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Geysers are electronic devices that heat water for use in bathing and other applications. It's an efficient way to heat water, especially in the winter when warm water is required for bathing. Purchasing geysers, or water heaters as they are known abroad, is a time-consuming process that becomes even more difficult if you don't have a basic understanding of these machines. In India, there have been some excellent geysers produced by reputable companies. All of these factors have altered how geyser water heaters are utilised.

What are the different types of geyser available in the geyser shop near me in Kolkata ?

The first step in purchasing a geyser for yourself is to learn about the many varieties of geysers and then select which one is most suited to your needs. Winters are better with geysers because you can obtain warm water anytime you need it. So buying a geyser is a huge issue, and because it is a big, heavy electrical equipment that gets a lot of use, it's critical to pick the correct one for your home. Geysers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. There are many different sorts of geysers, each with its own purpose. There are two elements that can help you distinguish between different types of geysers. You can go through the following list to know more.

  • On the basis of heating water: A geyser's main function is to heat water. When a geyser heats water, it uses a variety of mechanisms. Geysers are classified into distinct varieties based on how the water is heated. Electric geysers, gas geysers, and solar geysers are the three types. Electric geysers utilise electricity to heat the water, whereas Gas geysers use gas to heat the water, and Solar geysers use solar energy to heat the water.
    • Electric geysers: Electric geysers are geysers that need to be connected to the power grid to work. They are some of the most often used geyser water heaters that run on electricity and are available in many geyser stores near me. They heat the water at a higher temperature than other geysers. They are more productive than the others. Electric geysers are considerably safer and more convenient to use and operate when it comes to safety. It also offers automatic power-saving functions. Electric geysers are the most common type of geyser in the country and are widely regarded as the best sort of geyser. You can easily search for an electric geyser shop near me on OnlyDesi to get a defined shop list.
    • Gas geysers: LPG is required for the operation of gas geysers. They heat water with the help of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). They are less efficient than electric geysers, but they get the job done quickly, as they heat the water faster. They were formerly highly popular, but electric geysers have taken their place. This type of geyser carries a substantial risk because it runs on gas. This is one of the primary reasons why many houses have switched to electric geysers. Despite this, many individuals still use them and they remain popular. OnlyDesi can help you find the best gas geyser shop near me.
    • Solar geyser: Solar geysers are geysers that heat their water using sunlight. The method is very simple- solar panels capture sunlight and convert it to electricity. After that, the electricity is used to heat the water. It requires some work to install because the solar panels must be put in a location where they will receive adequate sunshine throughout the day. It heats water swiftly but has an issue with overheating. It's also difficult to heat water on days with little sunlight, such as rainy or monsoon days, or during the winter season. Solar Geysers are advantageous for those who live independently and do not wish to incur additional electricity bills. It is enormous in size and can hold a large volume of water. You can easily buy a solar geyser from a water geyser shop near me that is listed on OnlyDesi.
  • On the basis of storage unit: In a geyser, the Storage Unit is the portion that retains the water. Many geysers come with different-sized storage containers, while others don't have any at all. Geysers can also be classified according to whether or not they contain storage units. There are two types of geysers in this area. The first is a tank geyser, which stores water in a metallic tank. A tankless or instantaneous geyser is the alternative option. It does not have a tank, but it does provide warm water that is ready to drink right away.
    • Tank or storage geyser: Tank geysers, also known as Storage Geysers, are geysers that are attached to a metallic tank. This tank stores water from the geyser, which is then heated and made available for usage. Due to their ability to store water, tank geysers have a higher capacity. They're a lot bigger and heavier than tankless or instantaneous geysers. They also take up a lot of room and need to be installed properly. There are three varieties of tank geysers. Electric geysers, gas geysers, and solar geysers are all available. Tank geysers are prevalent in houses, especially those with big families, due to their storage capacity and capabilities.
    • Instantaneous geyser: Geysers that are instantaneous or instant are ones that do not keep water over long periods of time. They quickly heat water and can offer warm water in minutes. They are tiny and small in size. They can be used for bathing, laundry, dishwashing, and a variety of other tasks. They're typically employed in modest families that just need a minimal amount of water to meet their daily needs. The typical capacity of these geysers is roughly 3 litres.

What are the factors that need to be considered before buying a geyser from a geyser shop near me in Kolkata ?

There are some other things you need to know about geysers before you can go out and buy one for yourself. With all of the information at your disposal, you should create a checklist to evaluate which geyser is best for your needs and requirements. To assist you, here is a shortlist of points to consider before purchasing a geyser for your home.

  • Type of geyser: If you live alone or in a small household with only two people, tankless or instantaneous geysers are the way to go. These use very little energy and give warm water very rapidly. If you have a household of two to three people, you can choose between an instantaneous geyser and a storage geyser, both of which are cost-effective and efficient. Solar geysers are a fantastic alternative for self-contained houses, especially those located in places with abundant sunlight. Solar geysers allow you to save money on power while also heating more water than traditional geysers. A common solar geyser has the capacity to heat up to 100 litres of water each day.
  • Energy-efficient: It's simple to calculate a geyser's energy efficiency. Every device, particularly electric appliances, has an energy rating. These ratings assist in determining which electrical appliances spend the least amount of energy, resulting in a cheaper monthly payment. If you're looking for energy-efficient geysers, the Bee Star Rating for electric geysers is a good place to start. A grade of 4 or above indicates a good device that consumes less energy and keeps your monthly electricity expenses low.
  • Durability: The durability of a geyser is determined by the material used in its construction. The storage tanks of most geysers are made of metal. As a result of regular contact with moisture and water, this usually suggests that they corrode quickly and may rust. To reduce this, geysers are now made of stainless steel alloys and are coated with polymers, vitreous enamel glass, or titanium. This aids in the preservation of the geyser. If you're looking for a geyser, make sure it's made of better materials.
  • Warranty: This is one of the most significant characteristics of a geyser. The length of a geyser's warranty varies depending on the manufacturer or brand. There are also varied warranty durations for different geyser models. It is critical to check the warranty period of a geyser water heater before making a purchase.

How OnlyDesi can help in finding the best geyser shop near me in Kolkata ?

OnlyDesi is a platform that allows all users to find a variety of geyser shop near me in one place, ranging from various types of geysers depending on their size and heating capacity.

OnlyDesi is a trustworthy website that lists a large number of verified geyser stores near me. OnlyDesi has a wide range of geyser shops to choose from based on your location. You can search like ‘geyser shop,’ ‘geyser shop near me,’ ‘electric geyser shop near me,’ ‘geyser store near me,’ ‘gas geyser shop near me,’ to narrow your query. If you are thinking of buying a water geyser from a nearby shop, you should better go to the OnlyDesi website or get the OnlyDesi app, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Apply numerous parameters, such as pricing, ratings, and location, to locate the geyser store near me in Kolkata that meets your standards and meets all of your needs.


Tankless geysers, heat pump geysers, solar-powered geysers, and other types of geysers are available from geyser dealers in Kolkata.
Most household geysers use about 2,000 watts of power every five hours.
Within 2 to 3 days of your purchase, geyser dealers usually appoint a professional to install the geyser. Please check ahead of time to see if there will be any installation fees.
Each manufacturer's guarantee on geysers is different. The majority of geysers come with a manufacturer's guarantee that covers any manufacturing flaws. Please read the terms and conditions before making a purchase.
A geyser should cost you at least Rs. 7,000 and over, on average.

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