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Where can I get a Mobile accessories shop in Kolkata?

There are a lot of listings of mobile accessories on OnlyDesi website,all the shops that are listed over here are local and in your locality, we would love to recommend you to go through our website thoroughly so that you can avail yourself of the best shop available. OnlyDesi website has its listings and all the shopkeepers listed here are experienced and already served numerous customers till now.

What are types of mobile accessories can I find near me?

There are many types of mobile accessories that are available in the market, but it would be difficult for you to find all the accessories in a local shop that's why we will always recommend you to avail the services from OnlyDesi.

What are the things included in mobile accessories?

Cell add-ons are the need of the hour. They could deliver your phone added benefits, which are sure to make your existence simpler and smarter. So if you are making plans on which add-ons to buy, here’s a brief list you can consult with:

Cases and Covers:

It seems incomplete without a mobile case or cowl to decorate it with. They may be no longer handiest used to create a fashion assertion, however, they may be additionally purposeful in defensive your phone from getting damaged. You can also use a phone charm to present your smartphone with a new appearance.

Screen guards:

As the show display screen of your cellular are the maximum crucial element, you need to apply tempered glass to guard it against scratches and other damages. Cellular improvements if you need to take accessorizing a step in addition, do it with cell improvements like sign boosters, docking stations and contact converters to make life smooth.

Cleansing kits

You use your mobile day in and day trip, that is bound to make it dirty. So have a cleaning kit at your disposal, and make your mobile look new through cleansing it often.

Chargers and cables

Adding life to your smartphone is the charger’s obligation. So make certain you have got a proper cellular charger to price your telephone. Cables are an excellent way of charging your phone via a laptop or computing device. So make sure you have at least one on hand.

Headphones and speakers

whether or not you need to pay attention to tune at the same time as visiting by yourself, or brighten up a house celebration, make certain you do it with headphones and an audio system. Buy a portable audio system with superior audio excellent, and you are precise to go. Strength banks charging your telephone with the assistance of a charger or cable is not constantly viable. Therefore, what you could do as a substitute is purchase a strength bank, so you can rate your smartphone whilst touring or when you are out in a far off region.

Selfie sticks

It’s the season of selfies, and the front digital camera is not the handiest component you want. Have a selfie stick by means of your side whenever you're visiting, and you don’t just rely on other human beings to take your panoramic pix.

Card readers and Memory cards

Memory cards, readers and on the go pen drives are extraordinarily beneficial if you need to watch a movie, or you have got paintings to do while visiting. You could use them to save useful facts, and you are suitable to move. Now you may buy cell accessories online from famous manufacturers. As they're pretty funding, ensure you read the evaluations, evaluate the capabilities, discover about the prices, and area an order. Select anything you want, and make your smartphone an all-in-one option for your every need.

What are the mobile accessories prices?

The prices of the various mobile accessories depend on various factors, like for what type of device you are finding the ad-on, is that easily available in the market or not, what type of ad-on you are searching for. There are some assumptions listed below, but it is recommended that don't go for assumption, there are all the contact details listed on our OnlyDesi website, you can just contact them directly for the prices and other queries.

Cases and Covers Rs.100-250 (Approx.)
Screen Guards Rs.60-500 (Approx.)
Cleansing Kits Rs.120-300 (Approx.)
Charger and Cables Rs.50-500 (Approx.)
Headphones and Speakers Rs.50-2000 (Approx.)
Selfie Sticks Rs.100-1000 (Approx.)
Memory Card and readers Rs.200-1500 (Approx.)

What are the types of phone cases I can find in Kolkata?

There are a lot of types of phone cases available in the market and you can avail of all these in the phone shop that is listed on the OnlyDesi website.

Hard Phone Case-

A tough phone case is usually a difficult shell-like case this is moulded precisely for a specific telephone version that snaps onto the telephone. It will generally cover the return of the smartphone and its four corners. They generally are pretty skinny and lightweight, adding no longer lots bulk to the form of the smartphone. Difficult telephone instances often are available in clear and transparent or a couple of colourings, and frequently in matte and gloss finishes. A few businesses offer customized difficult phone cases as well that can be matched to personal style or customized with a commercial enterprise or organization emblem or branding. Difficult cellphone cases guard the phone at the back and facets from bumps, drops, and scratches.

There are cons in the use of hard smartphone cases, anyways. Because they are difficult, they are able to crack while dropped. They typically snap across the corners when they do spoil, as this is the place with the very best pressure point. Ultimately, a tough case is an exceptional, easy, and light-weight manner to guard a phone without including a whole lot of weight or bulk, so you can nonetheless admire the smartphone’s fashion as it's miles.

Gel/ TPU Phone Cases

Tpu, which is brief for thermoplastic polyurethane, is a material based on plastic and has residences that include elasticity, transparency, and strong resistance to oils and drinks. Gel cellphone instances are commonly slender and lightweight, are available more than a few hues, and have a matte or gloss end. Those cases can withstand bumps and scratches thoroughly and, due to their elasticity, are very durable and could no longer crack or destroy. Gel instances will protect the phone on the returned and facets of the device.

Silicone Phone Cases

Cases from the ones that were made for extremely early cellphone fashions, just at the start of whilst telephones became smart. They had been very soft, a little bit sticky to touch, and they gripped the surface they had been placed on. They had been very popular for a while. Contemporary silicone phone cases are typically made from ‘liquid silicone’. You can be surprised what a liquid silicone cellphone case is. Liquid silicone is different from old smooth silicone in that it is a whole lot harder and just like a gel telephone case in its elasticity. Commonly, these cases are a matte end, are mild to touch, and can resist fingerprints and dirt. They cover the back and facets of the phone and guard them in an identical manner that gel cases do. They're very popular due to the feel and end they provide.

Tough Phone Cases

These instances can be available a range of patterns inside themselves, and the word ‘hard’ is subjective because it depends on how tough you would like your smartphone case. You can decide this by how and where you may be the usage of the cellphone. Many human beings in the construction enterprise or industries running outside like more sturdy phone instances. A few hard instances provide just a further-robust reinforced shell type of case, that's open, and others can encompass a whole hard shell that covers the front of the device as properly. Generally, while advertised, the hard phone case carriers market them as covered for navy drop tests up to fifteen feet, for example, at the side of its water safety of various scales. Due to those factors, they're usually a bit heavier and bulkier than fashionable tough and gel cellphone instances. However, they're a famous case fashion as evidenced by using their ongoing income.

Flip Phone Cases

Flip phone instances are just like a pockets style telephone case. They could even be turn wallet instances or only a flip case without the wallet issue. They normally have an inner polycarbonate shell, and the front flips down vertically from the top of the lowest, so it flips open essentially on the fast aspect. The draw of these instances is the look of them, in that they're a leather-based style. They're shielding of the front, returned, and facets of the gadgets, and commonly are available in various colourings. They are now not as famous as the wallet style case, however.

How OnlyDesi can Help You to Choose the Best Mobile Accessories in Kolkata?

On OnlyDesi, we feature numerous listings of Mobile Accessories in Mumbai. Our listed service providers have been in Mobile Accessories for years, and have successfully catered to the demands and requirements of hundreds of clients in the past. You can find a Mobile Accessories agency that can take your business’ online presence several notches higher.

You can browse through OnlyDesi if you are looking for Mobile Accessories in Mumbai Go through OnlyDesi Listing, view their address and contact details, their business hours, services they provide, and much more using the website. A call on their number will immediately connect you with them. Using filters on location, services, etc. while browsing through the website can enhance your search results and fetch you listed recommendations of products and services.


Yes, you can find a duplicate charger near you, not only duplicate but also the original one also you can find, just go through the listings on OnlyDesi and contact the dealer whether the model no. is available or not.
The price of the iPhone11 chargers depends on certain factors like whether you are taking the local one, a first copy or an original one- The price of the original iPhone charger is 1900-2000.
All the back covers that are available in the market are good and now it depends upon you and your choice to choose which one.
Yes, temper glass does protect your phone screen from breaking and getting scratched and keeps your sceen in a better way.
It depends upon, which company device you are using and what is the charge holding capacity, on average once in two days is good to go.
Yes, most of them do provide cash on delivery but it may vary from shop to shop and we would like to recommend you to have a conversation with the shops directly before availing of the service.
Yes, most of them do provide a warranty for their accessories but it may vary from shop to shop and we would like to recommend you to have a conversation with the shops directly before availing of the service.
Yes, there are a lot of accessories shops which make custom back covers for their customers, the price might be high in these case.

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