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What is a catering service?

Catering is the task of supplying food and drink for a broad number of people, for instance at weddings and parties.

What are the types of catering services available in Kolkata?

In an event, be it a party or a wedding, people always look for the best caterer that can provide their guests with top quality services and food. There are many catering services available in Kolkata who supplies the best quality services. Primarily there are 3 main types of catering services available in Kolkata and they are as follows:-

  • Hotel or restaurant caterers- Working as the mediator, the hotel or restaurant caterers will primarily take on duties like designing the menu, menu preparations, table arrangement, banquet setup, seats, sustaining the deliverables, and conscientiously sourcing the staff. They are the ones who boost an event synchronised between the hotel staff and clients.
  • Delivery or mobile catering- This category of caterer frequently brings food through food carriages, delivery services, or any food vans. This service is more economical than most of the other available services. This type of service requires less participation and depends mainly on the requirements of the clients. The mobile or delivery caterers would arrange the menu based on pre-decided plans as defined by the clients. They would eventually supply the food to the appropriate location. This is the service most preferable for those with a set commercial standard.
  • Private event or full-service catering- Full-service or private event caterers are privately possessed and controlled businesses. The experiences that they present with their work and go forth and make a statement with their abilities. The success of an event primarily depends on the way a private caterer organises a plan and executes it, creating a speciality for the customer and also for one’s own journey. It is, therefore, necessary that a private caterer should act in accordance with the client’s predictions in a systemised and customised manner.

What are the things a person should look for before hiring a catering service provider?

Before hiring a catering service provider for your event or function, you should look for a few things regarding the service provider. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Schedule a formal visit to the caterer
    Make a visit to the premises of all the caterers that you have selected. The caterers ready to make a difference will always focus on purity or cleanliness. Put a check on how they organise the support at their kitchen and how the employees conduct themselves at the workplace.
    This is a crucial step toward a successful event that is devoid of unintentional flaws and difficulties. The visitor may also observe how the personnel clean the kitchen and dispose of the rubbish.
  • Online and contact punctuality
    How easy and diplomatic was your recent communication with a specific department of the caterer is the main question and how well-timed was their tonality while responding to your query. These are some of the easiest ways to end your search for the most perfect caterer aptly after you narrowed your quest.
    Another factor to examine is how they handle their communications in a professional manner. A responsive caterer will clarify issues via email by attempting to come up with immediate responses. After that, the systems ( also known would be passed to the relevant departmental heads / actual officials.
  • Online reviews
    You're on the right track if you're checking at what previous customers had to comment about a caterer. The caterer who wants to set an outstanding example by offering quick service will undoubtedly receive countless advantages. The bulk of reviews is like the service provider's originality.
    The dessert was fantastic,' for example. This might be a review that you should take heed of and move with the flow. Check to see if the caterer you're selecting has a legal permit.
  • Layout of the order forms and also of the bill statements
    On the order form, a good candidate will keep transparency. An interactively rich order form will be maintained by the caterer who has had extensive exposure to a series of upscale occasions. Examine how the order form solves the issues that arise during a corporate/celebratory event. Special requests are specified by the leveraged caterers depending on characteristics such as diet, food sensitivity, intolerance, and alcohol preferences.

How OnlyDesi help you to find your required catering services near Kolkata?

On the website of OnlyDesi, we have featured numerous catering service agencies in Kolkata, who have been in the catering services for years and has served the demands and needs of the customers adequately.

You can browse through OnlyDesi and look for catering service agencies in Kolkata and can immediately contact them on the contact details provided on the website. To get accurate results you can apply filters on services and locations so that you can get a convenient result.

How to find a catering service provider for bengali wedding cuisine in Kolkata?

In this situation, many catering service providers that have Bengali wedding cuisine services available in Kolkata but without knowing which catering service agencies provide the best Bengali cuisine services for a wedding it would become difficult for the customer to get the best and authentic Bengali cuisine. Our website has tried to solve this problem by listing those service providers on OnlyDesi which provide the service of Bengali cuisine in weddings along with the timings and charges which they charge for service. It provides you with the details of the services and also about the cuisine which is provided by the caterers you searched for. To enhance the results you can filter the location and can get much more relevant pieces of information.

Which are the caterers that deliver vegetarian food at the wedding near Kolkata?

Our website has some listed caterers which deliver vegetarian food in the weddings near Kolkata. Vegetarian food is loved by many but there are very few providers who provide vegetarian food for wedding purposes and our website has provided the list of such providers on our website. OnlyDesi has provided the list with every single detail which would be helpful for the customer to connect with the needed caterers. All you need is just to visit our website and search for the caterers you need and all the details would be provided to you.

Where to get the best caterers details near Kolkata?

Our website has numerous caterers listed on it that provide several services to you at your demands. To get a better understanding of the services and to know which caterer provides which cuisine, you need to visit our website. If you want to locate the caterer which provides the best cuisine near Kolkata or which catering service delivers the best variety of cuisine at your demands at an affordable range then visit on OnlyDesi website and there you can find your answers.

How to get caterers for Bengali wedding purposes inKolkata?

There are several caterers available in various places but no one can visit multiple places to find caterers. If one gets a caterer near their location, then it would become easy for them to make their wedding arrangement easy and beautiful. Many websites help you to find your nearest wedding caterers. On OnlyDesi, a list of numerous Bengali wedding caterers has been provided who would help you to make your wedding ceremony beautiful and perfect. They have years of knowledge and experience in this field and have satisfied their clients with their work and dedication.

You can browse through the website of OnlyDesi and can see the listed catering service providers and can directly contact them on the number that would have been provided on the website. There are also other details on the website about the service providers like their business hours, the services they provide, timings, addresses and also about the charges. Browse through OnlyDesi and find a wedding caterer nearKolkata.

Where to find various types of catering service providers for different small wedding functions nearKolkata?

There are various types of catering service providers for different small wedding functions and separate departments work on a specific cuisine for a function. But the search for it is not that much easy but when OnlyDesi is with you, you can locate anything, anytime.

OnlyDesi provides you with the top caterers who have years of experience in this field and have provided satisfactory results to their customers. You can put your location on the search bar and it will show you the list of several caterers nearKolkata from there you can get the nearest service providers and can get your cuisine ideas and work done from them.

The caterers who are listed on OnlyDesi, not only provide ideas about the cuisine but also services that you can avail of for your needs. We have provided the details of the caterers on our website so that you can directly contact them and know about the services they provide and also about the charges they charge for their services.

How to know about the charges that are being charged by the caterers for providing the best vegetarian cuisine near Kolkata?

The service charge of any service is decided by the service provider after the service is provided to the customers. But sometimes the service provider demands unreasonable and extra charges for their services and it becomes difficult for the customer to provide them with the same. So, to make things easy for the customers, OnlyDesi on their website provides the details of the caterers who provide the best vegetarian cuisine inKolkata, so that the customer can know about the charges that are being charged by the caterers for vegetarian cuisine before the service is done.


Yes, there are some catering service providers available nearKolkata and you can find them by browsing the website of OnlyDesi and using filters on the location section.
Yes, you can find out about the prices of catering services inKolkata. You can search on the website of OnlyDesi and can look at the details which have been provided there and can choose your one.
Yes, there are some Bengali caterers available forKolkata. OnlyDesi provides you with some listed Bengali caterers that deal with the service of providing reasonable Bengali cuisine and also with their timings and other services they provide.
Yes, you can know about the availability of small wedding party catering arrangements nearKolkata by searching about the types of wedding party cuisine arrangements you want and about the types of work you want from them. On OnlyDesi, you get the list of some catering providers and also the details of their whereabouts for your convenience.
Yes, there are some caterers available forKolkata. OnlyDesi provides you with some listed caterers that supply continental cuisine for weddings and their timings and other services they provide.
Yes, you can know about the charges charged by the caterers for ancient type cuisine inKolkata. On our website, the service details and contact details are given. You can directly contact them and ask about the charges they charge for their services.

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