maintenance and through repairs of particular issues.
You can pay the service provider after the repair of the cooler directly in cash or through an online payment platform.
Yes, air cooler repair service offers air cooler repair home service near you. You can call them at your home for the repair work but you may have to pay them extra money for it.
The time depends on what type of issues your air cooler machine has. If there is a major issue or needs replacement of any part then it can take a few days to fix the problem.
Yes, many service providers provide warranty on the repair service of the cooler. So, it would be appropriate to ask them for warranty before asking for the repair service.

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