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 New Lokenath Birds & Aquarium


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Pet shops are pet stores from where one can buy different types of animals, a variety of animal supplies and pet accessories.The products like food, treats, toys, collars, leashes, cat litter, cages and aquariums are sold in pet shops. Most people are fond of different pets and they keep pets at their home. Pets are very popular in our society. People love dogs, cats, rabbits and other pet animals. They take good care of these animals by feeding, grooming and buying them the necessary things that are required for them.

Can OnlyDesi help in finding the best pet shops near Kolkata ?

On OnlyDesi, we present various listings of Pet shops near you. We have listings of service providers who have been in service for years and successfully fulfilling the demands and needs of the potential customers . The customers can find pet shops if they go through OnlyDesi listings, and observe their address, contact details, their business hours and services they offer using the website. The viewer can immediately connect with the service providers by calling on their numbers. If the customers use the filters on location and services their search results increase and they would get the best recommended list of the best pet shops.

Why buy pet animals from nearby pet shops ?

You can buy animals from pet shops because these stores sell different kinds of animals, giving you plenty of options to choose.

  • One can buy the animals’ babies from pet shops because most of the people prefer to buy babies only so that they can groom them and love them like their own babies from the initial development stage of the animals.
  • The customers get the discount on animals and birds in the pet shops.
  • Most of the people don’t know where to adopt the pet animals from shelters therefore the pet shop is the best option.
  • The sellers of the pet shops know the quality and features of pets that they would sell you.
  • There are nutritionists available for pets who help you in giving the right nutrition to your pets.
  • Pet shops also provide veterinary service to your pets. When your pets get sick you can get veterinary service for your pets.

What products can be bought from the pet shops ?

A variety of pet accessories are sold in pet shops. They are:-

  • Animals’ food- Food is very important for animals to keep them alive and healthy. All the animals do not eat the same food. You can buy good quality food for your pets.
  • Pet treats- Pet treats are health supplements given to cats and dogs for giving them nutrition. Pets, especially dogs get bored very easily and quickly and to keep them energetic and busy the owner needs to give them treats.
  • Pet toys- Pet toys are also available in the pet shop. These toys are designed specially for dogs to play. Dog toys come in many varieties like dog bones, puppy toys,balls, training aids, squeaky toys. Disc, frisbees, plush toys, and sticks. These toys make your dogs happy and active.
  • Collars- A pet collar is a piece of fabric that is wrapped around your pet's neck. Collars are applied for restriction, identification, fashion, and protection. Collars are used in combination with a leash to restrain a pet.
  • Cat litter- Cat litter is used to clean the litter of the cat.It is used by the cat to bury its urine and faeces.
  • Cages- Cages are used to keep dogs and cats in the owner’s absence for their protection.
  • Aquarium- Anyone can buy aquariums from the pet shop. You can keep varieties of and colourful fishes in the aquarium.

What kind of grooming services are available in pet shops?

Pet shops provide various grooming services for the pets:

  • You can get the service for your pet bathing with shampoo and conditioner.
  • The service provider in the pet shop offers hair trimming service for your pet.
  • They also provide ear and eye cleaning services to pets.
  • The pet shops also provide trainer for the pets
  • Deshedding grooming service is also available in these stores.
  • They give anti tick treatment for cats and dogs and other pet animals.

What kind of pets are available in the pet shops?

Animal lovers can find various kinds of animals in the pet shops. They are-

  • Dog- The choice of pet for every household across the world is a dog. Dogs are loved most by everyone and most people prefer to keep dogs. Dogs are very loyal and playful and act as a guard to your home.
  • Cats- Cats are also adorable to everyone. It can mix well with every family.But cats may not be playful as compared to dogs. They can take care of themselves but still little maintenance is needed.
  • Birds- Birds are the most beautiful pets and their sound makes our day better. You can buy different types of colourful birds. They bring happiness to our household with their tunes.
  • Fishes- Fishes are quiet in nature and they add beauty to your homes.A fish is one of the best pets for the children since it only requires clean water and food on a daily basis. Colourful fish can also spark your child's interest and keep him delighted.
  • Hamsters- Hamsters are small and very entertaining pets. They are very energetic and cute pets.The greatest way to keep a hamster engaged is to install a hamster wheel inside its cage.
  • Mice- Mice is also a good pet. Most people prefer to buy white mice.They do not need much space to live and they can be looked after easily by any members of the family.
  • Rabbits- Rabbits are very cute and soft and most adorable creatures for children. Your kids can enjoy carrying the rabbit around the house in his pocket or on his head, and the rabbit will generally stay still, silently watching.


There are variou types of colourful fishes you can buy from pet shops like CrownTail Male Betta fish, Tetras, Guppies, Platies, Swordtails, Mollyfish, and whatever type of fish you like.
You can buy quality pet food from a nearby pet shop. To buy the food for pets you can go through OnlyDesi website where you would find the lists of various pet shops and their details are also given . Choose the best pet shop to get quality food for pets.
Yes, you can get pet friendly products from these stores at affordable prices. They keep good quality products for your pets so no need to worry about it.
The foods that you can buy to feed your pets are-
  • Dry feeds are usually cornmeal in a bag that includes 3-11 percent of water.
  • Canned food are generally food products packed in a solid or soft-sided container that holds 60-78 percent water.
  • Semi-moist foods are food frequently packed in pouches that contain 25-35 percent water.
  • Fresh pet foods provide the delicious flavour, but they're the most expensive.
The cost of a puppy depends on the fact which species it belongs to. If you are looking for the cheapest one then you can go for Labrador, Pariah, Dalmatian, Doberman, Indian spitz, Dachshund. Boerboel, Tibetan Mastiff, English Mastiff, Maltese Dog, etc are expensive dogs.
Yes, You can get varieties of cat food like wet food, dry food, treats, food toppers, etc. at a cat shop at affordable prices.
Yes, you can buy pets from the pet store without any hesitation because pet stores help families in getting the appropriate breed for them . Pet store animals are "registered," means they are healthy, possess veterinary records, as well as offer a health guarantee.
Puppy mills provide the bulk of the puppies sold in pet stores. Puppies are often taken from their mommies at a young age, packed into cages, loaded onto a truck or plane, and transported huge distances to dealers and pet stores, often without adequate food, water, or ventilation.
If some pets are not sold, pet stores will frequently minimise their costs and give pets g to staff, friends, or rescue organisations.
Ear cleaning, nail cutting, bathing and blow-dry, combing, underpaw shaving, and other services can be provided.

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