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How can OnlyDesi help you to look for the best South Indian Restaurants in Vadodara?

OnlyDesi is the best site where you can get the list of the best South Indian restaurants. Over the past year, there have been several accession at the time of South Indian restaurants and the year 2022 will examine how sellers registered with us make their brand grow and successful and how they approach potential customers. Hence, customers can help the South Indian restaurants to develop and grow their business and this can only happen when customers have the right and factual information about the seller's brand. Therefore we are here to help the local sellers and dealers to connect with the growth and potential customers who are looking for South Indian restaurants.

What is special about South Indian Restaurants?

South Indian restaurants deliver a wide range of delicacies to please the taste buds of food gastronome. You can enjoy endless variety from Idlis and Dosas to meen moilee and Malabar prawns at these restaurants. Whether it is Masala Dosa or Murugan Idli, these restaurants will leave you with varieties of mouth-watering dishes of choice. So we can meet the demand of customers for delicious South Indian food from South Indian restaurants.

What kind of South Indian sweets can we find at South Indian restaurants in Vadodara?

Some of the famous South Indian sweets are listed here that you can include on the wedding menu

  • Mysore Pak- Mysore Pak also known as Mysuru Paaka, is one the most famous sweets in South India. It is made with ghee, gram flour, sugar, and a little cardamom. The best thing about this sweet is that its consistency is neither too dry nor too sloppy.
  • Boorelu- This is a dessert of Andhra Pradesh and it is mouth-watering sweet, prepared with Bengal gram, jaggery, and coconut. It is mostly served in the winter season at weddings.
  • Payasam- Payasam is a popular sweet dish kheer of South India. It is a creamy and milky-based pudding. It is made with ingredients like jaggery and coconut milk and it is easy to cook in less time.
  • Jackfruit Halwa- It is a Tamil Nadu sweet but it is consumed in most parts of India. The ingredients which are needed to prepare this dish are jackfruit and sugar and a little bit of cardamom. Fried Cashew nuts are spread on the top for more taste.

What type of South Indian food is available at South Indian restaurants?

Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a conventional dish of South India and one of the most popular dishes throughout India. It is filled with potatoes, onion, mustard seeds, and other spices.


Pongal is a sweet rice dish consumed by the people of Srilanka during some special ceremonies. It is a South Indian food. It is made with rice, mung beans, cane sugar, and cashew nut.

They first boil milk and water in a clay pot over an open fire. According to the people of Tamil Nadu, it is believed that if the boiling liquid spill out of the clay then it is a sign of good luck and will bring prosperity to the family. This dish is served in banana leaves.


Sambar is the most famous and very delicious dish of South India. It is a spicy curry stew made with lentils, tamarind broth, and vegetables. It can be served with Idli, Vada, and Dosa. Sambar is famous throughout India. In North India, we have it in breakfast.


Pulihora is a famous South Indian food that is prepared with various ingredients like rice, turmeric, tamarind, curry leaves, coriander, ginger, and green chilies. Other spices like roasted sesame seed powder and mustard seeds along with yellow lentils are also added to increase the taste of the food.


Upma is a traditional dish of South India made with dry semolina. It is served hot as a breakfast or evening snack. Upma is not the same all over the place. Because of its huge popularity, it is made differently and it is of various types like upma cooked with grated coconut or upma made with corn and milk.


Idli is very popular in South India and Sri Lanka. It is also famous in other parts of India and it is eaten as breakfast. Idli is served with sambar and coconut chutney. The main ingredient is steamed rice.

Malabar Parotta:

Parotta is a popular dish in South India. It is prepared with wheat flour and maida. It is served at special occasions like weddings and festivals.

Can South Indian restaurants provide healthy food?

The answer is yes. The South Indian food is good for health as steam cooking is preferred over deep frying and very little quantity of oil is used and preferably coconut oil is used in South Indian food. South Indian food contains ingredients like rice, lentils, tamarind, vegetables which are very good for our healthy diet. Coconut is a very healthy fruit that improves heart health, digestion, and helps in losing weight. If South Indian food is served in banana leaves then it will improve your health and is good for our digestive system. Different spices are used in cooking, especially turmeric which acts as an anti-bacterial agent in our body which protects us from infections.

How can we distinguish between South Indian food and typical Indian food?

There are some differences between South Indian food and typical Indian food:

  • Use of coconut oil: In South Indian food coconut oil and coconut milk are much preferred as it improves our skin and oral and oral health and helps weight loss whereas, in typical North Indian food ghee, butter, refined or mustard oil is used which can increase our fat.
  • Consumption of roti/rice: South Indian food is mostly prepared with rice whereas, in other parts of the country roti, naan, bread, kulcha are consumed mostly.
  • Inclusion of lemon or tamarind: In every South Indian food tamarind is included for the taste but in North Indian food tamarind is not preferred that much.
  • Spicy food: South Indian food contains many spices whereas typical Indian food is not so spicy.

Why to consider South Indian food?

South Indian food is very famous across the world, especially for its mouth-watering dishes like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam, and Sambar. South Indian dishes consist of a mixture of five South states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana along with various local food in these states. The region provides various types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food each having its special food habits and features. Some sterling and famous South Indian cuisines surely to make your taste bud delight are Chakra Pongal, Sambar, and Vada from Tamil Nadu; Rava Idli from Karnataka; Kadala curry and Appam from Kerala; and Kebabs and biryani from Andhra Pradesh.


The answer is yes. You can get food delivery from South Indian restaurants easily and for this, we are always here to help you to get the food delivery from the best South Indian restaurants.
The advantage of food delivery service is when you are very hungry and you are not able to go out to get the food by yourself. This also saves you time and little extra money.
If you are searching for the South Indian restaurants, you can browse our OnlyDesi site and go through our website’s listing, see their address and contact details, opening hours, services they offer, and much more. When you browse our website using filters on location, it will upgrade your search results and help you to get the list of suggested products and services.
OnlyDesi can help you to find the best South Indian restaurants near. We offer huge listings of South Indian restaurants in India.
With its huge demand, there are varieties of Masala Dosa like Mysore masala dosa, Rava masala dosa, Onion masala dosa, Paper masala dosa.
South Indian people first boil milk and water in a clay pot over an open fire. According to the people of Tamil Nadu, it is believed that if the boiling liquid spill out of the clay then it is a sign of good luck and will bring prosperity to the family.
The cost depends upon restaurant to restaurant and the quality of the food you buy.

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