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The computer or PC is a kind of machine which has the ability to store and provide information. The computer relies on binary systems and completes the task of storing information, calculating and displaying. It was first designed by Charles Babbage in 1820 and is known as the 'father of Modern Computer'.

Nowadays, computers are used in every part of our daily lives, for example, online classes, software development, creating projects, creating graphics designs, etc. So, it is very important to get the best services to keep our PC up to date.

How to Consider Proper PC service centres near me in Kolkata?

PC or personal computers became an important thing in the digital world. PCs are handled by various age groups from children to elders, and they become accessible and affordable.

But it is very important to take care of these accessed devices, but sometimes due to some technical errors or some physical damage happens which leads to getting touch with the service centres.

Considering a proper PC service centre is one of the toughest jobs where sometimes services cheat us and return the faulty device to us. So after checking up with proper information, one should appraise the services from the preferred mobile repair centre.

  • Amount asked for repairs: This is the main place where every PC owner gets trapped. Lack of information on the price of the part which is damaged leads to falling into the trap of the service provider. So, there are many online search engines available where some ideas can be collected about the cost of repairing the damaged PC.
  • Time Taken: Time and patience are always rivalries, as it works for most percent of people. Repairing the devices can be time-taken but not more than a day.
  • Online reservations: Some PC repair centres became more demandable day by day, so for their services online reservations are available which helps to reduce the waiting time and delivers the best management.

How much is the price of repairing a Motherboard?

The price for repairing a Motherboard varies from one service provider to another. So, it is not possible to decide the exact amount for repairing the motherboard. Proper communication with the preferred service provider or repairer can lead to choosing the perfect people who can repair the motherboard at an affordable price.

Do the OnlyDesi increase RAM for a Gaming PC near me in Kolkata?

Yes, OnlyDesi always helps our customers to provide good services, so there is the availability of many computer service providers who will help to increase RAM for a Gaming PC near your area in Kolkata.

So, the proper communication and gathering information from the service provider will always lead to a proper situation where it can be easy to decide where to go or to cancel dealing with them.

Most games prefer 16GB of RAM for high-performance, fast, gameplay. This much RAM will help you to change the games that you play if this huge amount of RAM is available in your computer which will avoid lag and stuttering issues. Generally, 8GB RAM is enough as a starting point.

Which Computer headset with a mic is best for a PC?

Working from Home is the term that became the only way of earning during the pandemic period. So, for the continuation of work in computer or PC, desktops or laptops, one must need a proper headset with a mic. While communicating with office colleagues or managers or for proper meetings for interviews or with many people, one should need a headset with a mic. Video conferences have been increasing day to day life, so a good pair of the headset is required. Few models come as wired headsets and few are wireless headsets.

A few things one need to consider before choosing the best computer headset with a mic are:

  • Quality of the audio.
  • Noise cancellation
  • Bluetooth connectivity (for wireless)
  • Battery life (for wireless)
  • microphones.

While choosing a good headset, people blindly believe in branded headsets but one should choose the proper headset by checking up with the properties each headset has.

How to examine the best laptop at an affordable price?

The laptop can be defined as a portable device, which has all the features of a PC, and it was first designed by John Ellenby & his company in 1982. For thirty years, these gadgets have continually developed, the standard plan as laid out with the plan of the Compass stays as the benchmark.

Laptop price depends upon various reasons like availability, design, colour needs, etc. Before deciding on the Laptop price, first, I need to decide on the operating system.

  • There are 3 kinds of the operating system available in the market are,
    • Windows: Windows comes with features like, the latest version is Windows 10, it is very easy to use and intuitive GUI. Windows is mainly useful and comparable to work in an office and also it is easy to manage by students for their project work and studies. Mostly, windows are available more than other operating systems.
    • MacOS: Mac Operating System comes with its latest version macOS 10.15 'Catalina', it is simplified for Users, it is comparable in multitasking, the main feature of macOS, it has high-security features.
    • Linus: Linus is known as the open-source operating system. A malicious user can have high security, it is most preferable to the coders because it supports a wide range of programming languages. For software purposes, one can rely on the operating system because it never crashes down.
  • Important things required to know while selecting the outlook laptop are screen size, display, RAM and ROM size and Battery life.
  • Choosing the best processor is another important thing one needs to know, are
    • Dual-Core: Two processors combined in a single pack, multitasker, fast performer and consumes less electricity.
    • Quad-core: Two dual-processors combined in a single package, doubles the energy than that of dual-core, and consumes more electricity.

So, considering these features while purchasing or laptop price affordability depends on it.

How to consider the best computer dealers near me in Kolkata?

When it comes to gathering information upon considering the best computer dealers near me in Kolkata, one should have some details on:

  • Reviews and Referrals: Proper Reviews and backtrack records always work on good terms to receive proper services. Only through referrals and responses which were given by previous clients talks about the services the dealers provide. So, the reviews and referrals from family, friends and neighbours may give the exact scenarios about the computer dealers.
  • Social Media Strategy: Social Media Strategy plays a vast role in marketing or advertising made by computer dealers. Social Media and search engines both work simultaneously in delivering information to a huge number of people in less time, so it becomes very easy for a certain person to gather reviews about the dealers.
  • Communication: Sometimes people post negative reviews on the dealers' page through which consumers get the wrong impression of them. But consumers need to talk with the computer dealer before deciding.
  • Discounts: Most of the computer dealers provide discounts on laptop prices or PC prices. So, after describing the need for the features input in the laptop, one can always ask for the discount price the dealer will provide.


Yes, computer dealers always provide discounts on the bulk purchase of computers. Features details for computers and good communication preferred to get more discounts on the products.
No, the full version of antivirus software comes with charges. Computer software dealers always provide good and long life anti-virus software at affordable prices. Few dealers provide free antivirus software while purchasing laptops or PCs or desktops, but the free antivirus comes in a trial version, which works for a few days only.
OnlyDesi has information on the computer dealers, who will provide the services on up-gradation of software in your laptop. Visiting our website will help you to get information about the dealers and they will be happy to help you in solving your issue.
The offer or sale sections while purchasing laptops come under the variable situation. Some dealers provide sales or discounts on new laptops and few sell old and used laptops at cheap prices. So, it is required to select the option before confirming the price of a laptop or PC.
Proper up-gradation on Laptop and PC is always required for the fast and hasslefree running of operating systems. Maintaining properly may give a good and long-lasting system.
OnlyDesi always values the customers and providing the best services to them is one of our Motto. Best computer monitors are available in the listing of OnlyDesi, visiting our website helps you to get details on the computer dealers and the availability of the preferred monitors.

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