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A health insurance policy covers medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident, illness, or injury. An individual can obtain such insurance for a specified period of time by paying monthly or annual premiums. During this time, if an insured is involved in an accident or is diagnosed with a serious illness, the insurance company will cover the costs of treatment. OnlyDesi has numerous listings of booking health insurance services all over India. It is an agency that takes the business online presence several notches higher. One can browse through it if looking to book a health insurance agency by viewing their address, contact details, business hours, services they provide and much more using the website. A call on their number will immediately help contact them.

Best family health insurance plan for self-employed What Does Health Insurance Mean for Self-Employed People?

Self-employed health insurance provides comprehensive medical coverage to persons who own and operate their own firm or business. It provides self-employed people with financial protection against medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident or illness. It protects a self-employed person's savings by providing financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

A self-employed health insurance policy will cover both hospitalisation and non-hospitalization expenses. Coverage under such plans can also be extended to the self-employed individual's complete family, which may include the spouse, children, parents, and in-laws.

The Most Important Reasons to Buy Health Insurance for Self-Employed People Consider the following advantages of purchasing a health insurance policy for self-employed individuals:

  • Medical Coverage It assures that the insured has access to high-quality medical care in the event of a health emergency, as the insurance company pays for all medical expenses, including hospitalisation fees.
  • Affordable Premiums Health insurance for self-employed people is usually available at a lesser cost because it includes a number of appealing discounts.
  • Coverage for the Entire Family These plans cover not only self-employed people but also their entire family.
  • Financial Stability It lets the insured preserve financial stability by removing the risk of unanticipated medical bills depleting their limited revenues or profits, which is especially important for small enterprises.
  • Cashless Hospitalisation Benefit It allows the insured to receive a cashless hospitalisation benefit if he or she is admitted to an insurance provider's network hospital.
  • Income Tax Benefits It can assist policyholders to save money on taxes by allowing them to take advantage of tax deductions on premiums under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

How Do Self-Employed People Choose the Best Health Insurance?

Comparing plans from multiple insurers online based on several aspects is one of the greatest ways to find a good health insurance plan for self-employed people. The following are some significant considerations for self-employed individuals when selecting the appropriate health insurance plan:

  • Coverage Examine the benefits and exclusions of various health insurance plans and select one that best meets the applicant's medical requirements. To save money on premiums, don't skimp on coverage.

    Estimate the applicant's annual medical expenses and choose a plan that comes closest to that value. Lowering coverage can increase out-of-pocket costs while increasing coverage can raise rates.

    Compare the premiums given by various health insurance plans carefully. Choose a plan that offers the coverage you want at a price you can afford.
  • Add-on Covers Examine the numerous add-on coverage options accessible through health insurance programmes. Select add-on covers that are required to give the applicant comprehensive coverage.
  • Renewability Choose a plan that allows you to renew your subscription for the rest of your life. This eliminates the need for the applicant to hunt for a new health plan later in life.
  • Deductibles Determine whether any health insurance policies for self-employed people require a deductible. Don't choose a plan with a large deductible because it will be tough to afford.
  • Network Hospitals Check up the list of network hospitals that are linked with different insurance carriers. Choose a health insurance plan with a provider that has a network of hospitals in the applicant's area.
  • Co-payments and Sub-limits Look into any co-payment or sub-limit clauses in various health insurance plans. Select a plan that does not include a co-payment or a sub-limit.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) This is the percentage of claims that are settled. Before purchasing a health insurance plan for self-employed individuals, make sure to compare the claim settlement ratios of various insurance companies.

What health insurance is best for my family Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Plans for Family

There are several benefits that the insured family members can avail themselves with family floater health insurance plans. For instance, one can get coverage for all the family members, irrespective of their age, under a single policy. Here are the major benefits of buying a family health insurance plan:

  • Hospitalisation Expense Coverage is Stress-Free In the event of hospitalisation, the covered family member can receive cashless care in one of the insurer's network hospitals, just as they do with individual health plans. In this manner, you can ensure that everyone in your family is qualified for medical care without sacrificing their treatment.
  • Obtain health insurance coverage for both parents under one plan. Several health insurance companies will cover both parents and parents-in-law as part of a family health plan for no extra cost. Under one plan, you can cover the health of both your parents and your spouse's parents.
  • Premiums that are affordable You can cover your spouse, child, and parents under the same plan at a low cost because family health insurance policies do not force you to pay individual rates for each family member. However, because of their age-related health risks, it is recommended that you purchase individual health insurance for your parents.
  • Easily ensure new family members You can easily add a new family member to your family health insurance plan by paying an additional cost. Unlike individual insurance, you don't need to purchase a new policy every time your family grows. Make careful to raise your sum insured if you add your parents to an existing family health insurance plan.
  • COVID Family Health Insurance You can purchase Coronavirus health insurance to protect yourself and your family financially from COVID-19.
  • The Possibility of Obtaining Additional Benefits Under family health insurance, many add-on benefits are provided, such as critical sickness coverage, maternity coverage, and so on.

Health insurance plans in India for family cashless

Apart from the emotional stress, an unexpected medical emergency can take into your life savings. This is why you should invest in solid health insurance coverage so that you may receive adequate financial assistance in the event of an emergency.

While a health insurance policy may provide coverage for hospitalisation expenses, you may be forced to pay for them out of pocket before filing a claim. For those who don't have any additional cash on hand, this may not be the best situation.

Advantages of Cashless Medical Insurance in India

  • It Provides a large corpus of information in the event of a medical emergency: Medical emergencies, whether foreseeable or not, burn a hole in our wallet if we don't budget for them ahead of time. Cashless claims are even more advantageous because they spare the patient's family valuable time when it comes to arranging for hospital bills. Instead, clients can begin treatment simply by presenting their cashless health insurance policy card to the appropriate hospital authorities.
  • A source of relief: A cashless health insurance policy ensures that you will not be concerned about finances if the need arises. Through a simple cashless claim, you can quickly gain admittance to hospitals and begin the necessary treatment.
  • Cashless health insurance policies often cover a wide range of services, such as pre-and post-hospitalization charges, ambulance expenses, inpatient care, home care therapy, and so on. Certain cashless health insurance policies also include regular health check-ups and diagnostic tests.
  • Protects your health while travelling: The unknown factors of a new location can make it difficult to get the proper treatment in the event of a medical emergency while travelling. Being cashless health insurance or cashless medical insurance holder ensures that you will receive trustworthy medical services at a network hospital without having to worry about planning for hospitalisation and medical bills.

How to apply for family health insurance We can apply for family health insurance in the following way-

Select Health Insurance from the All Products menu. Choose the members of your family you want to protect, such as your father, mother, son, daughter, spouse, or yourself. You can also choose how many children you want to have. To acquire a new family medical insurance plan, click Get Plan.

Best cashless mediclaim policy for family in India

In today's world, having health insurance coverage is a need. The costs of medical treatment and hospitalisation are covered by health insurance. OnlyDesi offers cashless claim services, which adds to the convenience of policyholders.

The insurance company will settle the account directly with the hospital, so there is no need to make arrangements for payment.


A policyholder can use the cashless claim facility at any of the insurer's network hospitals that provide it. The policyholder can receive treatment at a network hospital under the cashless option, and the bill will be immediately cleared between the insurer and the hospital. Only those expenses that are not covered by the cashless facility or the policy will be charged to the policyholder.
You must clarify with your insurer whether your policy covers you across the country or only within certain limitations before purchasing the policy. In most cases, a health insurance policy will cover you throughout India. Unless otherwise stated, the policy may not cover claims that occur beyond India's geographical boundaries.
Pre-existing diseases may or may not be covered by health insurance policies. If the policy does cover a pre-existing condition, there will almost always be a waiting period attached to the coverage. Before you get insurance, make sure you talk to your insurer about it.
When it comes to health insurance, many policyholders want to know what documentation they will need to submit when filing a claim on their coverage. It is advantageous if the policyholder is aware of this prior to filing a claim. Most health insurance companies will need the policyholder to present the insured's photo ID, the insurer's health care, and receipts/bills for any treatments received.
When a medical emergency occurs, the priority must be to send the patient to a medical facility. The initial step is to find the nearest network hospital where the patient can be admitted. Only after the patient has been admitted to the hospital must family members call the insurer or TPA to tell them of the admission. They'll be led through the claim settlement process after that.

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