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What is a commercial pest control service?

Because of its location or other occupants, a company's building may be more prone to pests. Commercial pest control service providers take these sorts of unpredictable elements into consideration. They can provide long-term remedies, such as preventive traps within and outside the structure.

What are the different types of commercial pest control services methods?

There are different types of commercial pest control services methods available and these are mentioned below-

  • Baiting- Baits could be used in conjunction with traps to help manage insect or rodent counts. Some baits, such as insecticides, diatomaceous earth, or even ordinary pantry items that your bugs eat, are meant to attract pests to a trap that holds them. Other baits are designed to attract pests to a trap while also targeting the origin, these baits lure bugs to consume poisons and then return to colonial possessions to poison and exterminate the overall population.
  • Favourable Insects- It may seem contradictory to allow additional insects into your property if you have an insect problem. However, certain insects that destroy outside foliage and garden plants have natural predators that you may introduce outside to help control the problem. It's as easy as conducting some research on helpful insects, getting some from a garden directory or other services, then releasing them outside to gradually solve the problem.
  • Traps- Traps could be an option if your problem is rodents or rats rather than insects. These might be in the shape of box traps or mouse traps for rodents. This method of pest management traps and keeps bugs until they can be safely removed.
  • Chemicals- Pest control firms and house owners employ insecticides and pesticides to remove and keep pest populations at bay. They're available in hardware stores and other such outlets, and they should be used according to the manufacturer's directions.
  • Prevention- Every business pest management strategy should include keeping pests outside before they may create issues. Not only will preventative keep pests away, but it may also deter them from returning if they do get in and are properly managed. There are three areas to consider when it comes to keeping pests away, and a commercial pest control service can assist you to learn more about them:
    • Food & Water- Because all need food and water to exist, eliminating these items will also aid in the elimination of pests. Pests are just not as discriminating as people, so keeping your building hygienic and food containers shut is all it takes to keep them out. Plumbing, fountains, bathrooms, leaky or broken drains, and condensation from an air conditioning system should all be checked when it comes to water.
    • Entry paths- Nothing can come in if you close all the doors. Pests can enter through entrances, windows, ducts, cracks, and gaps in the floor and walls, thus they should be properly covered. Consider pests that may enter your home through the plumbing system or as supplies are delivered.
    • Shelter- To control the problem, make your structure an undesirable area for bugs to settle down and breed. Pests like small, dark spaces to construct their nests and raise their young, so closing gaps and crevices will hold them out. Keeping your facility clean will also help to limit the amount of possible nesting material.

What is the difference between commercial pest control services and residential pest control services?

The difference between commercial pest control services and residential pest control services are-

  • Commercial pest control services- Because commercial areas, such as office spaces, are larger, the commercial pest control process takes a long time and cost more. Pest management in high-risk industries such as food enterprises is also a necessity since there are far more serious ramifications for firms because their brand may be destroyed with just one blunder. For popular venues with greater infestation percentages, such as restaurants and bars, these facilities would need to be examined biweekly. Childcare centres are another example, as there are youngsters who are particularly vulnerable. Other venues, such as resorts with many locations, have a more time-consuming approach since the pest control team must check each area individually and make an evaluation, or the same solution or technique may be used for all of the locations. Because most organisations have an engineering and maintenance staff, pest control professionals would need to contact them to monitor their expectations and ensure a seamless workflow.
  • Residential pest control services- Because homes are much shorter than commercial areas, domestic pest control treatments will usually be completed much faster. The sorts of bugs you'll find in a home differ from those found in business areas. When most householders discover cockroaches, rats, or other pests, they will contact a pest control business, especially if the infestation is persistent. When it comes to this sort of service, the specialists typically have a good notion of what they'll be dealing with before they get to the site. Because residential areas are often busier, there will be adaptability to meet the customer in their spare time, which might be before or after business hours in the evening. Clients who are concerned about having pest control experts enter their houses while they are abroad might benefit from this service.

How OnlyDesi helps you to get the best cockroach commercial pest control near me in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi is the number one online platform that brings all the services, you need for your daily life. There are numerous sellers and service providers listed on the website who provide you with all kinds of services for easy access. At OnlyDesi, there are many best cockroach commercial pest control available near you in Kolkata. You can get their details from the website of OnlyDesi and can directly contact them on their calling details to know about their whereabouts and services.

The cockroach commercial pest control service providers near you in Kolkata have years of experience and have satisfied their customers.

How much does a monthly commercial pest control service cost?

The cost or the charges that are being charged on monthly basis for the commercial pest control service depends on the commercial pest control service providers. To know about the charges or the costs you can directly contact them on the contact details that have been provided on the website of OnlyDesi.

At OnlyDesi, the commercial pest control service & its providers have been in this field for years and the monthly commercial pest control service costs are decided by the service providers.

How can OnlyDesi help you in finding the best mosquito control services in Kolkata?

On OnlyDesi, we feature several listings of pest control services near Kolkata. Our listed service providers have been in the pest control business for years, and have successfully catered to the demands and requirements of hundreds of customers in the past. You can search through OnlyDesi if you are looking for the best mosquito control service in Kolkata, Go through the listing of OnlyDesi, view their address and contact details, their business hours, services they provide, and also other information using the website. A call on their number will directly connect you with them. Applying filters on location, services, etc. while browsing through the website of OnlyDesi can enhance your search results and fetch you listed recommendations of the best mosquito control services in Kolkata.


The cost of commercial pest control services varies based on a number of factors, including the severity of your pest infestation, your location, and the firm you select; established organisations will charge somewhat more than new ones. You may contact the firm directly through our website to find out the precise pricing and learn all you need to know.
OnlyDesi's list of the most reliable commercial pest control service companies can help you choose the finest pest control service near you. These commercial pest control service firms have been around for a long time and have a strong reputation among their clients. On our website, you may even filter out your choices.
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Yes, you can know about the charges that are being charged by the cockroach pest control near you in Kolkata but for that, you need to contact the service providers and ask for the charges that they charge for their services.
To know about the availability of commercial pest control service provider avail in Kolkata who gives discount on the first service taken from them, you have to contact them directly. You can also ask them about other offers and discounts on their services.

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