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As a woman, you must have an idea of the importance of earrings and how earring design matters with changing places and occasions. For each occasion, you need a different earring and the one that suits that occasion. A considerately chosen earring will speak for yourself and will make you feel fully appreciated. All you need to do is to get an idea of what are the types of earrings that you can wear as well as the shapes and sizes of the earring.

What are the Types of Earring Available near you in Kolkata?

Different earrings come in different shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it depends on the popularity. Following are the most popular types of earrings:

Studs:This one is the most popular as it is highly versatile as well as suitable for different face-shape. It primarily consists of a fixed ornament/gemstone. Furthermore, a stud is small in size and easily pairs with anything you wear. You can easily find silver earring studs near you in Kolkata.

Hoops: It is circular and pierces the ear to a complete full circle. Hoops consist of earrings of gold design as well as silver and can be decorated with diamonds and other gemstones. They come in different size ranges to suit different styles.

Drop: Drop earrings mainly consist of gemstones and metals, as well as beads and pearls that drop down from the post. They come in a variety of lengths and designs. You can have drop earrings of gold with prices mentioned on the Only Desi website.

Jhumka: It is a type of drop earring that consists of a decorative loop that hangs from the end of the post. It can be of various shapes like a loop, pot, etc. These are mainly used for festive occasions like weddings, parties, etc. You can find top-rated and beautiful silver earring jhumka by visiting Only Desi.

Chandelier:These earrings are also a type of drop earring that basically consist of ornamental tiers. They make a strong and bold statement while adding dramatic elegance to the outfit that you are wearing. You can easily find chandeliers of silver earring design now at your doorstep.

Where to find the best places that sell earrings in Kolkata?

There is not a single girl or lady who does not love wearing earrings. It is a fantasy of every woman to wear earrings. Earrings can be made of different kinds of metals. Among all the different kinds of metals, gold earrings are sold in a huge number. So it is quite obvious for any Indian occasion like wedding or anniversary people prefer the traditional jewellery which is gold jewellery. Despite the fact that only gold jewellery is most auspicious, many people also consider diamond earrings. Diamonds are also very famous among the women. A pair of diamond earrings will complement any look. There are various shops listed on OnlyDesi that sell gold earrings as well as diamond earrings. Anyone from anywhere of India can browse on OnlyDesi to get a vast listing of earring shops based on their location. It will always be best to do a thorough research before buying any gold earring or diamond earring form a shop to know the pricing details.

What Type of Silver Earring Design is Available near you in Kolkata?

You can find all kinds of silver earrings with price with just a few clicks. By finding the best earring that suits you, you can find the seller in Kolkata and get their contact information and visit their shop or if the seller provides doorstep delivery, you can opt for it.

Which Silver Earring is the Best among Women?

The most common silver earring that has been observed among women is the stud since it is versatile and is suitable for all kinds of face shapes and is also not very heavy for the ears. Moreover, a stud earring for women is smaller in size as compared to other kinds of earrings and they easily pair with all kinds of dresses, no matter the occasion.

How to find the Original Silver Earrings in Kolkata?

To know more about the originality of the earrings you buy, be it silver or gold or any other gemstone, you can be fully assured about the validity of the sellers that are listed on the website. If you have further doubts about the seller you can contact them or visit them in their shop. All the contact details of the seller/business near you in Kolkata are provided in the website listing.

How Only Desi will help you in Getting Silver Earring Price in Kolkata?

All you have to do is to visit the Only Desi website and search for the type of earring you need, for example, a silver earring. You shall be provided with a variety of options and all the types of earrings with the details of the shop in Kolkata and the seller that had listed their business on the Only Desi website. Then you can contact the seller and visit their shop or ask the seller to deliver the product at your doorstep if they have delivery options.

What are the latest gold earring design for female available in Kolkata?

There are numerous designs for gold earrings. The modern jewellers are very expert at their own work. They create every design with very much love and concentration. In India, the love for gold earrings are unconditional. The following gold earring designs are available in the shops in Kolkata:

  • Gold Studs Earrings
  • Gold Huggies Earrings
  • Gold Hoop Earrings
  • Gold Dangle Earrings
  • Filigree earrings/Chandbalis
  • Gold Jhumka Earrings
  • Boho Design Earrings


Yes, it is available near you. All you need to do is visit Only Desi and search for the type of earring you want to buy. You will get details of the nearest shops that offer the product.
If the local jewellery shop near you is listed on the Only Desi website, you will get full information about the shop. All you have to do is contact them and ask for everything that you need to know.
You can visit the Only Desi website to get information about all the top jewellery brands and their location details near you. If the brand is listed on the website, you will definitely get their location and contact details.
All the top jewellery shops that sell earrings and other jewellery for men are listed on Only Desi. Everything you need to do is to search for the product and all the details about the nearest shops shall be provided to you in no time.
All the tops earring jewellery sellers near you are listed on the website. Call them or visit them by getting their contact information. Ask them questions, freely.
You may like to wear only a single helix earring, and for that you can buy any normal earring. It is not necessary to buy any specific helix earring. Any kind of normal earring will look good as helix earring.
No, all long earrings are not that heavy. You can find various light weighted long earrings. So you need not to worry about tearing up your ear lobe while wearing a long earring!

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