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Transcription is the process of typing down the audio from a speech or video recording so that you can have a written record of what was said and by whom. Many of the finest transcription services also include timestamps so you can see when anything was stated in the tape, making it easy to locate and refer back to later.

A transcription service is a handy tool that saves time and money for businesses. By transforming speech, audio, and video recordings into a written or electronic text document, a company may stay on track with project deadlines and concentrate on its main goals.

Important meetings and discussions are taped, resulting in accurate records that can be used to send client reports, provide dependable customer service, and track and implement sales and marketing strategies.

Transcription, when used as a conduit between customers and businesses, allows marketers to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of their audience's purchasing behaviour.

Transcribing also improves business flexibility by making it easier to determine which concepts and information can be repeated or improved into a way of branding and reaching out to clients.

What are the different types of transcription services available in Kolkata?

Over time, the practice of transcribing for companies has evolved. As a result, more specific versions and a wider range of transcribing services have emerged. Indeed, the rise of video content in digital marketing is prompting businesses to consider the benefits of video transcription.

There are three basic types of transcription for companies that are new to the realm of brand transcription: edited, verbatim, and intelligent.

  • Edited transcription: An edited transcription is a type of transcription that prioritises the delivery of high-quality documents. It entails leaving out some statements or phrases that are judged redundant, superfluous, or grammatically incorrect.

    The essence and overall meaning of the text are kept regardless of the words or phrases eliminated.

    Edited transcription is best used for content that business owners want to be translated into a specific foreign language or published as a book or printed material. The majority of the time, this type of transcribing uses a more formal writing style.

    The paper's readability is also prioritised, in order to make it more appealing and relevant to anybody the company desires to reach with the transcribed content. In conferences, seminars, and speeches, altered transcription is frequently used.
  • Intelligent transcription: In intelligent transcriptions, accuracy is critical. Intelligent transcription, as opposed to modified transcription, focuses on minor changes to the audio or video file.

    Fillers expressed by the speaker, such as 'ums,' 'oms,' 'err,' pauses in between conversations, repeats, and statements of acknowledgement and deep thought, such as 'okay,' 'got it,' 'hmm,' and 'I wonder,' are omitted from the transcribed text by 'light editing.'

    Stutters and stammers, slangs, non-standard vocabulary (going to, ain't, 'cause), and any kind of detail representing speech disturbances, such as coughing and throat clearing, were also removed as extraneous features.

    The major goal is to eliminate sentences that are unrelated to the main topic of the conversation or discussion. To be honest, removing unneeded fillers and fragments from the recording being transcribed is merely scraping the surface.

    The capacity to detect the gist of the message and keep it in the transcribed document, even after the emotional component of the source file is removed, is critical in intelligent transcription.

    As a result, intelligent transcriptions should produce substantive results while properly portraying the tone and character of the original content. The most common applications of intelligent or smart transcription are in medical and corporate communications.
  • Verbatim transcription: The verbatim transcribing method captures both the verbal and non-verbal aspects of the conversation. This implies that all fillers, slangs, stammers, and other nuances that would be lost in intelligent transcribing are preserved.

    Because the amount of information that needs to be written down in verbatim transcribing is more, the work is more intricate and harder than it appears. Aside from the message's core message, the final textual output takes into account every aspect of the audio or video recording, from changes in breathing, emotion, and tone to interruptions in speech and background noise.

What considerations should be made while selecting audio and video transcription services?

  • The Document's Importance: What is the file's urgency, and what is the required turnaround time? Is the file in good condition or has it been heavily tampered with? These are the elements that will determine whether you should use a machine translation service or a human translation service. Your needs will ultimately define which service you should choose and what will be the estimated cost. Approximate time frame lines can be given depending on the intricacy of the document and the level of precision necessary. If the document is urgent, automatic transcription can be enabled.
  • Level of precision: An automated service can assist in providing a nearly accurate report in the case of exceptionally accurate audio or video or a small number of individuals speaking. However, if the report needs to be totally correct, transcription must be done manually or with the appropriate combination of machines and humans.
  • Confidentiality: High amounts of secrecy will be maintained by good audio and video transcription service providers near me. However, if the document is critical, it is best to invest in a company that offers high levels of security, such as firewalls and network separation.
  • Editing and proofreading services: Regardless of how exactly the translation is, it will require some editing to ensure that the text is presentable enough to be shared with others.

Why use audio and video transcription services near me in Kolkata ?

There are several compelling reasons to hire a professional audio and video transcription service rather than attempting to transcribe the audio on your own. Let's look at some of the primary reasons why so many businesses use transcription services as a critical component of their operations.

  • Less manual labour: Transcription is a difficult job, and it's more difficult than it appears at first glance. It can be difficult to understand what was said, who said it, and when they said it, but even if you have a clear, clean audio recording, you still have to listen to it all and write it up, which takes a lot of time and physical labour.
  • Reduced error rates: Often, the audio you're trying to transcribe wasn't recorded in the finest possible quality, making it difficult to understand exactly what was said. When there are numerous people speaking on the recording, especially if it's an audio-only recording, things grow much more problematic. Then there's the issue that people frequently talk with accents or mumble, making proper transcription extremely difficult.

    Professional transcriptionists have been trained and have extensive expertise in accurately transcribing less-than-perfect audio. You may limit the number of errors in your transcribed document by hiring a professional transcription service, allowing you to have an accurate record of exactly what was said on the tape and by whom.
  • Reduced turnaround time: Professional transcriptionists can transcribe one audio hour in two to three hours, whereas the average person with no prior expertise transcribing audio can take up to eight hours or longer. Hiring a professional transcriptionist may be the ideal choice for you if you want to free up your time or allow your workers to focus on other, more important responsibilities.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When you consider how long it takes the typical individual to transcribe audio and video, caption videos, and translate foreign languages, you can see how beneficial it is to use a professional transcribing service. You might easily spend an entire day transcribing only a single audio hour if you did all of these activities yourself.

    Passing the duty to one of your staff is both time-consuming and costly, not to mention disruptive to their other responsibilities. Using a transcription service is thus, in most situations, a cost-effective alternative that allows you to receive the exact transcription you require without having to devote a whole day or even several days to the process.
  • Timestamps: In many cases, having a timestamp in your paper will allow you to refer back to a certain point in the audio to reference what was stated. This is especially useful in long, monotonous, and perplexing medical, legal, and other technical recordings.

    Attempting to timestamp things yourself is difficult enough, but when you use a professional audio and video transcription service, you'll get an accurate document that shows not only what was said, but also who said it and when it was said in the recording, making referring back to specific statements a breeze when it would otherwise be a tedious, time-consuming task.

How OnlyDesi can help in finding the best audio and video transcription service providers near me in Kolkata ?

On OnlyDesi you can find various audio and video transcription service providers near me in Kolkata for your business or individual. OnlyDesi has all the genuine and verified audio and video transcription service providers. You can apply various filters on location, price, reviews and ratings to narrow your search. You can easily browse through OnlyDesi website or you can get the OnlyDesi app on your android or iOS mobile phones.


Yes, the majority of audio and video transcription service providers near me employ expert editors to ensure that the materials are accurate and thorough.
The duration of the project is determined by the scope of work.
A large number of them do. Please double-check with the company in question.
Cash, cards, and net banking are all accepted forms of payment for transcription services.
The accuracy of transcription services is crucial. Transcription services, on the other hand, might cost anything from Rs 74 to Rs 174 per minute approximately.

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