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How to categorise the best water purifier in Nagpur?

When it comes to protecting the health of our family, we rely on the best household item, Water Purifier. The word water means life, and getting good quality purified water will not only satisfy our thirst but also covers good health. So, getting a good water purifier is the most important thing one needs to focus on.

Most parts of our country cannot get enough water to stress down their thirst so they depend upon the groundwater or tankers which supply water. Those kinds of water are a mixture of various kinds of bacteria, viruses, etc. which may cause bad health. So, more people diverted themselves to get purified water. So, first, it is required to get an idea of different kinds of water purifiers available:

  • Gravity Water Purifier: Gravity Water Purifiers are the only types of purifiers that work without any electricity. Generally, it operates with the kinds of balls inserted into the water purifier made from carbon granules, which absorbs the dust and impurities from the water which is needed to filter. The carbon granules balls have minute numbers of hollow fibres, which allows the water to pass through them. The impurities stick on the granules and pass out the fresh pure water. The main features it has are:
    • Non-electric
    • Pressure filtre usage
    • Transportable
  • UV Water Purifier: UV Water Purifier is a modern version of a water purifier that works with the help of electricity and it exposes the organisms like viruses, bacteria and cysts and it passes under the ultraviolet wavelength, which kills the organisms to provide pure and good water. After killing the organisms it also confirms that it never produces the organisms again in the drinking water.
    • Ultraviolet wavelength passes to kill the organism.
    • It works very fast
    • It confirms not to regenerate the organisms after killing them.
  • RO Water Purifier: RO Water Purifier or Reverse Osmosis Purifier is a kind of purifier that works in the electric energy and it purifies the water faster than that of other kinds of purifiers. The RO water purifiers work in the removal of ions and unwanted molecules which makes the drink harmful.
    • It purifies the water fast.
    • Removes ions and molecules
    • Effective.

Can OnlyDesi help me to choose the best water purifier for a home near me in Nagpur?

OnlyDesi always values the customers and providing the best services to them is one of our Motto. Various service providers will help you to get the best water purifier for a home, available in the listing of OnlyDesi. Visiting our website helps you to get details on the service provider.

It became an important question for every family regarding choosing the best water purifier for the home. These are the things required to consider:

  • TDS metre: One should keep the information regarding how to check the purity of the water, the TDS metre helps to read the purity level of the water. TDS or Total dissolved solids is described as inorganic solids like salts, bacteria, organic materials, etc. which are dissolved into the water and make the water impure. So this metre helps us to know how much impurity is mixed up into the water. TDS metre should indicate the level for drinking water is below 200ppm, but if one needs to kill the harmful virus or bacteria that dissolves in the drinking water and get the best out of it, then it is required to use the UV or RO purifier to get best results. Wherever the groundwater indicates the level between 200ppm to 3000pm.
  • At the TDS level, which water purifier to choose, UV water purifier or RO Water Purifier: When it comes to checking the level of TDS, the UV water purifiers proves much more efficient than RO water purifiers because UV water filters are designed in killing the bacteria, virus and cysts, whereas RO water filters are designed to kill microorganisms from water.
  • Water capacity Tank: After deciding which purifier to get, it is required to check with the water capacity tank each of the purifiers have. As for 1-2 people, the capacity of 4-5litres are enough, for 3-4 members the capacity of the tank needs to vary, the purifiers come with a larger tank capacity of 6-8litres, and for more than 8 people, one should choose more than 10 litres.
  • Electric or non-electric versions: The purifiers come in the electric and non-electric. The Gravity water purifier is a non-electric form of purifying the water, as it can clean the water using a pressure filter. But The UV and RO purifiers need electricity to purify the water.

What are the services required for the Maintenance of Reverse Osmosis water filters?

One thing it is required to maintain for proper water filtration via water purifier is servicing the Reverse Osmosis water filters. For every 3 months, the Reverse Osmosis water filters need to be checked and if required water filters need to change. Some things that need to follow while going through the maintenance of Reverse Osmosis water filters are:

  • Replacement of carbon filters: The water filters come with many kinds of filters which need to get replaced on time. Of all the other filters, the carbon filter is the main part of RO water purifiers. So, it is required to get replaced every 6-12 months as it is designed to filter out the pesticides, chlorine, etc from the water. So, it is required to keep the performance of the filter intact, for this reason, a change in the carbon filter is required.
  • Replacement of Sediment Filtre: The sediment filter is another important part of the sediment section which has been designed into the RO water purifier to strain out the sediment like dirt, etc. So, every 12 months, the sediment filter needs to get replaced and every month the sediment filter needs to get cleaned up.
  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane: The RO membrane or semi-permanent membrane is the heart of the RO filter because if the RO membrane gets faulty then the whole RO water purifier stops working. So, the membrane needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.

How to consider the best dealers for purchasing the best RO water purifier in Nagpur?

When it comes to gathering information upon considering the best dealers for purchasing the best RO water purifier in Nagpur, one should have some details on:

  • Reviews and Referrals: Proper Reviews and backtrack records always work on good terms to receive proper information on the dealers. Only through referrals and responses which were given by previous clients talks about the services and the best quality of water purifiers, the dealers provide. So, the reviews and referrals from family, friends and neighbours may give the exact scenarios about the computer dealers.
  • Communication: Sometimes people post negative reviews on the dealers' page through which consumers get the wrong impression of them. But consumers need to talk with the water purifier dealers before deciding and it may help to get the best RO water purifier at an affordable price.
  • Discounts: Most of the computer dealers provide discounts on water purifier prices. So, after describing the requirements, quality, and quantity of the water purifier, one can always ask for the discount price and the dealer will provide it.


OnlyDesi always values the customers and providing the best services to them is one of our Motto. Various service providers will help you to get the best RO water purifier service near your location in Nagpur, available in the listing of OnlyDesi. Our website has a listing of many purifier dealers, who can provide the best deal at affordable prices.
Yes, there are differences in water purifier prices, the UV water purifier is more than that of UV water purifiers.
The price of the water purifiers depends on the types of purifiers, for gravity water purifiers are different and also for RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers.
Yes, it is possible to get an RO water purifier shop near your location at Nagpur. According to the requirement of the type of water purifiers, it can be possible to get a proper shop near your location.
Purified water and distilled water are both similar because the purified water is chemicals and contaminants free, as the distilled water needs to get boiled for killing the chemicals and contaminants and cools down to make it as pure as purified water.
Both water filters are good to use, but the UV water filter clears up the good bacteria and viruses from the water and makes it the purest water. But in the long run, one may face a problem when they try to drink water from somewhere else. it may not suit them. As RO water filters kill fewer bacteria and viruses.

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