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What are the guides for organising a wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important parts of anyone’s life. Everyone wants to make it the best day of their entire life. At times, organising a wedding might feel overwhelming. There are numerous reasons when it comes to choosing a perfect wedding organiser. Be it your tight budget planning or you might love all the DIY decorations - it is always best to share the responsibilities with a professional team for your big day.

A perfect organisation helps to keep everything on track while you might be busy with the different types of wedding rituals. As there are many things to be done on a wedding day it is necessary to put everything on a checklist for a long time.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind before planning a perfect wedding:

  • Set your wedding budget: Your budget for your wedding will be the main factor for many of your wedding-related decisions. This should be one of the first things you consider. If any family members are willing to contribute, then talk to them about how much they’re comfortable spending. If you’re checking all the bills yourself, it’s time to look after your finances. Make yourself prepared for a reality check as you won’t realise how your budget will expand for your wedding day. Many couples do not realise the full scope of costs involved in complete marriage planning. Once you’ve got the desired budget, stick to it!
  • Construct a list of wedding day priorities: First, you have to determine what would be the most important aspects of your wedding. You can sit down with your partner and discuss it all along. Is it any specific wedding date or any particular theme? Choosing a certain live band or wedding photographer? Prioritise the options first. This might help you to stay within your budget and help you focus on other important matters that really count.
  • Get Organised: You can use anything like checklists, Word, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs, to gather all your budgets, thoughts, numbers in one place. There are many online apps and tools that can keep you organised. All the wedding planners would love to make your wedding happy and complete by staying on track with tasks, charts and venue layouts.
  • Determine your bridal style: You can find a few resources of bridal inspiration you like best from the online sites and start researching about it. If you have a good sense of the type of wedding style you want, it would greatly help once you start visiting the bridal stores. Don’t make yourself confused with all the wedding inspiration from all the different websites. Creating one or more choices and taking suggestions from your family members will help you to figure out what particular design you would love to finalise for the big day.

What are the services offered by wedding organisers in Patna?

There are various wedding organisers who will provide you with personalised services or packages based on your needs and budget. The following services will be provided to you by the wedding organisers:

  • Decor and design: The wedding planner would sit down with the client and discuss their priorities and imaginations to bring them to life. Everything is decided like the wedding theme, props, lighting, setups, etc. according to the budget of the client.
  • Destination and venue selection: To find a perfect wedding venue within your budget on your desired date that can host all your wedding guests is too much work. Indoor and outdoor wedding venues come with different conditions that only a professional marriage organiser can organise smartly. People who look for destination weddings right from beaches to palaces, a wedding planner just knows to handle it all gracefully.
  • Entertainment: No wedding is complete without some fun and entertainment. The professional wedding planners organise various entertainment options like dance, gigs, music, etc. They might also help you get your desired artist performing on your big day and that too is on the budget limit.
  • Pre-wedding celebrations: Organising pre-wedding parties like theme-based celebrations, cocktails and pre-wedding shoots are also taken care of by the marriage organisers that has a lot of fun and craziness.
  • Food and beverages: Everyone is looking forward to some delicious food at the wedding parties. Wedding planners in Patna will arrange the best wedding caterers for you. Catering budget, catering style, presentation, and concepts are also efficiently planned by the wedding planners within the given budget limit.
  • Wedding gifts: It might take a lot of time to pick out personalised and thoughtful gifts for your wedding guests. Wedding return gifts should be easily available, creative, and budget-friendly. Everything from scratch to end is looked after by the professionals.

What are the favours one could get by hiring a wedding planner?

  • Professionalism: Wedding organisers are professional event planners who have little emotional connection to the family. So, they can handle the groundwork such as procuring raw material, coordination, readying the stage, and other manual work.
  • Well-organised: Wedding functions can last for a day or a week or more. Organising for different days’ venues, food arrangement, decoration, entertainment and more is not easy if it isn't pre-planned. Marriage organisers are professionals who plan every minute detail of the wedding at any condition or circumference.
  • Delegation of duty: The wedding planners and organisers have partnerships with different vendors such as venue managers, decorators, caterers, and others. A wedding organiser always offers different options to their clients. The client can choose different vendors to continue the wedding work. The planner then executes various duties to make the plan work perfectly and make the wedding a super success.
  • Entertainment: Many people love to hire professional celebrities, performers, or plan performances to add enjoyment, fun, colour and surprise to the rollercoaster ride of emotional joy, that is a wedding. The marriage organiser connects with different artist managers and dance choreographers to put a memorable show. Entertainment is one of the most important parts of any Indian wedding and wedding planners make sure they grip this section to gain well-satisfied customers by the end of the wedding ceremony.

How OnlyDesi can help me book the best wedding planner in Patna?

OnlyDesi is a website where you can find a huge number of listed wedding planners for your big day. You can easily search on the website by applying filters as per your preferences. Here are some steps you can follow before booking a wedding planner:

  • You can fill up a simple form on the website with basic details like locality, requirements, services, dates, etc.
  • Our OnlyDesi experts will go through your wedding planner needs and find the best wedding planners in Patna for you.
  • The best 5 professional marriage organisers in Patna would get in touch with you based on your preferences.
  • Discuss your detailed needs with the shortlisted wedding organisers.
  • Browse through user reviews and ratings to get a clear image of what you can expect.
  • Compare all the odds and book the one that you find more accurate.


Yes, the wedding planner will provide you with various packages. You can choose your preferences accordingly.
Yes, the wedding planner will find the perfect venue for your big day in Patna. It is always better to inform them early about your preferences.
Yes, you can ask for sample work from the wedding organiser. They will show you their work. If you find it appropriate then you can definitely hire them or else you can search for other ones.
The wedding organiser will provide you with different packages with different price details. As per your event numbers and guest list, the pricing will vary.
Yes, if you have anything on your mind for your wedding day you can tell them that. The organiser will then suggest you a favourable theme on the basis of your budget and priority.
It is always better to contact a wedding planner as soon as the date of your wedding is fixed. As there are a lot of things to be done on the wedding day it is best to contact the professional at least a year in advance.
Yes, there are many wedding organisers listed on OnlyDesi that will provide destination weddings. You can scroll through the listing and find your preferable wedding planner.
The wedding organisers listed on OnlyDesi are very professional. If you are hiring them you can trust them as they will provide you with the best services possible within your budget.

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