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Chemical Suppliers in Kolkata

Chemicals are necessary for practically all sectors, whether it is a water treatment facility or a soil testing company, and chemical dealers are responsible for making such commercial purpose chemicals available in the market. Chemicals that may be separated into organic and inorganic categories are readily available from any of the city's chemical vendors. Chemical dealers in Kolkata , locate their plants and warehouses in industrial districts, shielding residents from chemical pollution. Chemical dealers make it easy for clients from many sectors to get the supplies they need at reasonable prices. Chemical businesses utilise cutting-edge manufacturing procedures to ensure that their goods are completely safe to use.

What are the different types of chemicals and what are their uses?

Chemical suppliers in Kolkata, primarily serve medical laboratories, beverage production facilities, fertiliser industries, textile factories, paint plants, defence products manufacturing plants, and a variety of other sectors. A few essential compounds that are readily available on the chemical market and where they are employed are listed below:

  • Ammonium Chloride is found in hardware shops, soldering irons, and as a dark chemical in photography.
  • Ammonium Phosphate is a fertiliser that is commonly used in gardens and agricultural regions.
  • Fertilisers, explosives, hair products, plastics, refrigerators, tyre inflators, metal cleaning agents, polishes, shaving cream, acne treatments, lotions, and other products include ammonium hydroxide.
  • Ammonium Bromide is used in a variety of applications, including wood fireproofing, corrosion inhibitors, medicinal preparations, lithography, and process engraving.
  • In the ceramic business, barium carbonate is used as a flux, a matting agent, and a crystallising agent in the earthenware and pottery sectors.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide is used in hair bleaching, dental whitening systems, as a starter and catalyst in polyester thermosets, as an ink and stain remover, acne therapy, and antibiotics.
  • Boric acid is employed in antiseptics, antibacterials, and antibiotics, as well as in pyrotechnics, ph buffers, pesticides, and the preservation of wood, timbers, sheepskins, and calf hides.
  • Calcium chloride is used in a variety of applications, including highway maintenance, chemical manufacture, cement, food, building, drying air and gases, automotive and aluminium, mining, paper making, and petroleum.
  • Calcium Oxide is used in the manufacture of cement, biodiesel, paper, and plaster, as well as in the desulphurization of fuel gas.
  • Cleaning goods, soda and fizzy beverages, chelating agents, steel rust dissolver, cosmetics and medicines, food dyes, stainless steel passivation, and photography all use citric acid.
  • Ether-alcohols, phenolic compounds, perfume and flavour production, and anaesthetic medications are all examples of ether-alcohols.
  • Eugenol is used in perfumes, flavourings, antiseptics, and anaesthetics, as well as in dentistry for restoration and prosthodontic procedures, and as an antioxidant for plastics and rubbers.
  • Ethanol is used in antibacterials, antitussives, antidotes for contamination, psychotropic drugs, rocket fuels, fuel cells, motor fuel, feedstock, home heating, paints and tinctures, and markers.
  • Formic acid is used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed, rubber and leather manufacturing, limescale removal, and toilet bowl cleaning.
  • Watercolour painting, pottery, photography, pyrotechnics, and printing all use gum Arabic as a binder.
  • Iron sulphate is used in the textile industries to produce colours and as a fertiliser in gardens.
  • Lactic acid is used in blood tests, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, food, and surfactants.
  • Linseed Oil is used as a paint binding agent, a wood finish, a gilding medium, a nutritional supplement, and a food additive.
  • Effervescent salt manufacture, cough syrup, chelating acid, soil fertiliser, and the wine business all use tartaric acid.

What are the services that are being offered by the chemical suppliers near me in Kolkata?

There are some services that are being offered by the chemical suppliers near you in Kolkata -

  • Chemical stores guarantee that the finest storage conditions are used and that the correct temperature is maintained so that the chemicals may be fully recovered.
  • They keep the most susceptible and harmful compounds in designated storage facilities.
  • They handle their items with care when sending them from the chemical shop to the client's location.
  • They purchase and handle their items in accordance with defined procedures.

Chemical suppliers near me in Kolkata, have also played an important part in the coronavirus epidemic by making vital chemicals available to the enterprises that create hand sanitisers, hand washes, and other items such as antiseptics and cleansers. They're doing their best to match the current high demand for such substances. Despite the anxiety caused by the COVID-19 virus outbreak, they have taken all necessary precautions to properly supply chemicals to the companies.

How to get the water treatment chemical suppliers near me in Kolkata?

On OnlyDesi, there are many chemical suppliers listed who supply different types of chemicals for different purposes. Some of them also supply water treatment chemicals that are required to purify the water to prevent the diseases caused due to the viruses present in water. OnlyDesi provides you the details of the water treatment chemical suppliers in Kolkata who supply water treatment chemicals at affordable prices.

The quality of their products is the best and they have been in this profession for years and have served the demands of the clients and customers satisfactorily. You can contact them on the contact information that has been provided on our website and can get your products from them. You can also know about their availability, business hours, products and many other things by calling on their numbers. The water treatment chemical suppliers in Kolkata provide the best products for you.

How can OnlyDesi help you in finding the best pest control chemical shops near me in Kolkata?

On OnlyDesi, we feature numerous listings of pest control chemical shops near you in Kolkata. Our listed chemical suppliers have been in the pest control chemical business for years, and have successfully served the demands and requirements of hundreds of clients in the past.

You can search through OnlyDesi if you are searching for the best pest control chemical shops near you in Kolkata, Go through the listing of OnlyDesi, see their address and contact details, their business hours, products they supply, and also other information using our website. Calling on their number will immediately connect you with them. Putting filters on locations, services, etc. while searching through the website of OnlyDesi can upgrade your search results and get you listed references of the best pest control chemical shops near you in Kolkata.

How much does a monthly industrial chemical supply near me cost?

The cost or the fees that are being charged on a monthly basis for the industrial chemical supply depends on the industrial chemical suppliers. To know more about the fees or the costs you can straight away contact them on the contact information that has been provided on the website of OnlyDesi.

On OnlyDesi, the industrial chemical supply & its suppliers have been in this field for years and the cost of the monthly industrial chemical supply is decided by the chemical suppliers.

How OnlyDesi helps you to get the best organic fertiliser manufacturers near me in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi is the number one single online platform that brings all the services that you require for your daily life. There are many manufacturers and chemical suppliers listed on the website who provide you with the best organic fertilisers. At OnlyDesi, there are many best organic fertiliser manufacturers available near you in Kolkata. You can get their information from the website of OnlyDesi and can immediately contact them on their calling numbers to know about their whereabouts and the chemicals they supply.

The organic fertiliser manufacturers near you in Kolkata have years of experience and have satisfied their clients with the best chemicals.


The charge of a water treatment chemical supplier near you varies based on a number of factors, including the amount of chemical you need, the severity of your water problem, your location, and the chemical supplier you select; established organisations will charge somewhat more than new ones. You may contact the firm directly through our website to find out the precise pricing and learn all you need to know.
OnlyDesi's list of the most trusted rubber chemical manufacturers and chemical suppliers can help you choose the finest rubber chemical manufacturers near you. These rubber chemical manufacturers and chemical suppliers have been around for a long time and have a strong impact on their clients. On our website, you may even apply a filter to your choices.
Yes, there are some pest control chemical shops available near Kolkata. You can get the details of the pest control chemical shop near you from the website of OnlyDesi.
Yes, you can know about the prices that are being charged by the chemical suppliers for the pest control chemicals near you in Kolkata but for that, you need to contact the chemical suppliers and ask for the prices that they charge for their products.
To know about the availability of the chemical suppliers available near you in Kolkata who gives a discount on the first order of chemicals taken from them, you have to contact them straight away. You can also ask them about the offers and discounts they give on their products.

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