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Fast food is a mass-produced product designed to be cooked and served quickly. city-life and their lifestyle changed and have created huge markets for the fast food industry in India and some parts of the world. Rapid availability and deliciousness are some of the main characteristics of fast food that direct people to foods such as pub babies, misal pubs, samosas, kachori, dosa, idli, wada, sandwiches and poha. Kolkata fast food is one of the most popular types of foods loved by people of all ages. Many traditional Indian dishes have evolved with the fast food industry and adapted to changing dynamics. Easy-to-customise fast food is designed to suit customers' desire to deliver spicy and spicy foods quickly. An evolving lifestyle, a growing tendency towards a nuclear family, and a desire to break away from everyday life are collectively responsible for the rise of the fast food business in the Indian market. Especially popular with children and young people, fast food is also influencing the party menu, which consists of several fast food dishes served at the live counter at the party venue.

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Popularity of fast food:

Most professionals, students, and business people are always running, performing multitasking and trying to optimise the time and resources available. Many who do not have time to cook at home prefer to eat out at Kolkata, a fast food restaurant or cafe to balance work hours with commuting to offices and colleges. These restaurants offer a variety of dishes quickly and reasonably priced. Some of the most common reasons for the popularity of fast food are:

Fast service:

Fast food is generally semi-cooked, which makes it quicker to prepare and serve to customers. Most fast food restaurants offer prompt service in terms of serving ordered food. Fast food wait times are relatively short at drive-through facilities where customers can order without getting out of the car and receive ordered items one after another in a short amount of time.


One of the main reasons for the popularity of fast food is its affordability to fill meals.Kolkatas wide range of fast food is served within minutes of ordering at a chain restaurant or restaurant. If you're planning a lunch or dinner with family, friends, or colleagues at a fast food restaurant, you can order a variety of fast food dishes at an affordable price under one roof.

Wide variety of options:

Customers are selected from a wide range of fast food dishes to satisfy their cravings. Fast food is a great place to sample the delicacies of different cultures under one roof. This set of options helps people get out of a monotonous diet and experience different flavours.


Fast food restaurants and takeaways selling fast food are easy to find anywhere. Fast food can be a light but full snack, or even a meal that can be purchased at a reasonable price. A variety of light meals such as sandwiches, samosas and vada pubs are available at fast food restaurants, allowing people to try different dishes to satisfy their taste buds.

Where to find fast food sellers for events where it is a popular choice of food?


Food is one of the most important parts of a wedding and is a feature related to wedding ceremonies. The popularity of fast food has made it a staple of luxury menus, as people of all ages like it. Most wedding couples make sure that the lunch or dinner offered includes fast food items.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are organised to celebrate a person's birth anniversary. Birthday parties, especially for children, cannot be completed without the variety of fast foods preferred by all children of all ages, including samosas, pasta, pizzas and burgers.

Anniversary parties

Wedding anniversary celebrations are special because they are celebrated to show the relationship between the newlyweds and their lasting bond and love for each other. Fast food, one of the most popular foods, is part of the menu set by couples who want to celebrate their wedding anniversary.


Gatherings and reunion parties are often organised to bring back friends, relatives, and close family members, cherish memories, and spend the day together. Choosing a menu that pleases everyone at a party can be a tedious task that can be made easier by adding your favourite fast food items that are popular around the world to the menu. Fast food is a great snack choice for such events. It is usually full and serves a variety of dishes.

Kitty parties

Kitty parties are often social venues hosted by women. These parties include games, food and music and are a way to relieve the stress of women attending the party. Fast food is a widely preferred dietary choice for most people at parties because of its variety of dishes and tastes preferred by most consumers.

  • Popular fast food varieties:
    • Samosa
    • Manchurian
    • Chole Bhature
    • Pakora Bhaji
    • Pakora
    • Sandwich
    • Wada Pizza
    • Pani
    • Bhelpuri
    • Pani Puri/Fuchka
    • Sev Puri
    • Vada Pav
    • Chow Mein
    • Eggroll

Some fast food retail chains and restaurants offer fast food discounts and programs such as pizza, burgers, dumplings, and various other types of food offered at retail stores to attract customers. .. Those looking for a good fast food restaurant will search for "fast food near me". Search OnlyDesi to quickly explore the best fast food restaurants and restaurants in your area and find an extensive list of fast food restaurants close to your area. Here you can find popular fast food at restaurants, opening hours, contacts, addresses, restaurant popularity, meal prices, home delivery services and more. Use of filters by proximity, location, popularity, rating, etc. It can help you refine your search and guide you in choosing the best fast food restaurants.


Yes, you can customise your preferences and requirements to the restaurant and get your food, we would love to recommend you to have a talk with the restaurants directly.
Yes, you can. To ensure quick and safe services, most fast food outlets accept takeaway orders, we would love to recommend you to have a talk with the restaurants directly.
Contactless delivery option is offered by almost all fast food restaurants to ensure a safe and secure food delivery experience, we would love to recommend you to have a talk with the restaurants directly for further queries.
Pizza, pasta, pav bhaji, dosa, French fries, sandwiches etc. are some of the popular items of fast food in Kolkata that most fast food joints serve.
Yes, in order to promote digital transactions and ensure contactless experience during the pandemic, most fast food restaurants have started accepting payment through e-wallets.
Dine-in facility is available at several fast food outlets, however there are many fast food joints that accept only home delivery and takeaway orders. It is best to confirm about the same with the concerned fast food outlet nearby.
The cost of fast food varies as per the dish; however, the approximate starting price is Rs. 35.

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