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Any kind of liquid which can satisfy thirst, in addition to water, is called a beverage. Some popular beverages include tea, coffee, juice, milk, non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks, etc.

Beverages can be served as hot or cold, they might be consumed as alcoholic drinks too. The word beverage is mostly used in restaurants, where it is taken in combination with various kinds of other solid food items.

In a survey, the information on consuming beverages in different states are different from each other. For example, tea has the highest ranking in the most consumed beverage in our country, and coffee ranked second. Whereas, alcoholic drinks also hold their rank in the competition.

What are the benefits of having Tea?

The most popular drink consumed by most of the country is Tea, it is a kind of beverage which is made by pouring the boiling water on fresh or dried tea leaves. The tea was first prepared or originated in China. Tea comes with many advantages, they are:

  • The main thing it does is reduce the risk of heart attack and clotting of blood in blood vessels. It soothes down the tissue cell which connects the artery of the heart. Tea also helps to decrease high blood pressure and helps to reduce cholesterol problems.
  • Green Tea is another branch of tea, which is very beneficial in boosting energy. It contains the amino acid, through which there are low caffeine ingredients present into it, which became preferable to the caffeine-lover. Green tea is also very popular because it helps to reduce weight.
  • Regular consumption of Tea helps in mental relaxation,and also reduces the risk of neurological disease. Tea has been recommended for Alzheimer patients through which it relaxes their stress level.
  • More study on it shows that it prevents controlling diseases such as type 2 diabetes. Black tea is recommended for diabetic patients to consume after a heavy meal.
  • Tea took to fight the viral diseases in weather changes, it works promptly in reducing cold and cough. Proper herbal tea is the best medicine in curing a cold and cough.

What are the different types of Tea available in Kolkata?

There are many types of Tea available on market, they are:

  • Black tea: Black Tea is the natural form of tea, where the dried tea leaves are poured into the boiling water to extract the flavour of the tea. Black tea has huge advantages as it works in controlling type 2 diabetics and also it works as a stress reducer.
  • Green Tea: Green tea is the most consumed product, where the beverage is mostly used in weight loss, stress reducer, etc. Green Tea is more flavourful than black tea, and it brews up in golden colour.
  • White Tea: The origin of White Tea is in China. White colour dried leaves are poured in boiling water which releases the flavour of tea in light golden colour and tastes similar to green tea but a bit sweeter than that.
  • Bubble Tea: Bubble tea or Boba tea is a popular type of tea, which originated in Taiwan in 1980. This kind of tea is prepared from chewy substances known as tapioca balls or pearl balls, it is combined with boiling milk adding sugar to it, in the formation of perfect bubble tea.
  • Kashmiri Kehwa: Kashmiri Kahwa is a kind of special tea, which is prepared as an exotic mix of kinds of spices, nuts, Kashmiri green tea and saffron. The vessel of kahwa is placed in a chamber of hot coal and then served.

What are the types of Coffee?

Coffee is made from roasted coffee beans, which is a dry form of seeds of berries named the Coffea genus. There are various types of Coffee available, they are:

  • Espresso: It is an Italian origin coffee, which is brewed very strong and served in an espresso cup which is a small cup.
  • Macchiato: Macchiato coffee is a kind of coffee art, which is prepared by combining a shot of espresso and foamed boiling milk.
  • Latte: It is served to combine one shot espresso in steaming hot milk and 1cm foam on the top of the coffee. The milk adds sweetness to the coffee.
  • Cappuccino: Cappuccino is similar to a latte, the only difference is they have 2-3cm foam than that of latte, and it is served with sprinkling the chocolate syrup on top.
  • Americano: Americano is as similar as black coffee, as it is prepared mixed with a shot of espresso and water.
  • Doppio: Doppio is a kind of coffee that is prepared with double shots of espresso coffee.
  • Mocha: The other name of chocolate coffee is termed Mocha, as it is a kind of espresso coffee made with chocolate syrup (white or dark), adding fresh cream and foamed milk.

What are the types of Juices in Kolkata?

Juices can be explained as the extraction of liquid from fruits or vegetables, they are of several types:

  • Pineapple juice: Pineapple Juice is a kind of beverage, which is made from pineapple. The juice contains liquid and also some pulp of pineapple, which gives much flavour to the juice. The nutrition level for Pineapple juice consists of 84% of water, carbohydrate 17%, protein and negligible fat per 100ml.
  • Lemonade: Lemonade or lemon juice is a kind of beverage that is made from extracted lemon, adding honey or any sweeter substances. The juice contains liquid and some pulp of lemon and sweeter substances, which gives much flavour to the juice.
  • Orange Juice: Orange Juice is the kind of beverage that is made from oranges. The juice contains liquid and also some pulp of oranges, which gives much flavour to the juice. The nutrients level contained per 100ml has Vitamin C, Vitamin D and omega fatty acid.

Differences between Non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages

When someone is trying to cut down on alcohol, the best option for them is to try non-alcoholic beverages or low-alcoholic beverages.

The main differences between Non-alcoholic beverages and alcoholic beverages are:

  • The alcohol-free beverage contains 0.5% of ABV (alcohol-based volume), and the alcoholic beverage contains more than 1.2% ABV.
  • The alcohol-free beverages and low alcohol beverages have differences in alcohol percentage, as low alcohol beverages comes with a percentage of between 1.2%.
  • The calories contained in non-alcoholic drinks is lower than that of alcoholic drinks.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks also have a lower risk of intoxication than alcoholic drinks.

Can OnlyDesi help you to get popular beverages in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi always values the customers and providing the best services to them is one of our Motto. Popular beverages are available in the listing of OnlyDesi, visiting our website helps you to get details on the service provider and the availability of the preferred beverages.


Non-alcoholic beverages come under:
  • Stimulating Beverage- Tea and Coffee come under stimulating beverages, which gives energy instantly.
  • Refreshing Beverage- Juices, mineral water, syrup, etc. come under the refreshing beverages.
  • Nutrition Beverages- Milk and malt drinks come under Nutrition beverages.
Most of the non-alcoholic beers are not completely non-alcoholic as it contains a slight amount of alcohol mixed up. 0.5% of alcohol by volume has been added to the non-alcoholic beer, which is near to negligible amount.
As the wine is termed alcohol-free, most of the grocery stores sell non-alcoholic wine near your location at Kolkata. There are good chances to get non-alcoholic wine at local stores or grocery stores near you.
Yes, it is possible to get alcoholic beverages near your area at Kolkata. Proper information about the wine shop or alcoholic shop, can lead you towards the actual location of the store.
Yes, wholesale liquor can be purchased at a cheaper price than buying one liquor. The bulk of products always comes at a cheaper price than that of purchasing one piece. Also, few wholesalers provide offers in bulk purchases for clearing up their stocks of old products.
Yes, Onlydesi has information on various kinds of beverages available near your area at Kolkata. Browsing our official website will give you information about the dealers who provide different kinds of services on beverages.

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