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New two-wheeler dealers near me are the place to go if you have a passion for two-wheeled vehicles. Before purchasing a motorbike, you should learn about the key features of several models from renowned manufacturers, as well as those that are new to the market. The employees at the dealership showroom go through all of the important features of the models in detail, as well as provide information on the models' on-road costs. The team gives suggestions based on their understanding of your needs. One of the most significant benefits of visiting a dealership showroom is the ability to compare numerous models before making a final purchase. Some of these dealers also have used two-wheelers for sale that are in good shape. These facilities are ideal for covering your two-wheeler demands thanks to their repair and maintenance services. Here, on OnlyDesi you will see an unending list of all two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot.

What are the different types of two-wheelers sold by the new two-wheeler dealer near me in Rajkot ?

You'll need an automobile if you have to commute to work or the office on a daily basis. Motorcycles are the most convenient mode of transportation since they can cut through the traffic and save time. Riding a two-wheeler is also a hobby for many bike riders. Motorcycles are very popular among the younger generation. Everyone prefers riding a two-wheeler for their everyday commute, from students to working professionals and businesspeople. However, when it comes to buying two-wheelers, everyone has their own tastes. Some people choose based on their budget, while others look for a motorcycle with the most up-to-date features and functionality. two-wheeler dealers have a large selection of two-wheelers to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs.

They give you every detail about the bike, from pickup, riding comfort, engine power, mileage, the cost of maintaining and running a bike, after-sales services, and the motorcycle's brand and purpose of purchase. Motorcycles from famous brands are available. two-wheeler dealers offer the finest motorcycle purchase experience because they have so many alternatives to pick from and allow you to compare different models. two-wheeler shops near me also provide test rides, discounts, and incentives, as well as financing options that allow customers to buy and utilise a bike after making a small down payment and paying the balance in monthly instalments.

Every person's needs for motorbikes are varied, and there are many sorts of two-wheelers to meet those needs. When designing and releasing new motorbike designs and models, two-wheeler manufacturers and designers keep user expectations and preferences in mind. two-wheeler shops near me have a diverse choice of motorbikes to meet the demands of people from all backgrounds of life. The following are some of the most popular varieties of motorcycles that customers desire and that two-wheeler dealers stock:

  • Commuter two-wheelers: Commuter two-wheelers are quite popular in India since they are both fuel-efficient and attractive. These motorbikes have engine capacities ranging from 125cc to 150cc. A commuter bike is the greatest alternative for a daily commute because of its comfortable riding experience and fuel efficiency. These motorcycles, which are aimed at the younger generation, include cutting-edge technology and a sleek style.
  • Street two-wheelers: Different cubic capacities are available for street and naked motorbikes. They often begin with a 150cc engine and progress to 200cc and higher parts. There are no fairings or elaborate body packages on street motorcycles because they are built with a muscular design. They do, however, appear to be highly sleek and ready for a great ride through the streets. These motorcycles are not only fun to ride and handle, but they are also fuel-efficient.
  • Sport two-wheelers: Sport two-wheelers are built to give exceptional performance and are equipped to compete on racing tracks. They have a lightweight frame and a high-performance engine that delivers exciting speed. Sport motorcycles may not provide the greatest in terms of comfort or fuel-efficiency, but they do provide the best in terms of speed, performance, handling, and grip for the best riding experience. Acceleration and braking systems on sport two-wheelers have been optimised to ensure great efficiency in races. These bikes include handles and tyres that provide traction on paved roads and during fast rides.
  • Cruiser two-wheelers: Cruiser two-wheelers are built specifically for cruising in luxury. These motorcycles feature comfy seats and high handlebars, allowing the rider to keep an upright position while riding. Cruiser motorbikes feature lower saddle heights than other motorcycles, making them a good choice for short riders. These bikes are popular among riders who frequently travel between cities or over large distances.
  • Dirt two-wheelers: Dirt bikes are made specifically for riding off-road. They have high-rise seats, a light body structure, and a high centre of gravity, all of which contribute to a safe and pleasant ride on rocky, unpaved, and uneven surfaces. These bikes' tyres are studded and narrow, making them easier to manoeuvre in bumpy terrain while also assisting the rider in maintaining their balance.
  • Dual-sport two-wheelers: Dual-sport Motorcycles are built on a dirt bike chassis and are suitable for both on and off-road riding. These motorcycles are built for both on and off-road use, thus they serve a dual purpose. Due to their small weight, dual-sport motorcycles are easy to manoeuvre. They are legal on the road and provide a similar riding experience as dirt and touring motorcycles.
  • Touring two-wheelers: Long-distance rides are ideal for touring motorcycles with powerful engines and huge fuel tanks. These bikes are made to meet the needs of riders who want to go touring or ride long distances. These motorcycles have suspensions that can withstand bumpy roads and uneven terrain. Touring motorcycles are typically huge in size and have powerful motors. Also, there is enough room for users to transport their heavy belongings on their voyage. These motorcycles are for professionals, not beginners, due to their great engine power and large stature.
  • Scooters: Scooters are small, lightweight two-wheelers with no gear shifting for a simple and enjoyable ride. Scooters are typically utilised for short-distance journeys and feature wide seats for added comfort. two-wheeler dealers sell a diverse choice of scooters in a variety of colours and characteristics. Also, there are electric scooters available now at many two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot. This type of scooter needs no petrol, it will run on batteries.

What are the factors before choosing the best motorbike from two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot?

  • Type of Motorcycle: Before acquiring a motorcycle, it is critical to understand the type of motorcycle. Recognize the need for a motorcycle and then make an informed decision. There are many different types of motorbikes, so think about your needs before purchasing one.
  • Engine and performance: When purchasing motorcycles, find out what cc engine you will be obtaining. Check the entire performance by taking a test ride, regardless of whether the engine is liquid-cooled or has adequate suspension. Choose the motorcycle that best suits your needs.
  • Mileage: Before purchasing a vehicle, every Indian prioritises mileage. Because gasoline prices are fast rising, be sure you purchase a motorcycle that is fuel-efficient. Increasing your bike's mileage allows you to save money while maintaining a high level of performance.
  • New Features: Newer bikes have a variety of features such as ABS, danger lights, GPS support, and more. Make sure your new motorcycle has a lot of essential features before you buy it.
  • Budget: Even with the different discounts and financing options offered by motorcycle dealers, it is best to assess interest rates, regular gasoline costs, servicing costs, maintenance costs, and so on before purchasing a bike from a motorcycle dealership.

What are the different types of services offered by two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot ?

  • Test ride: Because there are so many possibilities in the two-wheeler market segment, most customers prefer to test the motorcycle's ride qualities before purchasing it from a motorcycle dealer. Many dealers provide test rides to help buyers have a better knowledge of the bike.
  • Insurance and finance: two-wheeler dealers near me give lending services to their customers, allowing them to purchase their preferred bikes with a minimal down payment and repaying the balance in monthly instalments. two-wheeler dealers can also assist customers with the registration of their motorcycles and the purchase of motorcycle insurance.
  • Pre-owned bikes: Many people prefer to purchase pre-owned bikes from a two-wheeler shop near me that has a large selection of certified and well-tested bikes. Customers can get the best pre-owned bikes from two-wheeler dealers near me.

How OnlyDesi can help in finding the best two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot ?

Most individuals study reviews of various motorbikes, watch bike preview programmes on various social media platforms and ask biker friends for input on various kinds of bikes before choosing which two-wheeler to purchase. Rather than getting lost in a sea of recommendations, ask an expert like OnlyDesi about 'two-wheeler dealers near me,' and get quick and accurate information about dealers operating in your location of the search. Before making a purchase, examine the following information about different two-wheeler dealers near me in Rajkot:

  • The two-wheeler dealer's complete address and contact information
  • The various types of two-wheelers that are available
  • Test ride availability and how to request a test ride of the bike you want to buy
  • Customer feedback in the form of testimonials, reviews, and ratings.


two-wheeler dealers near me in Kolkata provide a wide choice of bikes, including cruisers, normal bikes, sports bikes, dual-sport, and more.
In most cases, two-wheeler dealers offer 12 to 36-month payment plans. Longer repayment durations mean lower monthly payments but higher interest rates.
Yes. Many two-wheeler dealers provide free test rides, so you may schedule one to evaluate your preferred motorbike.
Most motorcycles have a guarantee period ranging from three to five years, depending on the model and brand.
Most two-wheeler shops have a large selection of used motorbikes from a number of brands.
Always check with your insurance agent before purchasing a motorcycle to ensure that the price is within your budget. Insurance rates are influenced by the number of CCs on your bike.
Two-wheeler dealers sell a variety of bike accessories such as seat covers, handle covers, helmets, handle grips, and so on.
The price of a two-wheeler depends on the type of two-wheelers. Here is a list of prices of different types of two-wheelers:
  • Commuter bike - Rs. 64,750. Onwards
  • Street/Naked bike - Rs. 1.10 Lakh Onwards
  • Cruise bike - Rs. 1.25 Lakh Onwards
  • Touring bike - Rs. 1.50 Lakh Onwards
  • Sport bike - Rs. 2.00 Lakh Onwards
  • Scooter - Rs. 66,350. Onwards

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