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What are the different types of wall claddings available at the wall cladding dealers near me in Kolkata ?

The different forms of wall cladding are classified by the materials that were used to make them. Advances in technology have added a variety of options to meet the growing demand for higher resilience and better protection at reduced costs. Each one is addressed further down.

  • Natural stone cladding: The price of natural stone cladding is mainly determined by the type of stone purchased, such as sandstones, slates, granites, marble, quartzites and limestones. The cost of natural stone cladding is also heavily dependent on the needed size and form. Stone strips ranging from 2 to 15 rows can be used to create cladding. For this, the more pieces in a single stone cladding, the more glue is necessary to bind them together. It gives the building a welcoming atmosphere. It can be put on either a concrete or steel surface.
  • Vinyl cladding: Vinyl cladding comes in a variety of colours to choose from. Because vinyl material can save you money not only during the installation process but also in the long run as it is still one of the most affordable cladding materials and has been considered to be energy efficient. Panels can keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by fitting with an additional layer of insulation, creating a temperature-controlling blanket. Vinyl is generally lighter than its counterparts and allows panels to be entirely flexible when covering a building. It is flake and dent resistant, and it does not require re-painting.
  • Aluminium cladding: When compared to other metals, aluminium cladding has a lot of advantages. Aluminium is significantly one-third the weight of steel. It weighs about 2,7g/cm3 on average. This feature makes aluminium an outstanding building material, as it will stay for decades. It will not degrade in quality during the recycling process. Aluminium is continuously released, and the process consumes very little energy. It is a metal that can be easily moulded into a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, making it a versatile material.
  • Wood cladding: Wood is still one of the most aesthetically beautiful cladding options available. Wood cladding is usually implemented in narrow and long boards that can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and the end result can be completely tailored to create the desired ornamental finish. Wood is an excellent insulator and weather-resistant, making it ideal for siding. It is easy to set up and long-lasting. Wood's natural appearance has an unrivalled aesthetic quality. Wooden planks can also be utilised for flooring and decking.
  • Brick cladding: Bricks of brick cladding are made of lightweight materials and come in a variety of colours. It provides complete protection against all external elements to which it may be exposed. Brick cladding will not degrade, fracture or exhibit symptoms of pollution damage. Most cladding bricks are made with proprietary, state-of-the-art machinery created in-house. In the summer, it keeps you cool, while in the winter, it provides energy-efficient warmth. Brick cladding works in tandem with passive building design to harness natural energy sources. Brick cladding's thermal insulating properties and natural density help to maintain a comfortable building temperature while lowering energy use.
  • Glass cladding: Glass cladding can be utilised as both the interior and exterior wall cladding of a building. It's a pocket-friendly and practical alternative to painting, tiling, and other types of decor. These forms of glass cladding can create an easy-to-maintain, visually appealing wall surface that is suitable for a variety of commercial interior and exterior applications. Laminated, tempered, curved, enamelled, and specially treated glass are among the many glass cladding alternatives available, each with great versatility in terms of performance, look, and composition to meet modern architectural needs.
  • Ceramic cladding: The ceramic tiles are given additional support by the ceramic cladding. It has many advantages, which is why ceramic cladding is in such high demand. These claddings are highly resistant to adverse weather and are not easily destroyed. They can survive for many years without showing any signs of wear. Rain, as well as rising pollution levels, have less effect on this type of cladding. As they are resistant to damaging UV rays, they are an excellent choice for your building structure. It is composed totally of natural materials and is thus eco-friendly. It is easy to recycle and contributes to the reduction of carbon footprints in nature.
  • Fibre cement cladding: Fiber Cement Cladding is made up of sand, cement, and cellulose fibres for reinforcement. These panels are used to clad the external walls of commercial, residential, and industrial structures. They're available in panels and planks, with a variety of texture options. These commonly seem like longer wooden planks and are commonly used in construction. Dimensional stability is one of the most important features of this type of wall cladding. Unlike the other exterior wall cladding panels made of standard materials, these do not expand and compress.

What are the benefits of wall cladding?

Wall cladding is an amazing option to provide your building with an extra layer of protection while also boosting its aesthetic appeal. The additional protection will help to safeguard your home from all external threats and extend its lifespan. You can choose from a wide range of materials to get the one that is ideal for your home. The multiple benefits of wall cladding make it an excellent choice for any structure.

Here are a few of the most important advantages of wall cladding.

  • Enhanced security: One of the best features is that it adds an extra degree of security to your structure. It contributes to the building's mechanical strength. Strong winds, high temperatures, humidity, rain, and other unfavourable weather conditions may all be avoided by putting them in place. It protects against the possibility of fractures or other structural issues. Using wall cladding to keep pollutants out of your building is also a good idea.
  • Better look: It improved the overall appearance of your home. When you want to give your historic building a modern look, it is the finest option. It improves the appearance and adds attractiveness to your building with the appropriate finish and look. It also contributes to your home's total value increase.
  • Low maintenance: One of the most significant advantages of wall cladding is that it reduces the building's maintenance requirements and associated expenditures. It demands far fewer repairs and cleaning. A quick wash might help restore a clean, fresh appearance. It allows you to save money by eliminating the need to spend money on building upkeep at regular intervals.
  • Variety of choices: When you decide to have these, you can choose from a wide range of possibilities. Stone, brick, ceramic, terracotta, wood, metal and a variety of other cladding materials are all available. You can choose these materials and give your building a different style based on your preferences.
  • Insulation benefits: This can also help to insulate your home. It helps to prevent excessive heat absorption by adding a thermal insulation layer to your building. It helps you save a lot of energy by addressing thermal and insulation difficulties. You may simply reduce your electricity expenses by improving your energy efficiency. The fact that it is sound insulating is an added bonus. It assists in preventing outside noise from entering your building, resulting in a tranquil and pleasant environment for the occupants.

With so many benefits, wall cladding is definitely something you should consider for your home. Apart from improving the building's appearance and making it more inviting, it can also help you save money on a variety of expenses. Although the initial fees are significant, they will save you money in the long term. Take advantage of the best options available and safeguard your home to the best of your ability.

Thou wall cladding has numerous advantages, but you can not ignore the disadvantages as well.

  • The cladding's tensile strength is low.
  • Some stones deteriorate over time.
  • Work that requires a high level of expertise is required.
  • The cost of maintenance is substantial.
  • Sedimentary stones are formed in layers rather than under pressure, and if loaded vertically, they can be separated.

How can OnlyDesi help in finding the best wall cladding dealers near me in Kolkata ?

OnlyDesi is a platform that allows all users to find a variety of wall cladding dealers near me in one place, ranging from various types of wall claddings you would need.

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Apply numerous parameters, such as pricing, ratings, and location, to locate the best wall cladding dealers near me in Kolkata that meets your standards and meets all of your needs.


The most significant consideration when choosing wall panels for your home is the application location. Different wall panels have different durability and surface protection levels, as well as different features. Choosing the appropriate wall panels is essential if you want your wall panels to withstand potential harm while still looking decent. Wall panels are also available in a variety of colours and patterns. As a result, your ultimate option should blend in with the rest of your home's décor and concept.
Wall panels operate as a barrier, protecting your home from flaws and wear and tear caused by the passage of time. Your wallclads will be more successful at protecting your property if they are more damage resistant. The majority of high-quality wall panels are coated with a special protective layer that ensures their stability and longevity, even in the most adverse weather conditions. UV protection, anti-graffiti properties, and corrosion resistance are all available on some wall panels.
When it comes to wall panels, there are a variety of looks to choose from. Wall claddings come in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to create practically any outside appeal you choose. Everything is possible, from an ultra-modern style to traditional wood finishes. Greenlam Clads has a large selection of wall claddings in a variety of styles, including wood, stone, and solid colours.
Wall claddings can be created from a variety of materials and manufactured in a variety of ways, resulting in a variety of characteristics and features. High-pressure laminate claddings are one of the most extensively utilised solutions for both interior and exterior applications because they give the highest level of resistance to surface damage, humidity, and abrasion.
The price of wall cladding will depend on the different types of it. Though the price might start from Rs. 200 onwards.

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