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What are the best type of tiles for home decor in Kolkata ?

Every home is made up of a variety of materials. When it comes to improving your home decor, tiles are one of the most essential elements. As a result, selecting the appropriate tiles for your needs, lifestyle, and house location is critical for all homeowners. Although we cannot force your decision, we can assist you in making one. Here is this comprehensive guide that details the many types of tiles, their benefits, where they may be used, and how to care for them.

  • Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are constructed of clay that has been burnt in a kiln and is red, brown, or white in colour. These tiles are available in a vast range of patterns and colours. Ceramic tiles are stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and might crack if you drop heavy items on them. Hence this type of tile is better for walls. But you can also use these specific tiles for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen backsplash and wall decor.
  • Porcelain tiles: Porcelain tiles are also constructed of clay, sand, and feldspar, then burnt in a kiln. However, they are baked at a higher temperature, resulting in a more thick and long-lasting product. This type of tile is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant and non-porous. It is used for flooring, kitchen backsplash, wall cladding, wall decor and in outdoor areas.
  • Onyx tiles: To an amateur, onyx is a marble-like material. These low-cost tiles are constructed of quartz and other synthetic ingredients to seem like marble veins. These tiles come in larger dimensions than regular tiles. Onyx tiles are moderately heat resistant but it is not completely scratch or stain resistant. This can be used for wall cladding, backsplash and indoor flooring.
  • Vitrified tiles: Traditional ceramic tiles are identical to vitrified tiles, but silica is added to the composition. The silica and clay melt during the vitrification process, mixing together to form a glass-like substance inside each tile. This ensures that the tiles maintain their original lustre even after years of use. Vitrified tiles are available in a number of finishes including anti-skid coating. These tiles are stain-proof because of their low porosity. It is durable, water and frost resistant; can sustain heavy movement and can be installed very quickly. These tiles can be used for bathroom walls.
  • Mosaic tiles: Mosaic tiles are quite popular in tiny spaces like kitchens and baths. These are tiles that have a smaller surface area. The length and width of each tile are both less than 2 inches. As a result, they're simpler to set up in smaller spaces. Using the correct cutting tools, on the other hand, leads to a superb result. A RUBI tile cutter is one of the best cutting tools because it cuts with exceptional precision.
  • Marble tiles: Marble tiles are an excellent choice if you want to add aesthetic value and refinement to your property. They're made of real marble, which is extremely durable. Marble tiles come in a variety of finishes, including polished, brushed, honed, tumbled, and more, making them excellent for any room use.

What things need to be considered before purchasing tiles?

A house's flooring is just as significant as its construction. When it comes to choosing floor tiles, owners should take great care because it can improve the entire appearance of the area. Customers have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to tile dealers in Kolkata. Aesthetics may be a big issue for some, while durability may be the most important factor for others. Before choosing flooring tiles, consider the following criteria.

  • Choosing the right sized tiles: There are various sizes of tiles that you can pick from. Choosing the right-sized tile is very essential. For example, using large scale tiles for a small kitchen or bathroom can make them look unusual. Also, they will make fewer edge lines and will make it look like one surface. That isn't to say that smaller tiles won't look nice. What matters is that you choose a tile size that complements the aesthetics of the place where they'll be installed.
  • Choosing the best finish: When choosing tiles in a tile showroom, it is preferable to seek a variety of finishes. Matt, polished, wood, rustic, metallic, and other options are among the most popular alternatives made available by tile sellers. What kind of tile finish will go wonderfully well with the overall design of the house should be decided by the overall decor of the house.
  • Choosing the material: Tile retailers also have a variety of tile materials to choose from. Vitrified, ceramic, mosaic, cement, and glass are some of the most popular floor tile materials. Most people choose ceramic or vitrified tiles because they are durable and come in a wide range of design, colour, and pattern options. They withstand everyday wear and tear and are rarely chipped, discoloured, or broken. These materials are an excellent choice for places with a lot of foot activity.
  • Choosing anti-slip tiles: Anti-slip tiles should be a major priority for kitchen and bathroom floors because these are the locations where accidents are most likely. Tile dealers in Kolkata are the finest places to learn about tiles with good grip and anti-slip properties. Because of their slip resistance, a large number of reputable tile dealers advise consumers to choose matt finish tiles for bathrooms.
  • Choosing the right colour: People should pay close attention to the colour of the flooring while looking at tiles in a tile shop because it plays such an important part in enhancing the appearance and feel of any space. They should be aware that a colour that works well in one room may not work in another. Light-coloured tiles, for example, can make an area appear larger and more open.
  • Choosing a tile variety that is easy to clean and maintain: If the location where the tiles are to be installed will see a lot of foot traffic, tile dealers advise their customers to search for solutions that are simple to keep and clean. They might think about purchasing tiles that can be easily cleaned with little effort.

How OnlyDesi can help to find the best tile stores near me in Kolkata ?

Tiles are one of the most widely used materials for floor and wall decoration. They're available in practically every colour, size, style, or finish you can think of. As a result, deciding on the proper type for you can be difficult. The greatest thing you can do to prevent being puzzled is to contact one of the best tile showrooms in your area, where professionals can assist you in making a decision. Consider using the OnlyDesi app or website to search for the 'best tile shops near me’ because it provides a verified list of local tile retailers. You can easily find their phone numbers, addresses, business hours, and other information. Adding filters to your search, such as location, distance, popularity, and so on, improves the results even more.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles have a variety of finishes. Ceramic and porcelain tiles come in glazed, polished, and unglazed finishes. Consult a specialist at your local tile store in Kolkata to locate the greatest fit for your needs. When it comes to bathrooms, glazed tiles are more slippery when wet, so choose textured tiles instead.
Yes, but only if the surface beneath it is properly installed and isn't defective or has an issue, such as stuffing. This, however, is not a wise choice, according to tile merchants in Kolkata. Though it may look to save money, it may actually cost more. Overlapping floors raise the room's height slightly so it will require the doors to be adjusted to open normally.
The floor tiles sold by local tile dealers are thick and strong, allowing them to resist heavy foot traffic. Wall tiles, on the other hand, are thinner than floor tiles. They're also lighter, making installation easier.
You should first determine the size of the area where the tiles will be installed. Because of cutouts and breaks, you'll need to acquire more tiles than the exact number that would complete your space.
You can find a huge variety of floor tiles and wall tiles like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, granite tiles, limestone tiles etc. to improve your home decoration.
For straight cuts, professionals typically use a specific tool that scrapes and then cuts the tile, resulting in a clean and beautiful finish. They may utilise a disc saw for cuttings or other details. The tile merchant may be able to assist you in locating a specialised technical team.

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