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What is Legal Service?

In practical meaning, any service in the legal field or any assistance or aid regarding legal topics is known as legal services. It consists of surrendering any service before the court or tribunal and giving advice on legal matters. According to Section 2(c) of the legal services authorities act, 1987, services in respect of any case or any legal matter before the court or tribunal or any other legal authority or advising in respect of legal issues come under the header of legal services.

How Does OnlyDesi Help You to Find the Best Legal Services Providers?

OnlyDesi provides you with the best legal services in Kolkata in a single click. This will provide you with various kinds of exposure; all you need is just to visit our website and input your demand in the search box. You will find various kinds of legal service providers and advocates as per your need.

Are Legal Service Providers available in Kolkata?

Yes, there are many legal service providers available in Kolkata. You can search for the best legal service-providing agencies or providers available in Kolkata in OnlyDesi. On our website, various legal service providers or agencies have been listed from whom you can choose your required one. The service providers listed on our website are top-rated and have years of experience in their respective fields. You can also look out for advocates in Kolkata simply by searching for them on our website.


Yes, you may know the various kinds of legal services available in india. Some of them are FSSAI Licence, Trade Licences, Aadhaar Cards, etc.
Yes, there are many FSSAI License providers available in india. You can look out for them on OnlyDesi.
Yes, you can get legal services available in India.
Yes, you can get legal service agencies available for Aadhaar Card in India. You just need to search for them on our website.
Yes, you may know about the availability of FSSAI License providers within the budget of Rs. 6000 in India. Just visit the website of OnlyDesi and search for your requirements, and you will get several results for your search.
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