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 Iemnunoeath Pathology Center


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 Iemnunoeath Pathology Center


  Rs. 60-2000

 Iemnunoeath Pathology Center


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It is well known that pathology labs offer a broad range of diagnostic services that are essential in the identification of anomalies and diseases. Performing pertinent blood tests or other clinical examinations is the first step that enables a clinician to identify a medical issue. All diagnostic centres are set up to conduct these inquiries, from full blood count examinations to particular tests like thyroid profile and lipid profile. These facilities are situated in convenient areas throughout every neighbourhood, making pathological tests accessible and citizens' access to healthcare straightforward. Many laboratories offer home sample collection pathology services so you can get the blood and urine samples you need without leaving the comfort of your home. Other tests that can be performed at diagnostic laboratories include X-rays, sonography, 2D Echo, ECG tests, and stress tests. These clinical pathology laboratories are well-known for the reliability of their results. Please scroll up to view all of the pathology labs in Kolkata.

Diagnostic Tests are Conducted by the Best Pathology Labs in Kolkata

The diagnosis of diseases that can affect any area of the body is a critical function of the best pathology labs in Kolkata. Pathologists and microbiologists can reliably and precisely identify the minute components of a patient's underlying medical problem with the aid of modern technology-based diagnostic tools. For accurate test results on samples taken from patients for liquid biopsies, stool testing, blood tests, microbiome studies, urine tests, and other blood and bodily fluids, pathology labs in Kolkata use the most recent technology. Based on diagnostic reports created by certified phlebotomists, biologists, and microbiologists at pathology labs, medical professionals make treatment regimens for patients. The most practical option to obtain comprehensive information about nearby locations where one may have all tests completed as soon as possible is to consult online portals for rapid information about diagnostic centres near me in Kolkata.

Types of Pathology Labs in Kolkata

  1. Hospital labs

    A laboratory is present in almost all hospitals to assist the clinical services. Most hospitals would offer anatomic (surgical pathology, cytopathology, autopsy) and clinical (laboratory medicine) pathology as their unique pathology services. Hospital-affiliated doctors must order tests from hospital labs for the majority, if not all, of inpatients and many outpatients.

  2. Reference labs

    Reference labs are often private, for-profit businesses that do both specialist (high complexity and uncommon) and high volume laboratory testing. The majority of these tests are ordered on referral from doctors' offices, hospitals, and other patient care facilities, including nursing homes. Reference labs, which are often situated away from medical facilities, are frequently utilised for specialist tests that are ordered infrequently or demand specific equipment for analysis.

  3. Public health labs

    State and local health departments often run public health laboratories to diagnose and safeguard the public from health concerns, including infectious disease epidemics. These laboratories run tests to check for outbreaks of food- or water-borne illnesses, the presence of certain infectious agents, and other conditions that pose a risk to the public's health

Best Pathology Labs in Kolkata Conduct the Following Tests

In order to identify the precise cause of illness and the extent of the patient's health improvement, common pathology tests are carried out at pathology labs in Kolkata. These tests include:

  1. Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)

    This test evaluates blood urea nitrogen, glucose, sodium, potassium, calcium, chloride, carbon dioxide, and creatinine, which can help determine renal function, electrolyte balance, and fluid balance. The Basic Metabolic Panel can assist your doctor in making diagnoses, aiding in regular health screenings, or monitoring the effects of drugs you are taking, such as those for high blood pressure. Before this test, you might need to fast up to 12 hours.

  2. Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)

    For a more thorough assessment of metabolic activities with an emphasis on organ systems, this test combines the Basic Metabolic Panel with six additional tests.

  3. Complete Blood Count (CBC)

    The most common blood test performed is this one, usually referred to as a CBC. It counts all blood cell kinds and counts, including platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells. This test is used to assess nutritional status, screen for diseases, and ascertain general health conditions. It can aid in evaluating signs like weakness, exhaustion, and bruises, as well as diagnosing illnesses like anaemia, leukaemia, malaria, and infection.

  4. Prothrombin Time

    This test, sometimes referred to as PT and Pro Time, gauges how long it takes for blood to clot. Using this coagulation test, you can check for five different blood clotting factors, both inactive and active. This test can check for irregular bleeding patterns and may also be used to track the effects of blood clot-preventing medicines.

  5. Liver Function Tests

    The Liver Function Tests (LFT) are a series of blood tests that estimate how much of specific proteins, enzymes, and other substances the liver produces or excretes. Liver damage may have an impact on these drugs' blood levels. Together, these tests give the physician a picture of the liver's condition and can serve as a starting point for any additional diagnostic testing. Numerous illnesses, infections, and lifestyle choices can harm the liver. Because severe liver damage may already exist before symptoms show up, pathology is essential for early diagnosis and successful therapy.

  6. Iron studies

    As the name implies, an iron studies test is a pathology test that is performed if your doctor suspects you have too little or too much iron in your system. In order to produce enough healthy red blood cells, which transport oxygen throughout the body, iron is required. Low iron levels can cause anaemia, which causes the body to not produce enough red blood cells, making it easy to become exhausted and depleted of energy. Finding the source of iron shortage is crucial since it may signify underlying severe disorders. Iron insufficiency is a reflection of insufficient dietary intake, poor absorption, or excessive loss of iron through bleeding. Iron excess, also known as hemochromatosis, raises your risk of developing a number of dangerous illnesses, including liver disease, heart failure, arthritis, and diabetes. However, before tissue damage begins, iron excess is asymptomatic, damage that can be avoided by early identification. Pathology testing is critical in this illness because the effects of too much or too little iron are quickly addressed, especially if caught early.

  7. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) Quantification

    This blood test is conducted as part of the thyroid function test to screen for, diagnose, and track the treatment of thyroid problems such as hypothyroidism (not enough thyroid hormone) or hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone). These conditions can develop suddenly or as the result of tumours, pregnancies, infections, and occasionally drugs. The thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level in your blood is determined by the test. The pituitary gland releases TSH, which functions as a "messenger" to instruct the thyroid gland to begin producing hormones. Unfortunately, the messaging system becomes out of balance in people with thyroid or pituitary disorders. It is crucial that thyroid hormones are created in the proper amounts because they govern a variety of important internal processes, such as breathing, heart rate, body weight, temperature, and general levels of energy.

  8. Urinalysis

    A urinalysis is a test done on a urine sample to check for kidney and other metabolic problems (like diabetes). There are numerous circumstances in which a patient's doctor might recommend urinalysis. Common urinalysis tests include checking for urine protein, for instance, during pregnancy, red cells, in cases of renal disease, as well as indicators of urinary tract infections.

  9. Cultures

    Infections are diagnosed and treated using cultures as a test. For the proper antibiotic treatment, illnesses like urinary tract infections (UTI), pneumonia, strep throat, MRSA, and meningitis can be identified and tested.

  10. International Normalized Ratio

    The effectiveness of the clot-preventing medicine warfarin is evaluated with this pathology test. This drug may be necessary to avoid stroke in people with heart problems, such as an irregular heartbeat or following heart valve replacement. Warfarin may also be used by other persons to treat an existing clot or lower their chance of acquiring one during high-risk situations like surgery. Test subjects are compared to those who are not taking warfarin to see how long it takes them to change one protein, prothrombin, into another, thrombin. The development of clots depends on this chemical interaction. Warfarin users must have the test done on a frequent basis to check on the medication's efficacy and to let their doctor modify the dosage levels as necessary. Diet, drugs, and modifications in overall health all have an impact on levels. High levels could go undetected, but they do raise the chance of spontaneous bleeding.

Benefits of Visiting the Best Pathology Labs in Kolkata

When patients go to the best pathology labs in Kolkata, they gain a number of advantages. Let's examine a few benefits of diagnostic centres:

  1. Diagnosis of medical condition

    The disease that is rotating inside the patient's body is recognised as the primary cause for going to the diagnostic centres. According to the doctor's orders, the pathologist aiding you will carry out a number of medical tests to identify the body's primary issues. So, it is important to choose the correct pathology labs since their specialists will conduct a thorough diagnosis to determine the primary cause. According to the reports, this will make it easier for the doctors to start the treatment. Therefore, it is usually preferable to consult the best pathologist at the best pathology labs in Kolkata.

  2. Precise readings

    Getting a precise readout of the tests is one of the advantages of working with the best pathology labs in Kolkata. You will always receive accurate findings, whether you are visiting the lab for a blood test or any other test. In order to provide you with the essential medical treatment, the results must be precise and accurate. It could be challenging for the doctors to treat you if you don't attend your diagnostic centre appointment.

  3. Helps the doctor find a conclusion

    The doctor will wrap up the course of treatment with the pathology lab report. When reviewing the patient's doctor's notes, finding the severity, course of therapy, and medicine is simple. However, it is practically hard to treat the illness without a reliable pathology report.

  4. Online reports

    The collecting of reports is the issue that patients encounter most frequently. Unfortunately, collecting the report from the labs takes time. However, there are a number of best pathology labs in Kolkata whose findings are available online at any time.

  5. Home visits

    You must not overlook the fact that pathologists are available for home visits, which is one of the most remarkable things about the best pathology labs in Kolkata. They will do every test at the convenience of your house. You'll save time and work by doing this. This service will greatly benefit patients who can't get out of bed.

  6. Advanced equipment

    The pathologist at the best pathology labs in Kolkata will help you with cutting-edge tools and technologies. There won't be any chance for inaccuracy in the patients' reports because this will produce more accurate results.

  7. Provides instant results

    Patients receive fast results of their reports, which is the pathology labs' key benefit. Only trustworthy diagnostic centres with state-of-the-art lab equipment can accomplish this. So get the body's diagnostic as soon as possible and conveniently.

How Can OnlyDesi Help Find the Best Pathology Labs in Kolkata?

When searching to perform a diagnostic test, it's crucial to be aware of the lab's facilities, the kinds of tests the pathology lab performs, its popularity based on client reviews and ratings, its operating hours, and other factors. You can obtain comprehensive information on "pathology labs near me" or “diagnostic centres near me” via the OnlyDesi website or mobile app from any location, along with extra services offered by pathology labs like home sample collection, availability of diagnostic reports on email, costs for the tests, etc.


The diagnosis reports are often emailed by pathology labs in Kolkata. You can also get a photocopy of the medical report by going to the lab.

You can pay for the tests at the pathology lab's billing counter with a debit/credit card or cash. All the details regarding additional online payment options are available on their website or at the billing counter.
The majority of diagnostic tests need a doctor's prescription and an appointment in advance. However, a prior appointment is not necessary for some common tests, such as blood sugar checks, thyroid tests, basic stool and urine tests, etc.
Yes, the majority of pathology labs in Kolkata offer services for collecting blood, urine, and stool samples at home. Before going to the location, a certified phlebotomist verifies the request for a home test service.
Yes, except for a few special events like Diwali and Holi, most pathology labs in Kolkata offer services every day, including Sundays and public holidays. Before scheduling a visit on holiday, you can check with the lab administration.
Most test results are sent between 12 and 24 hours after the sample is received for testing. Some exams could go more slowly than others. Please ask the pathology lab in Kolkata about the timetable while discussing the problem.

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