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Every occasion is accompanied by the serving of delectable cuisine, and when you have an event planned at home, the services of cooks on hire are a blessed relief. Cooking is not only a passion for many people, but also a viable career option. Kitty parties, birthday or anniversary celebrations, house parties, housewarming, and religious events and other occasions at home can all benefit from the expertise of a home chef. When you appoint a personal chef, the expert begins preparing the meal after learning about the cuisine, the number of guests, the number of dishes, the number of courses, and other details.

Weddings are events that last several days, and this service is available for such occasions. The chefs bring along a helper to assist them with cutting, chopping, and other minor tasks. Many of these professionals also own and operate a catering company. But some people hire a personal chef at their home for cooking everyday.

How can OnlyDesi help in finding the cooks near in Mumbai?

We have a large number of Cooks on hire centres listed near you on OnlyDesi. Our featured service providers have years of experience in the Cook on hire agency field and have successfully met the needs of hundreds of clients till now. You can choose a Cooks on hire centre that can fulfil your needs and demands.

If you're seeking a Cooks service agency nearby, you can look through OnlyDesi. Using OnlyDesi Listing, you can see agencies’ address and contact information, business hours, services they offer, and much more. You can reach them right away by calling their phone number.

Why should one hire a home chef nearby in Mumbai?

The work that everyone wants to do after a long day at work is to return home, eat at home, and sleep well. You will always find it easier to accomplish household chores with the help of professional assistance. This allows you to concentrate on other tasks and manage your other responsibilities effectively. Personal chefs at home assist you with everything from stocking the pantry to preparing a weekly menu, cooking on time, and tidying the kitchen, among other things. You should hire a home chef if you've been having trouble keeping up with the cooking schedule. Here are some reasons why one should hire a chef at home:

  • Saves money : Having a meal outside is not always a budget-friendly choice. Instead, you might engage a professional home cook to prepare your favourite dishes for you at home. A cooking chef can also assist you at home with extra services such as filling the pantry, organising the kitchen, creating the weekly menu, cooking meals according to your preferences, and so on.
  • Saves time : When you hire a chef at home, you can expect to receive freshly prepared meals on time. Experts organise ahead of time and prepare everything in accordance with your schedule. There's no need to scratch your head over what to cook or order. This time can be usefully utilised.
  • Convenience : One of the most compelling reasons to hire a Personal Chef is the ease with which they can organise meals. Chefs take care of the difficulty of planning and preparing quick, healthy meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is ideal for today's hectic lifestyles.
  • Highly customised meal planning : Cooks at home make highly customised meal plans that are matched to your individual requirements and timetables. They'll handle everything, from knowing about your food choices to cooking each dish to everyone's preferences.
  • Learning new tips from your home chef : For those special occasions when you need to cook, you can learn a new cooking method that can save you time in the meal preparation process. Although you hired a personal chef to cook for you, there is a feeling of satisfaction in learning new techniques and dishes.
  • Introduce new dishes to your family : When you hire a home Chef, he or she might present you to different cuisines you may not have experienced previously. A Personal Chef has the skills and experience to prepare healthy, quick meals that can be heated and eaten right away.
  • No worry in hosting dinner party : Assistance from a home chef can help in planning an excellent dinner party and an enjoyable moment with family and friends . Instead of spending days before your event sweating in the kitchen, you can assign everything to your cooks and have a fun evening at home with your guests.
  • Having best home cooked meals : Best home cooked meals allow one to be aware of and confident in the use of healthier and fresher ingredients. Restaurant cuisine is typically heavy in sodium, fats, and sugar, making it a poor choice for a healthy diet. In addition, most food items are processed, and vegetables and meat are frequently kept in cold storage for a longer shelf life.

What should we consider before we hire a chef at home near me in Mumbai?

There is no alternative for home cooking, but it's unlikely that you will be able to cook every day, especially if you're a working professional. The good news is that you can employ a cook to meet your needs and satisfy your taste instead. Choosing cooks near you is not difficult, but there are a few things to consider while hiring a cook for your home.

  • Cooking experience at home : To begin, keep in mind that you are seeking a cook for home cooking. Therefore, while considering a cook, be sure to ask if he or she has any experience with home cooking. You should always recruit someone who has worked in a kitchen before.
  • Fees and leave : While deciding on the cook's wages, make sure to communicate it to your cook in a clear and concise manner, as your cook's expectations may be beyond your budget. So, before she starts reporting to work, discuss with him or her about fees, job hours, and leave structure.
  • Recommendation : Selecting a cook depending on the reference of your friends or other family members is a wonderful option. When you are new to a place or an area and don't know much about it, taking the tips from someone into consideration can be helpful.
  • Check background information : Checking the background of the cooking chef you want to hire is, once again, a good idea. To guarantee that the cook you're hiring is trustworthy, ask him or her to show the documents or even give his or her address.
  • Language : Always recruit someone who can follow your orders and understands your language.
  • Honest and trustworthy : There are numerous cooking chef services that can offer you with some of the top cooks for your home. It is your job to ensure that the cook you hire is both honest and trustworthy.
  • Cooking for guests : It is important to ask the cook beforehand if he or she can make food for your guests as and when they arrive at your home.

What are the cooking methods that the personal chef knows?

There are some common cooking method that your home chef must know while cooking for you and your family:

  • Steam : The rising steam from a heated liquid does the cooking in steaming. Most of the dishes your home chefs cook using this method.
  • Blanch : Blanching is another fast cooking method that results in soft, crisp vegetables that retain their colour and many nutrients.
  • Braise : Searing is one of the most common meat and fish cooking methods, involving the use of high heat to generate an appealing, caramelised brown crust that enhances flavour and creates pleasing taste and texture contrasts between the crisp exterior and delicate soft interior.
  • Poach : Poaching is a method of cooking food in a liquid at a temperature below simmering, for delicate items like fish, fruit, eggs, and even chicken.
  • Roast : It can bring out the maximum flavour potential of veggies and give large quantities of meat an even, soft, golden-brown finish.
  • Grill : Grilling is a fast, dry cooking method over an open fire using a metal grate.Charred grill sears can enhance flavour but rapidly dry out food if not done properly.


Yes, you can hire a cook for a limited period of time. This could take from a few hours to several days.
It depends on whether you are hiring a cooking chef for your home permanently or for a short period of time and the kind of occasion. The charges vary from one centre to another.
Yes, cooks on hire can prepare both veg and non veg food. However, you should discuss this with them whether they are comfortable in cooking non veg food for you.
The chefs at home can help you with cleaning kitchens, washing and cutting vegetables, and serving food to the family members and guests. But you should ask them about the other household works whether they are willing to do or not.
The home chefs can prepare and serve meals to your family and guests, they also cook different cuisines on special occasions. They buy groceries from the market and plan your menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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