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For more convenient travel, the majority of the population invests in automobiles. Cars are a good investment, but they are also a liability because the owner is responsible for keeping the vehicle in good working order at all times. Every automobile owner must purchase car insurance when purchasing a vehicle and ensure that the policy is renewed before it expires. Car insurance is required in India, and car insurance agencies in Kolkata assist their clients in selecting the appropriate coverage. These agents frequently collaborate with car dealerships to assist new car owners in selecting an insurance policy.

What are the importance of car insurance in Kolkata ?

Cars are machines, and they, like any other machinery, require maintenance from time to time. Although regular car repair or servicing are frequently reasonable, urgent repair work and replacement of spare components can quickly drain one's bank account. Purchasing car insurance from a car insurance agent in Kolkata reduces the possibility of unexpected repair costs.

The following are some of the benefits of vehicle insurance:

  • Covers damage: If the car is damaged in a car crash, a fire, a flood, or is stolen, the owner may be entitled to payment depending on the coverage provided by the policy obtained.
  • Personal injury protection: Many car insurance policies cover not only the vehicle but also the driver. Personal accident protection is included in the policy in the event of death. Before purchasing any insurance, it is critical to comprehend the policy and thoroughly read the terms and conditions. People can call vehicle insurance agents in Kolkata to properly grasp the terms and conditions.
  • Garage tie-ups: Maintenance costs and services are covered by all car insurance coverage. Various garages and service centres have partnered with many insurance companies.
  • Third party liability: Cars, despite their use, are a liability due to the high cost of maintenance. In the case of an insured car, however, the danger of loss is much reduced because the insurance provider covers any damage or loss to the vehicle during the insured term.
  • No claim bonus: Obtaining a no claim bonus is one of the most significant advantages of purchasing a car insurance policy. Customers are eligible for this benefit if they do not make a claim on their insurance during the year or for the duration of the policy. The no-claim bonus is simply increased cost coverage in the next insurance cycle when the policy is renewed.
  • Supplement your health insurance: Car insurance may be able to assist you in paying for medical bills that your health insurance policy does not generally cover. Dental work and medical treatments that are required as a result of an auto accident can be covered by a decent car insurance policy.
  • Peace of mind: Everyone makes errors. However, another driver's mistake can sometimes become your concern. If you have the correct form of vehicle insurance, you can be assured that you will be protected if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

What are the reasons to buy car insurance?

If you're shopping for auto insurance for the first time, it's understandable that you'd look for advice online to help you make the best option. If you look through any reputable insurance portals, you'll notice that one of the most significant things that experts recommend is to consider the insurer's reputation.

They advise individuals to choose a reputable insurer for their automobile insurance, regardless of whether they want third party insurance or comprehensive coverage. Here are some reasons to buy car insurance:

  • Better coverage: The coverage provided by a car insurer is one of the main reasons for its great appeal among consumers. When purchasing vehicle insurance, you can compare the coverage given by a reputable insurance company to the coverage supplied by a relatively newer insurer to see the differences.
    Your car is one of your most valuable belongings, and you want the finest protection for it. This can be accomplished by purchasing a feature-rich car insurance policy from a reputable provider.
  • Competitive premiums: In India's car insurance business, a current trend is to attract clients by advertising cheap insurance premiums. If you want to get auto insurance online, you'll find lots of new providers boasting the lowest rates.
    Such policies frequently include hidden charges or coverage limitations, making the policy more expensive in the long run. Reputable insurers are known for providing comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage at affordable rates, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Higher claim settlement ratio: The high claim settlement ratio is something that all of India's leading vehicle insurance have in common. It's an estimate based on the number of claim applications the insurance company receives and the number of claims they settle in a given year. The higher an insurer has a claim settlement ratio, it is more likely that the claim will get approval in the future.
    This makes it one of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing car insurance coverage online.
  • Hassle-free claim filing process: In the event of an automobile accident or theft, you must make a claim with your insurance company to be reimbursed for your losses. The claim filing process with top insurance is simple and quick, with minimal documentation required. You may also file claims online or use their mobile app with certain of them.
    If you choose an untrustworthy insurer, you should expect a lengthy and complicated claim filing process. Because there is no sufficient infrastructure in place to accept and analyse claims, you may have to wait a long period for your claim to be approved.
  • An extensive network of authorised garages: There are two sorts of car insurance claims - cashless and reimbursement. You do not have to pay the repair charges upfront with cashless claims. The amount will be paid directly by your insurance company to the repair facility. Reimbursement claims, on the other hand, require you to pay for the repairs first and then seek reimbursement from your insurance.
    Reimbursement claims are more convenient than cashless claims. However, the cashless option is only accessible in the insurer's network garages.

What are the things you need to know before buying car insurance?

Car insurance is costly, and it is necessary for the buyer to do some research before making a purchase. Car insurance agents advise their clients to walk them through several types of plans, explaining the benefits, terms and conditions, and coverage provided by each one. However, there are a few considerations to think about, including:

  • Recognize the need: Just as each car is unique, so are its owners. Furthermore, different cars typically require different types of insurance coverage. A luxury car will necessitate additional coverage for added safety, but a regular car will suffice with a standard car insurance policy with little coverage. When purchasing car insurance, the customer must be aware of their requirements.
  • Car's brand: When getting four-wheeler insurance, it is critical to evaluate the brand of the vehicle. Many insurance firms have agreements with specific brands that provide additional benefits to customers who possess a vehicle from that brand.
  • Covered factors: Different automobile insurance policies provide different levels of coverage. It is critical to comprehend the policy's coverage options.
  • Cashless transaction: Some plans refund claims, while others allow for cashless transactions. Investing in a cashless policy is recommended because it avoids the hassle of paying in an emergency and then getting reimbursed.

How OnlyDesi can help to find the best car insurance near me in Kolkata ?

People spend lakhs on cars, therefore it only seems reasonable that they put forth half as much effort when purchasing vehicle insurance. When people buy a car, they purchase car insurance and have it renewed every year. OnlyDesi can help you find ‘comprehensive car insurance’, ‘best car insurance’, 'auto insurance agents near me', ‘car insurance near me’ and provides information such as their address, phone number, products and services offered, payment methods accepted, and so on.


Car insurance is required in India. It is important for every car owner to have registered vehicle insurance. To learn more about the finest insurance options, contact automobile insurance agents in Kolkata.
The RC book, ownership paperwork, and other associated papers will be requested by vehicle insurance agents in Kolkata.
Yes, any automobile insurance agent in your area can help you renew your policy.
When you buy a policy, the insurance agent will walk you through the coverage and may even offer assistance when it comes time to file a claim. Before purchasing any insurance coverage, be sure you understand the terms and conditions.
Yes, many agents have agreements with auto dealerships and showrooms to offer their policies to new car owners when they buy the car.
The cost of car insurance varies based on the policy's coverage. The majority of policies begin at a low annual cost of Rs.2000.

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