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One of the most common two-wheeler vehicles is a motorcycle or a motorbike. It is the most seen vehicle on the road these days. There are various types of scooters or motorcycles available in the market.

That special moment when you remember about the motorcycle service centre is when your motorcycle causes any issues or problems. The most authorised motorbike centres have their own repair shop or workshop that can provide you with various services.

You can reach out to the service centres anytime to avail of their provided services. You can also find genuine spare parts in the repair shops.

What kind of services is included in a motorcycle repair near me in Kolkata?

Before choosing a motorcycle service it is necessary to check the services that are provided by the service centres. But the services also vary from garage to garage.

Here are a few things that you can check before choosing a service centre:

  • Engine Checks:
    • New oil filter
    • New air filter
    • Oil engine
    • New spark plugs
    • Test/replace/top-up coolant as required
  • Chassis and brake checks:
    • Checking fuel hosed
    • Removing and cleaning brake callipers
    • Checking wheel bearings
    • Inspecting and checking rear suspension for operation
    • Inspecting and checking front fork for operation
    • Checking battery electrolyte level and topping up as required
    • Degreasing brake pistons
    • Cleaning and lubricating control cables, levers and pivots
    • Adjusting the throttle and clutch
    • Inspecting hydraulic brake fluid system and replacing or topping up as required
    • Checking and lubricating main and side stands
    • Examining headlight for aim and focus, adjusting if required
    • Testing tyre pressure and adjusting as necessary
    • Adjusting and lubricating chains as necessary
    • Examining steering play and race bearing kit for any looseness and adjusted as required
    • Inspecting and tightening (as required) all fasteners including engine mounting and chassis bolts
    • General lubrication
  • Road test: A full motorcycle repair service will always include a road service to confirm if the motorbike is running smoothly or not.

Why is it important to get your bike serviced in time?

Checking all the qualities of the components and then bringing them in the best condition is what a bike service does. The motorcycle mechanics replace or repair the parts as necessary.

It is important to get your bike serviced from time to time so it can serve the owner as well. Then there will be no further problems with its reliability. Many motorcycle manufacturers suggest servicing their motorcycle after 3000km intervals.

Though the air filter, engine oil, chains and electricals are examined at a service, brake shoes, brake parts, bearings are also examined after a period of time. A bike must get serviced every three months if the usage is low.

Here are a few points to keep in mind for getting a bike serviced:

  • Smooth to operate: If the bike is serviced from time to time it will perform smoothly without any lagging and it will increase the rider’s confidence as well.
  • Long life of parts: In a bike service the mechanics will lubricate the parts and will adjust their play. That makes the parts function normally and will decrease the unwanted stress.
  • Better fuel efficiency: Resisting maintenance provides the engine and the other mechanical parts with a better performance experience. Oil changing with time, cleaning the filter and correcting the tyre pressure leads to better fuel efficiency.
  • Warranty claims: The manufacturer can turn down the warranty claim if the services are not done within the interval of time given. It is better to perform all the services in time that is provided by the manufacturer.
  • Intimation of upcoming expenses: In the meantime, the service provider identifies the upcoming services for the bike that may be necessary.
  • Less frequent breakdown: With the regular servicing of your bike it will decrease the chance of part failures or sudden breakdowns. It can build confidence in the owner while riding a bike for a long journey. This makes sure that the owner can be reliable completely on the bike.
  • Better resale value: There is always a time when the owner wants to resale their bikes. In that case, if the bike has complete service records, then the buyer will happily pay the premium for the condition of the bike alone.

How do you know when to service your motorcycle?

It is one of the biggest questions that most bike owners ask before going to a servicing centre when they can get their bike serviced or how often they can service their bike?

Most bike manufacturers offer two or three free services after the purchase of a bike. It is important to service your bike after the first three months of riding. The initial checking and adjustment are needed to be done.

When you buy a new bike it is necessary to ride for a while and get to know if all the new parts are working properly. So the initial services are as important as you need oxygen to breathe.

After the initial stage, you can service your bike every twelve months depending on a few conditions:

  • How often you are riding your bike
  • In which conditions (like heavy rain, mud, dust, rocky road etc) you are riding your bike.

These things will consider how often you need a bike service.

Things that will tell you when you should get a bike service:

  • Grinding noises: The noises of skipping, grinding and clicking from the gears says that servicing is needed to adjust those things.
  • Bike chain slippage: The bike chain should never fall off the sprocket. It will need adjustment from time to time.
  • Squeaking bike chain: A proper lubrication will take care of the squeaking bike chain.
  • Hard to apply brake: A brake always must be smooth and easy, a short pull on the lever must do the job. If there is any complication your bike needs servicing.
  • Rattles: Any rattles, wobbles or creaks must be examined early. Though it is an easy fix, it is always better to go for bike service at the initial stage only.

What happens if you do not service your motorcycle?

If you do not service your motorcycle it will cause many difficulties to the bike. It will also affect the riding experience of the owner. A few problems are mentioned above that can occur to your motorcycle if you ignore the servicing.

How OnlyDesi can help you to find the best bike service centre in Kolkata?

OnlyDesi is a website where you can find the best bike service centres in Kolkata. There is an enormous number of listed bike repairing service centres that are offering you the best services. The website has an easy search option that can help you get the best. You can filter your search with the filter option on the website. It will definitely be beneficial to you for finding a budget-friendly best bike service centre in Kolkata.


If you are doing a basic checkup servicing it will take up to 45 to 50 minutes. But if you are doing a full servicing schedule it will take up to 2hours.
If it is a regular servicing, it will cost approximately Rs.400 to Rs.500. But the full servicing might cost up to Rs.1000 to Rs.5000. The pricing will depend on the service centres.
Yes, there are many doorstep bike services that can provide you with the offer. They will pick up your bike from your doorstep after you book an appointment and then they will deliver it to you after the servicing is done.
Yes. all the sellers that are listed on OnlyDesi are varied and genuine. The motorcycle mechanics will use all the original parts if there is any necessity of replacing them.
Yes, you can book a bike service at home using the OnlyDesi website. There are all the contact details available for the customers who are willing to book a bike service at their home.
Yes, the brands offer the first few bike services for free. But then they will charge accordingly.
The regular maintenance of the bike must be done every 5000 to 20000 miles depending on the motorcycle and that will cost approximately Rs.20000 to Rs. 40000 per year.

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