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What type of service is offered in a spa in Kolkata?

The very word spa salon is related to the concept of relaxation and well-being. Spa generally means a massage session. After your day's turmoil when you return from your office you naturally feel very tired. Right at that time if you are provided with a beautiful massage, what will you feel? Naturally, it will decrease your tiredness and will fill you with joy and a mesmerizing feeling.

This is how a beauty spa in Kolkata can be a boon to you, a place where you can be indulged in some most essential 'me' time, to reach your mood to a relaxing point, you will get recharged here, you can reflect on yourself. You will also be able to detox and beautify both your physical state and mental state.

How top spa in Kolkata help you relax?

In contemporary times top spas in Kolkata cater to a wide variety of health-promoting issues. There is healing power in touch therapy. From time immemorial the practice of spa is going on. Spas and touch therapies are very much related. The loving and nurturing touch of a therapist’s hands on one’s skin has many benefits that go beyond the satisfaction of the physical body and make you relax.

How a spa in Kolkata will be worthwhile for your money?

  • A massage session is always a break from your work tensions, your family, and friends to remain stress-free.
  • A good massage can improve your blood circulation, which carries oxygen and essential nutrients to the cells.
  • The lymphatic system of the human body is stimulated through a proper massage. It carries away the waste products of your body.
  • It has been proved that massage releases some hormones from our bodies. One such hormone is called Serotonin that is responsible to enhance your body and mind’s “feel good” feelings. When you will be provided with a spa service, your mind, body, and soul all will remain in proper harmony.
  • Professional players and athletes are very fitness freaks, They can experience great relief in easing their muscle tensions through trained therapists and deep tissue massages are very beneficial for them.
  • Massage therapy is very necessary for pain management in chronic conditions such as arthritis and sciatica.
  • You can also cure your obesity through a good spa massage.

What are the types of spa available in Kolkata?

Various types of spa is available in Kolkata These are:

  • Ayurvedic spa
  • Bootcamp spa
  • Club spa
  • Home spa
  • Day spa
  • Destination spa

Is Ayurvedic spa in Kolkata really helpful for your well-being?

The ayurvedic spa is another name for the beauty spa in Kolkata. Ayurveda was invented in India. The meaning of Ayurveda in Sanskrit is the knowledge for long life. The oldest medicinal practice in the world is Ayurveda. Therefore an Ayurveda spa is something that can prevent you from diseases and that will boost your immunity power. The aging process is even delayed by the help of the Ayurveda spa. This spa is very ideal as a stress buster.

Bootcamp spa in Kolkata

Bootcamp spa is quite available in Kolkata. These kinds of spas include the traditional spa system (massages and some kind of facials and manicures). The workout classes and the educational talks are included in this Bootcamp spa. The basic aim of a bootcamp spa is to make the participants aware of the better lifestyle choices. Bootcamp spas are mainly focused on weight loss therapy and detox.

Why will you go to a club spa?

If you choose a club spa you will find that club spas are basically the day spas located within a health club or in a gym. Nowadays fitness is the requirement of all. Therefore clubs today are also trying to attach the fitness facilities within their premises. Club spas include a deluxe spa very often. It is completely equipped with gym facilities, cafe facilities and the bar facility. Therefore you can have all fun and health care at the same time.

What kind of service is offered in a home spa in Kolkata?

In a spa at home the experts will come to your home and they will give you the feeling of a spa-like atmosphere in your home. The highest advantage of it is that you do not have to go anywhere outside your house in this pandemic situation.

Why should you go to a day spa?

Day spas do not consist of any overnight accommodation. Massages, body scrubs, wraps and facials are offered to the guests in the day spas. Day spas are of different types. Some are luxurious, some are again reasonable.

Is Destination spa easily available in Kolkata?

A destination spa is easily available in Kolkata. If you opt for this destination spa it will boost the concept of your overall health of you. Nutritional meals and stress reduction classes are included in this type of spa. Guests are well informed by the educational lectures about how to remain healthy.

Different kinds of spas not only release stress from our body, but they also release stress from our mind. So, you can easily choose to go to spas to rejuvenate yourself at an affordable price rate.


Charges are different for different kinds of spas. The average charge in the spa centers in Kolkata is Rs 700 to 800 for a good spa.
Yes, a spa is a kind of meditation that the saints have been practicing since an early age. It reduces stress from your body and mind.
You visit the above-mentioned link for knowing the best spa and the top spa in Kolkata
Day spas are very common and very easily available. It will not provide you night long accommodation. You can go for both luxurious and reasonable packages here.

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