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What does Legal Services mean?

In the literal meaning, services in the legal field or assistance or help regarding legal topics is known as legal services. It includes surrendering of any service before the court or tribunal and also giving advice on legal matters.

Section 2(c), of the legal services authorities act, 1987, includes services in respect of any case or any legal matter before the court or tribunal or any other authority, or giving advices in respect of legal matters, inside the boundary of legal services.

What is the functions of Legal Service Authority near Rajkot?

Legal service authority has its own mission which includes the duty to fulfill the orders and policies implemented by NALSA and to provide legal services and to organize Lok Adalats in the state.

What are the Legal Aid Agencies nearRajkot?

It has three levels which are present in the center level, state level and in the district level. For example, NALSA and SCLSC are formed by the central government in the center level, in the state level it is the HCLSC, and in the district level, it is DLSA.

Certain functions are being performed by the authorities in the different levels. Some of the functions are as follow:-

  • It forms the principles and policies which are required for the fulfillment of the provisions laid down by the legal services act and also provides affordable schemes to the poor, so that they can also avail the legal aid
  • Organize Lok Adalats for every type of cases.
  • Perform strategic and preventive legal aid camps.
  • Perform all necessary things to fulfill the fundamental duties, mentioned under Part-IV of the Indian Constitution.

Legal services have an integral part without which no legal aid can be performed and that is the legal documentation. It plays an important role in every legal proceeding and so it can be said that legal documentation is very important in every legal aspect.

What types of Legal Documentations are there in legal services

It means documentation that is legally binding on all the parties and provides the legal obligations present in an agreement in a certain way which reflects the determination of the petition to which it is related.

There are various types of legal documents which are considered under the umbrella of legal documentation. They are as follows:-

  • Formats of sale documents.
  • Bonds
  • Settlements
  • Formation of Affidavit
  • Power of Attorney
  • GST, Trade license, Food license
  • Aadhar card, pan card

In the above mentioned documents, the proof of legal validity is very much required in the power of attorney because without the legal validation it is of no use and is subjected to legal punishment.

What kind of legal document modification is available in Rajkot?

Agencies who work on various legal documentations like trade license, food license, online ration card, GST, and RTI application are there, such as online legal India, online RTI application and others which are listed in the website of only desi. Com.

Does Power of attorney fall under the provision of legal service authority?

It falls under the umbrella of legal service authority because if the requirements for a valid power of attorney is not fulfilled then it is subjected to legal proceedings or legal aid. In other words, power of attorney is the power transferred by a person [ donor ] in writing to another person [ donee ] to act on behalf of the donor and to take decisions in private affairs, business, etc.,

So, it can be said that legal service authority is very much required for all legal purposes, filling legal documentations, cases and providing legal aid and remedies.

From the above discussion, it can be observed that the need of legal service authority in Rajkot is very much required and it is needed to run the society smoothly in every legal aspect. Every person requires a proper and immediate legal aid or legal guidance for their legal needs and this aid or guidance is provided by the legal service authorities and so it is very much needed.


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