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What is Content Writing?

Content Writing is a key to the growth and progress of an organization by planning, writing, and editing web content with your thoughts, skills, and innovative ideas. It helps you to build up your business to a high extent. It writes blog posts, articles, scripts for videos and it also writes for specific platforms.

Content Writing is also important for different types of content formats which include -

  • Video scripts
  • Email newsletter
  • Social media posts
  • Web page copy

Where to get the best Content Writing Service for a successful business?

OnlyDesi can fulfill your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur by rendering the best content writing services which ensure the perfect and attractive content for your business analysis. Any enthusiastic businessman who wants to attract potential customers through an accessible online platform can easily reach out at OnlyDesi without any doubt. Sometimes when words are just not your thing you need the service of an experienced and creative content writer.

The place where we can find the best content writing service:

Freelancing content writers: We provide freelance content writers who are experts in every area. They specialize in writing for every industry in different languages and for various purposes.

Freelance writing services are affordable and it gives you quality content to a company around the world. Writers can enjoy working independently where and when it suits them while employers can receive the awards of having a skilled writer easily when required.

Why Consider OnlyDesi for Content Writing Services?

There are many reasons for this-

  • Boosts your website’s chances of getting a higher rank on Google- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is described as the method of improving the appearance of your website to attract the customers who search for the information on the website. SEO writing is a process of planning and organizing the content to make your content more visible and keep it in a high-ranking position in the search engine. SEO content renders information in sufficient amounts that not only make your content attractive but also excite the readers to look at the other content of your website.
  • Increase the value in sales- The benefit of taking content writing service is that a businessman can convince customers by displaying their product in suitable light. Better content would help the customer in the decision-making process whether he or she should choose the product or not. Whether it’s an e-commerce business or a service-based one, a businessman can sell his or her product with the help of well-written content by providing it in the best possible light.
  • Become sound for the company’s brand- The website, a businessman brings into existence, will reflect the company and help the customer to read more about a businessman and what they represent in their company. The content published by the company will help them to create their brand image in the mindset of customers.
  • Increases the conversion rate- The best content writing ensures an increase in conversion rate. Many consumers from all over India visit the web page created by businessmen to fill up a survey or any kind of official form and also download case-study.In this case, well-written content that is working for the viewer will assist you to ensure that the person completes the survey or form. This fulfillment of a particular goal by a viewer visiting a company's website is called conversion rate.
  • Approach to new viewers- Pleasing and well-written content will always grow and prosper, especially when a company follows SEO-friendly content writing tips. A business needs to be socially presentable to a greater mass of people these days.
  • Presenting the site illuminating- A professional content writing service will make sure that the company’s website contains beneficial and factual content. Fascinating and descriptive content attracts the viewers to visit your web page and thus increases the traffic of the site. Content writing service keeps the content updated to ensure that customers visit the site again and again.
  • Industry specialist- One of the important advantages of content writing service is that a company gets written articles from those who have adequate industry experience. OnlyDesi consists of professional content writers who can identify the company's target audience as we have experienced writers in this field. Our content writers have the knowledge to research for the best topic to generate maximum traffic and ensure to get good results.

Who writes content for websites?

A website content writer is a person who is an expert in providing appropriate content for websites. Every website has a certain target audience and requires the most appealing content to make the business attractive. Content contains keywords that aim to improve a website's SEO. A website content writer is a person who has an idea about the SEO process is known as Content Writer. Informative sites inform the readers with sophisticated information that is easy to read and understand.

Why hire a professional content writer from OnlyDesi?

  • OnlyDesi has a listing of professional content writers who provide the best quality content to the various companies and save the time of these companies. Obtaining content writing will help businessmen to free up their time and also the time of other staff who are working in their company. This will help the businessmen to focus on their ongoing projects and customers’ needs.
  • Professional content writers help to improve the distribution. They know how to write copy by putting materials that people are not only willing to read but after that, they would share if they find the inside materials informative and this will increase the readership of the website making it well known.
  • Professional content writers help you to fetch better results. Writings in contents should serve a definite purpose. Company Content should be likely to generate leads or close sales or inculcate trust and build reverence. Content writers know to format a company's writing, they know how to make an argument, or how to use convincing language. These are the main tools used in the writings by professional content writers and they ensure that the company’s business writing accomplishes something.
  • Good writing ensures good SEO. The best writer will have the SEO knowledge which takes to draw the right kind of attention from your target audience as well as from search bots.
  • A Professional Writer can direct a range of content needs. By hiring a professional writer a company can ensure its assignment like developing new sales copy, composing tweets, and beyond. As the writer starts to get to know about the company, they will be able to provide a range of marketing assets for use in the company’s business.
  • Good writers know how to hook up. A company should hire a professional content writer so that they can identify what makes your company special and frame it in a way that connects with potential customers, not just explaining what companies do but what difference businessmen can make in their lives.
  • Imperfect writing will demolish a company's reputation. Everyone doesn’t have writing skills. Unsystematic and grammatically wrong sentences could have counterproductive effects in a successful business. So businessmen should hire professional writers who ensure that bad writing never deteriorates a company’s reputation.


Content writer service helps a company create informative content, such as web content, press releases, white papers, description of products and services, and many more. Content writing services have become more demanding due to a large number of online users and required to produce content to assist brands in approaching and catching up with users.
  • Tourism Industry
  • Health Care Industry
  • Education Institute
  • Nursing homes and Hospital
  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Consultant service company

There are several types of content writing services you can get depending on your necessity. They are-

  • Technical writer- Technical writers should ensure that the information is presented in a way that is easy to acknowledge and less complex.
  • SEO article writer- The SEO writer has intense knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and content advertising.
  • Instructional Design- They are experts in creating study materials and graphics for the company.
  • Press release- Press release produces an official statement that helps in making an announcement directly for the public release. The process of creating an instructional design takes time and effort.

The main variation between SEO content writers and normal content writers is that: SEO content writers create content for better search engine ranking, concentrate on the rate of conversion, and focus on the quality and significance of content.

A normal content writer writes well-written appealing and informative content, supplies original content, makes sure that there is no error in the content, must look professional, and he or she can be a helpful copywriter.

Google and other search engines are constantly searching for new and fresh content. When you display your content regularly on the website, you cover every possible topic. You also involve all the search words that your prospective customers can use to find your websites. More fresh content also attracts the consumers.

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