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Nurse or Nursing is a kind of profession, which is attached to medical or health care sectors focused on an individual or family etc. They work as a mediator between doctors and patients or their families and they convey details about the history of the treatment, nurses are distinguished into various kinds of medical care sectors, patient care services, practitioner and scope of training.

Nurse Practisers are the type of nurses, who are not certified yet and are under practice. But they owe authority in most jurisdictions to practice independently, for example- postwar, pandemic situations, etc. in these cases, the undergraduate nurses are assigned to different places for curing the serious patients. Nurses work in a certain plan where they collaborate as physicians, patient's care, therapist, etc. which focuses on treating illness to improve quality of life.

What are the purposes required for Nurse Services?

Nurse or Nursing Services is a term where nurses or licenced persons of a health care organisation authorised to take care in satisfying the nursing needs of a patient or a community.

The purpose of Nursing Services comes with roles and responsibilities, including proper care to hospitalised patients, nursing homes, patients' homes, etc. There are kinds of nursing services, which includes:

  • Home Nursing services: Home Nursing services provide services where patients get less harassed while travelling to a hospital or nursing home for regular medical treatment. Moreover, it cut down the cost of travelling to hospitals or nursing homes and also the extra charges needed in hospitals for a minor treatment. Also, the patients get more attention when the treatment is done at home.
  • Visiting Nurse services: Visiting Nurse services are the kind of nursing services that provide care to the patients by visiting their homes for a certain period and assisting the patient.
  • Home Nursing Services: Home nursing services are commonly termed home health care, it completely depends on the needs of the patient, which includes dressing the wounds, therapy, medications, pain control, monitoring the health of the patients, etc.

What are the kinds of skilled nursing services available in Kolkata?

Skilled nursing services are a pack, where licensed and experienced nurses are available, who are authorised to take special care for serious patients in medical organisations. In Kolkata skilled nursing services cover a vast area, where services provided in medical or non-medical care, for example, psychotic health, arthritis patients, old-age care, etc. The different types of services by the skilled nurses are:

  • ICU skilled nurses for Home: In ICU care, it is required skills or expertise in nurses because the patients need to get more attention and the skilled nurses provide secure treatment where patients get to recover quickly.
  • Post-surgery care: Post-surgery care should be done by skilled nurses because intensive care and monitoring are required for those kinds of patients. The nurses giving administrations to post-careful attention are profoundly able to oversee intravenous medications and screening.
  • Wound care services: Serious injury or surgical wounds need proper care, where any wrong medications or nursing can turn into a serious case. So proper monitoring and dressing needs to be done by professional nurses, leading to recovery soon.
  • Urine Catheterization: Only a properly trained and professional nurse can provide a genuine way of inserting the tube in the urine channel, monitoring and removing the channel of the patient. They also ensure that the whole process is executed properly for the fast recovery of the patient.
  • Home care for Covid 19: In the era of Covid 19, it became very important for everyone to stay safe at the time of pandemic outbursts. Skilled Nursing services gives special home health care solutions, where the treatment for Covid patients happens under-skilled nurses. In their services, they include the treatment through home isolations and also for the discharged patients having mild cases.

What are services offered by nursing agencies?

Nursing Agencies are the kind of agencies that provide nursing services on behalf of public health organisations, private hospitals, home medical services, etc. and the hired nurses are qualified and licensed persons, who have the authority to involve themselves in serving patients.

An agency comes under agency services and for hiring them it is required to contact the preferred agency rather than contacting the hospitals or private nursing homes. The services nursing agencies provide are:

  • Patients need to get a check-up on a regular basis.
  • Self-care management needs to get educated.
  • Reduction pains management.
  • Support in Oxygen concentration.
  • After the surgery, they are hired to take care of the patients.
  • Updating doctors about the recovery of the patient.
  • Pain treatment should be managed by the nurses.
  • Tube feeding.
  • Exercising for fast recovery.
  • Dressing for Bedsore patients.
  • Assisting the regular needs of the patients like bathing, feeding, changing clothes, etc.

How to hire nurse service at home for injection?

Nurse service at home for injection can be hired as a health care service provider. They can be hired directly from the public or private medical organisation or health care agencies, on-demand and with the seriousness of the patient they will provide the skilled nurses who can get in touch and provide their services effortlessly and in a painless manner.

What are the services the nurse centre or agencies don't provide?

The nurse centre or the agencies don't include daily necessaries like cooking, cleaning, etc. They are only assigned to work which has been guided by the physicians, only a few agencies provide these kinds of services with extra charges.

How is a nurse service organisation?

The nurse service organisation is formed with skilled nurses, which provide dedication towards serious patients. In the nurse service organisation, the gathered skilled nurses are qualified and serious about their profession and they handle most serious patients because they need to get more attention and the skilled nurses provide secure treatment where patients get to recover quickly.

How OnlyDesi can help me to choose the top services in Nursing in Kolkata?

There is always availability of top listed Nurse services through Only Desi, and it provides a large list on it, there is always availability of these services in (Kolkata). The details provided on our website, browsing our website will help to find the address or contact details of preferred Nursing services.


The serious patients and their family members benefit. The patients who deal with surgery need much attention and monitoring, so skilled home nursing services are the best option, where a patient can get a quick recovery.
Yes, OnlyDesi has a list of good care homes near your area for Kolkata. We are concerned about getting good services for patients and we help them recover soon. So, good home care nurses are the best option to get a fast cure. Visiting our website will give information about care homes, where it can be easy to contact and get the best nurses hired.
Yes, it is possible to hire travelling nurses from nursing agencies, but it may ask for more charges on hiring this kind of nurse. The travelling nurses must have experience of two years and also possess specialised qualification.
Agencies that deal with nurses go through certain screening processes which include police verifications, background checks, etc. that make them rely on the agencies blindly.
The charges are depending upon the agencies or individual nurses, it may vary on the kinds of services patients or families of the patients ask. So, proper communication and information may help in setting up the charges for getting the services.
There are 4 types of nursing fields available, they are:
  • Adult nursing
  • Children nursing
  • Disable person nursing
  • Mental health patient nursing
The 6 C's which includes care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence, defines a proper and professional Nurse.

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