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Various computer hardware training schools teach the study of all physical components of a computer. Some of the physical pieces that make up computer hardware include the monitor, keyboard, computer data storage, CPU, memory, motherboard, graphics card, network card, modem, USB flash drive, and hard drive. A functional computer is made up of both hardware and software. These facilities offer a variety of computer hardware and networking courses with various specialisations, and students can choose a course based on their interests. Varying computer hardware courses have different durations, and candidates can register in a course that matches their needs. The institutions respond to a wide range of applicants' needs by offering full-time, short-term, and crash courses in a variety of specialisations. Training is provided by skilled and experienced professionals that are passionate about their work.

Computer hardware is a crucial aspect in the field of computer science. Candidates seeking application employment in this industry must take computer hardware classes. There are numerous short and long-term courses available in this field after completing 12th grade.

The hardware courses are offered in both offline and online formats. Computer courses are currently available at the graduate, postgraduate, and diploma levels. Aside from that, institutions and online companies provide a variety of certificates. Here you can find information about all of the computer hardware training institutes in Kolkata.

What are the hardware computer courses?

Computer software courses are unquestionably crucial in order to live in today's fast-paced technological world, but it's also important to remember that software is nothing without hardware. The hardware computer courses include all of the fundamentals of hardware and networking, with a strong emphasis on the practical applications of theoretical knowledge. The study of all the many components of the computer system that complete the device is included in the hardware computer courses. This involves a solid grasp of RAM kinds, computer components, internet connectivity protocols, and other hardware-related concepts. Important networking subjects such as internet protocols, network troubleshooting, and fault tolerance are covered in the networking section of the hardware computer course.

What are the hardware certification courses?

The hardware certification training prepares the candidate to take on the company's new hardware problems. The hardware certification course is meant to assist applicants to gain a thorough understanding of PC hardware as well as expertise in maintaining PCs, mobile devices, printers, and other devices. The hardware certification classes also provide students with networking skills. This includes knowing how to connect two or more systems in order to share data. Certificate programmes in computer hardware courses are available in both online and offline formats. Online computer hardware certificates are becoming increasingly popular, and the trend is expected to continue. They can last anywhere from a few hours to a few months, as previously stated.

  • Certificate programmes in computer hardware are specifically developed to provide candidates with additional abilities, as the IT industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace.
  • They are appropriate for employees who wish to keep their jobs while gaining new skills that will help them handle complicated problems.
  • Most of these courses are self-paced, so you won't have to put in a lot of time each day.

Certificate computer courses are a good option for students looking for short-term computer hardware training after they finish their 10th and 12th grades.

How is the admission done in certificate hardware courses in computer hardware training institute in Kolkata ?

Admissions to bachelor's and master's degree computer certificate programmes are not performed in a well-structured manner. There are no special admissions tests for these courses, either.

  • Applicants who have passed their class 12 board exams will be approved for these services.
  • Admission to degree and diploma programmes is automatic, but some institutes need a basic examination to verify a candidate's professional abilities before admitting them.
  • The curriculum is either offered based on the results of a relevant institution's admission test or on the merits of class 12.

What are the benefits of hardware and networking courses in Kolkata ?

  • Provides you with endless opportunities : In order to complete daily duties and jobs, industries have become increasingly reliant on computers and technology. This has resulted in a significant increase in the demand for experts who are well-versed in computer functions and networking. Because of the enormous demand for such experts and their skill sets, a new industry has emerged that deals with communication, data, hardware, and networking. In the current environment, the Information Technology (IT) sector is flourishing.
  • Range of lucrative options and attractive salary : With the growth and development of the IT sector in numerous businesses and departments around the world, the chance presents a variety of employment opportunities. The range of applications is exceedingly broad and fruitful. Hardware and Networking Training Courses give you the freedom to choose and develop your own specialisation in the booming IT industry. You may easily make a well-paying and happy profession out of hardware or the actual components of a computer system if you are passionate about it and enjoy working with it. You can work as a System Engineer, Design Engineer, Project and Field Service Engineer, and other positions in the private and governmental sectors.
  • Enhances your skills and makes you capable of handling technical problems : You will be able to recognise, address, and solve problems with your computer systems and connectivity with the help of hardware and networking training courses. The knowledge and experience you get will undoubtedly make you a better professional and, at the same time, self-sufficient. The course aims to provide hands-on training, in-depth study, and analysis of the potential complications of computers and laptops, as well as long-term assistance to you and your organisation. If you are a technology and computer aware individual, you will like keeping up with new and emerging modern technology.
  • A wide scope of opportunities in the future with many possibilities : In light of the current global situation and the rapid pace of technological advancement, computers will continue to provide profitable career prospects in the future. Courses in hardware and networking might also help you with entrepreneurship and starting your own firm. The in-depth knowledge and skills can assist you in resolving your company's networking or technological issues while also adding value to your clients.

How OnlyDesi can help in finding the best computer hardware training institute near me in Kolkata ?

OnlyDesi is a website where you can find a variety of listed computer hardware and networking training institutes. OnlyDesi will provide you with a long listing based on your location. You can also apply various filters on locations, reviews, ratings and popularity of the institution. OnlyDesi will provide you with all the contact details of the institutions for any further requirements. You can browse on the OnlyDesi website or you can download the application, which is available both on android and iOS.


The institutes create their courses with the needs of recruiters from various industries in mind. As a result, their pupils are highly employable in a variety of professions and businesses.
To measure a student's progress in a given course, most institutes offer frequent assessment tests (theoretical and practicals).
Yes, the majority of faculty members have the necessary academic credentials to teach at computer hardware training institutes.
Most institutes will help you get a job, and some may even guarantee it. Please contact the appropriate institute for more information.
The cost of computer hardware training courses starts at around Rs. 10,000.
Unless you plan to pursue a hardware networking course after graduation, learning the fundamentals of mathematics and computers will aid you in quickly grasping hardware courses.
Yes. Hardware training institutes in Kolkata are well-known for their round-the-clock placement aid and support. Candidates can also participate in placement portals at some institutes.
No. Before enrolling in a hardware basics course, you do not need to have any prior qualifications. You do not need any prior qualifications unless the hardware courses you choose are any of the following.
  • After 10th grade, hardware courses are available.
  • After computer engineering, you can take hardware classes.
  • After graduation, you can take hardware courses.

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