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A multi-specialty hospital provides treatment for a variety of ailments and diseases as well as a highly qualified staff of different doctors. With air-conditioned rooms and canteens on the premises, as well as customised treatment, the patients are well taken care of. Even though we all want to be healthy, remaining disease-free is never easy in the actual world. Frequently, you will be required to visit a hospital or clinic to seek medical advice from doctors and to undergo medical screening at diagnostic centres or pathology labs. While looking for the best hospital, you will certainly come across a multispeciality hospital where you can get various treatments from different specialties.

How can Onlydesi help in finding the best multispeciality hospital near in Kolkata?

We have a number of the best multispeciality Hospitals near you listed on OnlyDesi. Our featured service providers have years of experience working in Multispecialty Hospitals and have successfully met the needs and demands of hundreds of clients till now. You can find Multispecialty Hospitals that can provide you with the best treatment for every disease with specialised doctors.

If you're seeking multispeciality hospitals near you, check out OnlyDesi. Using OnlyDesi Listing, you can see their address and contact information, business hours, services they offer, and much more. You can reach them right away by calling their phone number.

Why should one choose the best multispeciality hospital near in Kolkata?

With the shifting requirements and realities of our day, the health industry has evolved as well. Healthcare administrations' frameworks and methods have also evolved and become significantly more modernised. After that, such hospitals became known as 'Multi-specialty Hospitals,' emphasising the importance of each condition and ailment.

So, here are some important reasons to choose a multispeciality hospitals:

  • Easy treatment : Because all of the services are located under one roof, it is simple to receive treatment for a variety of conditions without having to go to other locations or hospitals.
  • It saves time and money : It helps you save a lot of time, money, and other resources.
  • Larger teams with multiple specialities : A multi-specialty hospital has multiple doctors, physicians, surgeons, neurologists, and other specialists who can maintain track of patients' records from other departments.
  • Different types of equipment are offered under one building : For various surgeries and treatments, there is a wide range of equipment and modern technologies accessible. A well equipped diagnostic centre, an ambulance, a critical care unit (ICU), and a pharmacy are all available.
  • Treatment of various types of disease simultaneously : Due to the fact that most activity is done indoors, a variety of lifestyle disorders have emerged. Diseases of the eyes, teeth, heart, and other organs have arisen as a result of changes in lifestyle and eating habits and all these can be treated under one roof.
  • Better connection with insurance companies : Some insurance policies are unable to form partnerships with all specialised hospitals,so if all of the facilities and treatments are available under one roof, the insurance companies will have a stronger integration with hospitals and will be able to provide greater coverage.

What factors should one consider while choosing the best multispeciality hospital near in Kolkata?

There are some factors which the patients should consider while choosing the best multispeciality hospital nearby for their treatment:

  • Go through the hospital reviews : You can actually compare which hospital is better and which is not by reading the reviews. This makes it simple for you to make a decision.
  • Check the speciality of the doctors : The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a hospital is to look at the expertise, qualifications, and experience of the doctors who work there.
  • You should consider the proximity of the hospital from the international airport : It's because, in an emergency, the patient's travelling must be quick and comfortable. If the hospital is in your city or close to where you are staying, it is always a preferable option, especially if it is close to the city's international airport.
  • Consider the infrastructure of the hospital : You would not go to a hospital that is filthy and lacks the most up-to-date medical technology and instruments. Therefore, the amount of emergency units and ICU beds, as well as the rooms, hygiene, beds, and the latest technology used by the hospital, should all be considered.
  • Go through the list of treatments provided by this type of hospital : Always check over the list of treatments that the hospital offers to their patients while choosing a hospital. Examine their level of expertise in specific therapies as well as the medical devices and machines they employ.
  • Access to blood bank : Even if the operation is successful, a patient can lose their life due to severe blood loss. Therefore it is necessary to check whether a hospital has access to blood banks while choosing a hospital.
  • Go through the medical insurance policies : It is critical to examine medical insurance policies and the hospitals that fall under them before travelling from one location to another for medical care.

What medical services are offered by the best multispeciality hospital near me in Kolkata?

Multispecialty hospitals are medical facilities that treat a wide range of diseases under one roof. Dentists, dermatologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists, and other specialists can be found in most multispecialty hospitals in Kolkata. The majority of these multispecialty hospitals provide patients with the greatest medical care and also consist of on-site facilities such as pathology labs, operating theatres, blood banks, and other medical services.

The medical services provided by the best multispeciality hospital are:

  • Gynaecologists : Gynaecologists are doctors who specialise in the health of women's reproductive systems. Irregular menstruation, PCOD, PCOS, reproductive concerns, hormone disorders, and other conditions require a visit to the nearest multispecialty hospital's gynaecologist.
  • Anaesthesia : Anaesthesia is a sort of medicine that numbs the patient, making it easier for them to cope with pain during surgery, childbirth, and other procedures. Anaesthesiologists are doctors who specialise in providing anaesthesia to patients. Even after giving anaesthetic, they frequently keep an eye on the patient.
  • Doctors of otolaryngology (ENT) : ENT specialists specialise in treating patients who have problems with their ears, noses, and throats. Throat cancer, thyroid illness, vertigo, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and other ailments are among the conditions they address.
  • Physiatrists : Physiatrists treat and assist people with mental illnesses. The mind, like any other physical organ, necessitates the same level of attention. These experts provide a variety of therapies, including counselling and therapy as well as rehabilitation.
  • Paediatricians : Doctors that specialise in treating children of all ages are known as paediatricians. The parents take their infants and children to visit the doctor on a frequent basis, not just for illnesses but also for booster shots and vaccinations.
  • Cardiologists : Cardiologists are doctors who specialise on issues related to the heart. These specialists should be consulted by patients having issues like heart stroke, heart attack, hypertension, irregular pulse, and so on.


Specialist doctors work in multispeciality hospitals nearby. After consulting your general practitioner or in the event of an emergency, you consider visiting one.
Yes, multispeciality hospitals offer 24 hours medical service nearby as the doctors are always available at all times.
The best multispeciality hospitals nearby have dentists, paediatricians, neurologists, physiatrists, ENT doctors, cardiologists, gynaecologists , and other experts and surgeons available for guidance and treatments.
Different wards for different categories of patients can be found in most hospitals. Women's and children's wards are separate areas with no male patients. Some hospitals may have a dedicated senior citizen ward; you can ask the hospital about this facility.
Ambulance services are available at many multispecialty hospitals for emergencies, patient transfers, and other reasons.
Many multispecialty hospitals have pathology services where numerous tests can be performed. Many hospitals even have their own pharmacy and blood bank.
A general surgeon is an expert in all aspects of surgery, from the initial consultation to the preparation, procedure, and post-operative care. A general surgeon is knowledgeable in all nine areas of surgery.
The fees of the surgeon is determined by the type of surgery and treatment done by them.

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