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A clinic is a smaller medical centre than a hospital where a registered doctor examines outpatients, diagnoses health problems, and writes prescriptions. Whether it's a paediatric clinic or a mental health clinic, the country has a diverse range of clinics. Some clinics require appointments, while others operate as walk-in medical clinics, where patients can stroll in without making an appointment.

Clinics are in convenient locations nearby, making it easy for patients to find them. While most of them charge a fee for their services, there are some free health clinics that provide treatment and consultation without charge. A weight machine, stethoscope, and other basic medical equipment are provided in the clinics. Many private clinics are part of a larger medical organisation, such as a hospital.

How can OnlyDesi help in finding the best clinics near in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi has a number of listings for clinics near you. Our selected service providers have years of experience in the medical field and have successfully met the needs of hundreds of clients till now. You can search different clinics that can provide you with the best checkup and treatment for your health.

If you're seeking various clinics nearby, browse through OnlyDesi. Using OnlyDesi listings, you can see their address and contact information, business hours, services they offer, and much more. You can reach them right away by calling their phone number.

What types of health clinics one can find near in Kolkata?

A clinic is a medical facility where you can get outpatient treatment. There are different types of clinics. Some practices are independent, while others are affiliated with a hospital or university. Here are some list of different types of health clinics:

  • Primary care clinics Clinics that specialise in primary care are one of the most popular clinics. A comprehensive range of routine and preventative healthcare services are provided by primary care clinics. A primary care clinic's doctors are specialists in their field who perform general medicine. Family medicine, internal medicine, and paediatrics are all examples of this.
  • Specialised clinics A specialty clinic concentrates on a certain area of medicine, whereas a primary care clinic provides a wide range of treatments. A specialist clinic's doctors have specialised training in various medical specialties such as cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, ear, nose,and throat, gastroenterology, gynaecology and obstetrics, neurology, etc.
  • Mental health clinics A mental health clinic's healthcare specialists are dedicated to diagnosing and treating a wide range of mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance use disorders, eating disorders, etc.
  • Community health centres A community health centre is a clinic that is run by the community and receives federal money. They're created to help communities that don't have easy access to healthcare.
  • Retail clinics Retail clinics are located inside of retail establishments. Adults and children can get same-day care at retail clinics for minor diseases and healthcare requirements. When you have a small health problem and don't want to wait a few days for an appointment with your primary care provider, these clinics can be helpful.
  • Rural health clinics People with Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance are served by rural health clinics. The rural health clinic program's purpose is to improve access to care in remote and underserved areas.
  • Dialysis clinics A dialysis clinic is a type of clinic that offers dialysis to persons who are suffering from kidney failure. Dialysis is a treatment that removes waste and other potentially dangerous compounds from your bloodstream.
  • Addiction services clinics Outpatient services are provided by these clinics to people who are recovering from a substance use disorder. Group counselling is a major feature of an addiction treatment centre. Counselling sessions are frequently scheduled on a weekly basis.

Why should one visit clinics near in Kolkata?

When deciding where to go for healthcare, deciding between an emergency room and a clinic can be difficult, especially if you are not having an emergency or need surgery. Independent clinics now provide more than merely annual well visits to their patients. As they offer wide range of convenience, here are some important reasons why one should go for clinics:

  • Less expensive- Independent clinics are much less expensive than emergency rooms. If you have ever visited an emergency room for a serious sickness or injury, you know how expensive it can be. Clinics offer services at low cost.
  • Family friendly healthcare- You will feel like you are a part of the healthcare family from the moment you walk through the doors of clinics until the time you leave. Not only the staff in the clinics greet their guests with a smile, but they always strive to give their patients the best when it comes to multi-speciality care.
  • Personalised patient-provider care- Independent clinics create a strong patient-provider relationship, thus making them feel at ease and eager to communicate any concerns they may have with their doctors.
  • Flexible scheduling- For you to see a physician, healthcare clinics offer both appointments and a walk-in clinic, allowing you to arrange appointments for the date and time that you want. The walk-in option is appropriate for someone who needs to visit a physician for an emergency illness or injury but does not want to wait in a hospital for hours or make an appointment.
  • Multiple locations- There are many clinics in cities and towns, so patients are able to discover their nearest doctor without having to go to an emergency department.

What services are provided in clinics?

Here are some list of services that are provided in clinics:

  • Vaccination: For those planning an international trip, this includes everything from the seasonal flu vaccine to regional-specific vaccines. It's possible that you won't even need to make an appointment for a routine flu vaccine. There are vaccines for different diseases also.
  • Physiotherapy: The physiotherapy treatment is also provided to the patients in clinics.Physiotherapy can assist someone who has been affected by an injury, illness, or handicap in regaining movement and function.
  • Dental service: Your primary dental care provider is a general dentist. This dentist in clinic treats, diagnoses, and manages all aspects of your oral health, including gum care, root canals, fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventive education.
  • STD testing: This is one of the most crucial services provided by the clinics, and getting tested for STDs or STIs is simple because these facilities frequently include a testing lab.
  • Eye, ear and nose checkup: The doctors in clinics also check and treat your eyes, ears and nose related problems and prescribe medicines for these.

What services does a dental clinic offer to the patients?

Dental consultations, oral examinations, preventative, promotive, curative, and restorative dentistry are all provided by the dental clinic.

Here are some functions of dentists in clinics are given:

  • Administrative: They carry out the dental service's operations in accordance with the hospital's established administrative processes. They retain and maintain accurate records, as well as submit required reports.
  • Consultative: They function as a consultant on all issues relating to the patient's oral health through traditional routes.

What are the types of tests that eye clinics provide?

There are different types of tests that can be used to identify various eye issues, including:

  • Peripheral vision testing
  • The visual acuity test
  • Pupil dilation test
  • Retinoscopy
  • Glaucoma test
  • Color blind test

What are the most popular cosmetic skin treatments available in the skin clinic?

Fine lines, acne scars, age spots, and other skin issues are some of the most frequent skin issues. There are a range of cosmetic procedures available today that can significantly improve the appearance and feel of the skin. These procedures are less intrusive, take less time to recover from, and are effective. The following are some of the most popular cosmetic skin treatments available at your local skin clinic.

  • Chemical peel
  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Dermabrasion
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser hair removal


Hospitals are institutions of medical and surgical treatment facilities that specialise in various aspects of medicine. Maternity, outpatient, accident and emergency, cardiology, and other departments are among them whereas clinics are places where patients go to visit a doctor for a short period of time.
The most common dental procedures done in dental clinic are:
  • Braces
  • Bridges implants
  • Crowns and caps
  • Filling and repairs
  • Gum surgery
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Root canals
  • Teeth whitening
The fees of homoeopathic doctors vary from doctor to doctor. The fees are not the same at all homoeopathic clinics near you. It depends on which specialist you are going to visit at the homoeopathic clinic.
The doctors provide several treatments like sports physiotherapy, biochemical analysis, physiotherapy exercises, etc in physiotherapy clinics.
While some eye clinics offer this service, others do not. You can ask eye clinics for glasses, but if they do not provide this service, they will send you to the appropriate service provider.

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