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Insurance stands as an undertaking agreement between an entity and an individual, where a bond is formed to protect the individual by securing through financial aspects. These can also be secured by compensating the loss from the preferred insurance company.

Why does every person need Insurance in Kolkata?

Nowadays, every person should invest in Insurance not only to secure themselves but also to assure security themselves from future loss.

Many insurances are also available that secure the precious things for human beings rather than life are medical insurances, vehicles, gold or jewelry, homes, etc.

What are the Types of Insurances available?

There are many benefits when one thinks about having proper insurance, the types are:

  • Planned Insurance is not only available for future loss financial help but also helps in medications, hospital bill payments, securing from future illness, etc.
  • Many insurances also come with a package where anyone can easily plan for a secured future through financial benefits after retirement.
  • Insurance comes with more options, where anyone can receive help in education for children in the future terms.
  • Insurance also comes for few of the important things which are very negotiable in life for every person, i.e houses. Benefits are also available in Insurance companies to secure homes.
  • Another important thing which comes after homes are vehicles, many insurances available which cover vehicle issues.
  • Many times it has been checked that gold or precious jewelry has been secured by insurance.

What is Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a term where a car needs to be covered safely to assure that no harm is caused to the car due to an accident, handling thief issues, internal damages, etc.

When anyone purchases a car or vehicle they need to go through the process where the vehicle needs to get insured or else many laws have been proposed where there is an authorization given to the public servants to take overcharges if they track down the particular car or vehicle.

Only Desi provides contacts of renowned insurance service dealers, where anyone can check into and get exclusive insurance details. Requested to check our website for more information.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a type of insurance that incurs the coverage used for securing life in terms of paid premium for a specific amount of time throughout the year or month.

Life Insurance distinguishes into various forms for example term insurance, education insurance, etc.

Term Insurance covers the vast area depending upon the services given by different insurance companies, few come with the benefit of coverage of medical illness, tax advantages, financial backups after retirements, and so on.

What is General Insurance?

General Insurance describes as a part of insurance where automobiles and nonliving things are been insured. In some countries, general insurance is called non-living insurance.

What is Motor Insurance?

Motor Insurance are been categorized into a vehicle insurance section, where vehicles are been insured from various kinds of damages, being stolen, etc. It became a part where it needs to be insured before using it on road. A public servant can claim or push charges if no insurance of the preferred vehicle or motor is found.

What are the needs for Health Insurance?

Nowadays, Health insurance became a part of our life, due to the current Covid situation, it became a necessity to have proper health insurance. Health insurance covers not only the diseases of a single person but also covers the whole family. There are various types of health insurance present.


Yes, Only Desi has information on Insurance service provider , which deal with different types of Insurances. Visiting our website helps you to get details.
Yes, there is the availability of Car Insurance dealers.
The only differences between them are the third-party insurance company covers the whole damage done by another vehicle or by one. But the damage done by oneself is not used to cover by Comprehensive insurance.
Life Insurance comes with a huge number of different plans, every plan or package cost has a different amount.
It is possible to pay for certain insurances online.

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