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Repair services refer to the process of restoring equipment to its original state on an as-needed basis, as may be required by the facility, in response to said equipment’s failure or malfunction. Servicing, reconditioning, modification, and refurbishment may also be part of the repair services.

How Can OnlyDesi Help You with Repair Services?

OnlyDesi is one of the popular business listing sites that connects sellers and buyers on one platform and helps them to meet their objectives and fulfil their needs. Here, you can see the listings of some best businesses providing quality products and services to their customers. And repair services are also one of them. While browsing through the OnlyDesi site, you can find a list of various products and services at affordable prices. If you are searching for the best repair services, you can search Repair services in Kolkata on the basis of your location, popularity, ratings and reviews on OnlyDesi. The information of the sellers or service providers is provided on our website. You can see their contact number, address, business hours, etc. By filling up the form on the page, you can get connected with the sellers and enquire about the service and price.

Types of Appliances that Can be Repaired

Why Do People Need Repair Services?

Comfort and convenience are the most important aspects of a stressful and safe home environment. Therefore, appliances that assist in keeping things running smoothly in every household, such as the washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, and microwave, must be kept in a good working state. What if one of them does not function properly? What if any of the appliances stop working? And it is at this point that appliance repair services have proven to be both convenient and cost-effective. Most importantly, repair services help you save money because when you get your appliance repaired by the repair service provider, you don’t have to spend on purchasing a new one.


All repairers contribute to restoring machinery, equipment, or other products to operating condition. Many repairs also offer periodic and general maintenance; some even install the products they fix.
Some common types of repair work are: day-to-day repairs, special repairs, additions and alterations, and preventive maintenance.
Yes, you can call the repair service centre and book your appointment with them online.
Yes, the technician you hire will install your product after repairing it.
The cost of repair service varies depending on the types of products you want to get repaired and the issues of the appliance. It also varies from company to company; therefore, it would be good to ask the service provider.
The professional repairer can repair appliances such as computers, laptops, mobile, AC, TV, Washing machine, Water purifier, CCTV camera, etc.
Yes, some technicians provide repair service at home. Still, it would be better to ask them about this facility over the phone.
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